Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Our Modern Reality is Not All That Great

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Daniel 2:31-45: Our form of government is not the best.

Nebuchadnezzar received a vision. In it, he saw that every government here that is after his is called inferior to that before it. It ended with God destroying it all and being the only government– or the creation of His Kingdom which would eventually conquer the Earth.

Many believe the American ideals and that these should be worldwide because this is the best way to have freedom; however, what we see is reality is that our form of government allows for all sorts of sin to gain social acceptance. As long as you can get enough people to vote for it or can get a court to deem it part of the freedoms we have been granted, it becomes the law.

As legislation leaves the area of government and moves into the realm of moral choices, what is legal replaces our moral code because the two parties begin to diverge.

Ezekiel 16:49-50: Sodom’s biggest sin sound very familiar.

When you hear of Sodom and Gomorrah you mostly think of the sin of sodomy, but Ezekiel states that they also had another and even bigger problem. Sodom had pride, was rich, but did not care for the poor and needy. An abomination pushed God over the edge and He removed them.

1 Corinthians 1:20-25: God says that the world views the Gospel as foolishness.

The evaluation of the world is that God is a fairy tale. Why should we base what we think about what the Bible tells us or what God expects of us based on what the world thinks of it?

God works in ways that bring Him glory—the exact opposite of what modern man believes and antithetical to the American “Puritan work ethic”. God used walking around a city to bring down the walls of Jericho, and He used one small child to take down a giant.

In 2 Corinthians 12:10 we see that God used Paul, who had a thorn in his side specifically there so that he would not boast in himself, but would give the glory to God.

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The Most Sobering Reality in the World Today is that

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People are dying and going to Hell today.

The Modern Christian–Introduction

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The Modern Christian

One of the catalysts of the creation of this nation was the fact that two very divergent belief systems were rising on the European continent. One of them was the Reformation. Lead by men with famous names like Martin Luther, John Huss, John Calvin, Tyndale and the rest, these men wanted to get the Bible into the hands of the normal people, to let them read the Word of God in their own tongue and to remove from the readings the traditions and false teachings that had spread up in the years since Jesus had left the Earth.

The other was the Enlightenment. This was a strand of people that had taken to science and human understanding to explain those things around them. It was from here that many sought to rationalize the church’s teachings, and it culminated with Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of the Species” where man had finally found a way to define his existence without the need for God.

While Christians have been battling over whether Evolution as it is taught today is in the Bible or not, what they have somewhat missed is that they have not seen the way that the secularists have shaped the way that we think about our world, and have thereby challenged the Bible and its teachings in such a way that we now attempt to understand our Bible and its commands through a modern and secular lens. This is contrary to what the Word of God teaches us about truth, history and reality.

Walk with me this week as we look into The Modern Christian and understand one of the greatest issues that we face as believers in this modern time.

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Living In Reality

In The Silver Chair (The Chronicles of Narnia #4) , the green witch is trying to convince the Narnians who have come to rescue the captured Prince Rilian that there is no such thing as Narnia, Aslan, or even the Sun so that they will not be free. Puddleglum, a Marshwiggle, gets to the point where he says that although the witch paints a convincing picture under her evil spell, and though reality may only be what she says it is—underground, no Narnia, no Aslan, no Sun—yet the reality that he believes in is stronger and more real and therefore he will choose to believe in that and live like it exists, rather than believe her reality.

How about us? We claim to believe that there is more to this world than what we see. We claim that we are bound for Heaven, slaves of God doing His will. If we live like those that are slaves to sin, preoccupied with this reality that is only a shadow, what does that say about what we truly believe in our heart of hearts?

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Scripture from The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. 2001. Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

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What Reality Are We Looking At?

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Living In Reality

Will We Be Distracted?

This present life attempts to present to us countless distractions from reality in an attempt to make us forget who we are and why we are here.  Some of these may be rest, our job, our classes, looking for a mate, material possessions (like your house, car, or belongings) and entertainment.

These things, in and of themselves, may not be wrong, but as believers we cannot let any of these things distract us from the reality of who we are in Christ.

Rest is good…

…but we are called to work for the night is coming when man’s work is done.  Solomon in the book of Proverbs recommends that we look to the ant as one that toils all the time, without delay.  We will have opportunity to rest later, we have work to do now.

