Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Old Testament Wives – Ruth, Abigail and Esther

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What quality of Ruth’s is God’s focus?

Ruth is humble throughout—she stayed with Naomi, she was willing to glean food with the poor, she humbled herself in front of Boaz (looking for his direction), and was blessed because of it.  Ruth showed humility, something she didn’t need to do.  She could have stayed in Moab, she could have complained with the harsh loss of her husband and status.  She didn’t do any of this, and as such she’s in the line of David.

Ruth is one of the few discussions of Leverite marriage in that Boaz was a kinsman redeemer to her. This story plays out God’s love for us– an outsider that is chosen to marry someone with much. She is held up as an example of a godly young lady.

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Ruth: A Lesson in Poverty

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Bible Study

The Bible’s teaching on poverty could be summed up with one verse and two concepts.  In Mark 14, a woman had come to anoint Jesus for burial, and the disciples were upset at the size of the gift—it was very expensive perfume.  Posturing, the disciples suggested that the money could be sold for much money that would be useful in ministering to the poor.  Jesus’ comment, in verse 7, is that doing good to the poor is a good thing, but that you will always have the poor with you.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.