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Court Rules In Favor of Obamacare Subsidies, Just As The Republicans Wanted it To

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US Supreme Court by DavidIt doesn’t matter that Scalia’s right when he said:

This Court holds only the judicial power — the power to pronounce the law as Congress has enacted it. We lack the prerogative to repair laws that do not work out in practice, just as the people lack the ability to throw us out of office if they dislike the solutions we concoct. We must always remember, therefore, that ‘[o]ur task is to apply the text, not to improve upon it.’   — Read more at: From Scalia’s Dissent

This is what the Republicans wanted, because if the ruling had gone the other way, they would have had 2 problems:

  1. They would have either to have changed the law to give out the subsidies or thrown out the law which leads to…
  2. They would have lost the ability to run against Obamacare next year either way.

So don’t be surprised at the mock outrage from the Republicans—I’m sure this is the result they were hoping for and it really doesn’t change the status quo of what’s going on now.  Had they really wanted to do something they would have used their power of the purse and defunded it or shut down the government trying.

Image: US Supreme Court by David


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Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

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