Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Batman and Robin are Going to be Late!

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It’s About the Heart – A Relationship With God

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Love Frame

It’s often said that Christianity is different than any other religion because Christianity is not really a religion as much as it is a relationship.

God created people to have a relationship with Him, and when we sinned, the relationship was broken.  That didn’t stop God from wanting that relationship, it just meant that it would take a perfect sacrifice to make it possible again.

It’s About the Heart – Throughout the Bible

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Love Frame When you ask the question, “Do You Love Me?” you immediately realize that this is a question directed at the heart.  What you may not realize is that it’s always been about the heart—from the beginning of time.

You see, throughout the Bible, God has always been concerned about our heart attitude toward Him.

Throughout the Bible

Do You Love Me?

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Love Frame

John 21 is an interesting passage.  There’s some debate as to when it takes place, but the meaning is powerful.

Jesus talks with Peter, alone, after he had denied the Lord three times.  And we find Jesus asking Peter three times if he loves Him.

We know that the word for “Love” changes in each request—going from unconditional love to friendship love.

The question that I have is this—if Jesus were to ask us that question, how would we answer?  If He looked in our heart, what would He see?

Journey with me as we look over the next posts about where our heart is and it needs to be.

Preaching on Sunday

September 19th, 2008 Viewed 2722 times

Say Your Prayers

As some of you know, I occasionally fill in the pulpit for my church when the pastor’s away.  For the last four or five years I’ve also filled the pulpit in a small church in a nearby town when their pastor1 takes vacation.  I did this back around Memorial Day, and I was asked to do it again this weekend.

I was looking through some of the sermon material that I used only a few months ago (and blogged), and I was figuring that if I ran out of time I would recycle2.

  1. They’re now on their third pastor since I’ve started doing this, so I’ve outlasted them! []
  2. Don’t look at me like that.  This is something that many fill-in preachers do! []


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.