Our Jobs are good…

…in that it should allow you the opportunity to reach lost people, provide for your family and bless others, but it’s not an end—it’s a means.  American culture makes us slaves to our jobs as we strive for more money to pay for things that we’ve already bought on credit.

Nowhere in the Scripture is accumulation to oneself praised, but giving to others, to the poor, and to the cause of Christ.  Jesus confronted the rich young ruler to sell all that he had and give it to the poor and then he could be Jesus’ disciple.

Academics are good…

Paul was certainly trained academically, but some of the other apostles were just fisherman.  God does not place as high a value on “education” as the American people do.

When the Bible talks about education, it talks about making disciples of others, bringing them up in the faith.  When the Bible talks about training, it talks about being present in another’s life.

What the American society and what the Bible talks about in as much as what is important for a child or adult to know is totally different, even as it relates to men and women! (see Titus 2)  God seems much more concerned about the content of a man’s character than he is in what degree hangs on the wall or rests in the bookshelf.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t learn to read, write and do math, what I am saying is that we should not let the pursuit of education be a distraction from us growing in Christ.

Lest you think me radical, consider that Jesus told those that would follow Him that they should leave someone else to bury their father, not say goodbye to one’s parents, be prepared to be homeless, and sell all that you have to give it to the poor.  Jesus told his followers that compared to the love they had for Him, it should appear that they hated their families.

Finding a wife/husband is good…

It’s hard for a young adult not to be consumed in the pursuit of a mate, yet Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 7 that a single person has an ability the married person does not—the ability to be single in focus in serving God.

We have many single today that are doing one of two things, they are pining for a mate or they are living to themselves.  Neither of these things should be where a believer finds themselves.  They should be singular in purpose while praying for guidance about the single or married state.

Houses, Cars, Belongings can be good…

…however, if you get so focused on these things, and the upgrades and seeking out the next big thing, we can be distracted from service or inhibit our ability to reach out and help one another.

Debt is a big deal, not only because it keeps us having to work the jobs that we have to afford our lifestyle but that it prevents us from using the money that God has entrusted us with to help others.  It warps our perspective of our funds because we’ve already spent it, rather than having it to help the needy or poor around us.

Entertainment can be good…

But we need to be aware of what we allow to entertain us.  Entertainment seems innocuous and many use it as escapism, and yet it is very powerful in influencing our opinions of events and righteousness because it presents a false reality to our senses.  Some innocuous looking entertainment can intentionally twist us to making the bad seem good and vice versa.

One of the interesting examples of this is the Disney movie Mulan:

In this movie, a young girl disobeys her father, lies to her comrades, gets involved in a battle she should not be in, and she is told that she is the most worthy female in all the land. Disobedience and lying is praised, and because it’s a “princess movie” and it has some really good music, many will allow themselves to be entertained by this without question.

This is not the only example of this—just compare where television started with today, and then realize that even when it started there is an agenda, and that because we internalize more what we see than otherwise, we are choosing to allow the world to indoctrinate us in its beliefs. And even movies with the Christian label can teach things that are not reality or history under the guise of trying to attract an audience.

The Second Commandment

This takes us back to the second commandment—anything that takes the place of God is an idol.  We can make an idol out of a distraction.  We can make an idol out of anything that you believe that you cannot live without.  Our life needs to be free of these idols in order to perceive reality.

Focus on Things Above

When it comes to thinking about priorities in our lives, do we view our decisions through the lens of how our decisions would impact the cause of Christ, or something else?

A.W. Tozer stated:

“Not only does a Christian believe in the invisible world but he also counts on it. He acts, plans and lives as one who counts on the reality of the invisible. … The invisible actually shapes his plans, determines his habits and comforts, consoles and supports him.”

This world and its defeated ruler want you to believe that this is it, this is reality.  This is what the Atheist and Secular Humanist believe is true, but all too often Christians behave as if it is truth for them as well.  Many things in this world beg for our attention and seem to be pressing, yet they are eternally useless—can you take that big television, car, house, etc. with you?

The most sobering reality in the world today is that people are dying and going to Hell today.  While many believe that this is something we say to scare unbelievers, I challenge you that this is something that should scare believers.  As the ambassadors of God and ministers of reconciliation, the fact that people are entering a Christless eternity should be a sobering wake up call to us.

Are we too busy with this shadow, this vapor, to understand the eternal significance of this ministry of reconciliation that we are called to?

Revival does not come from without, but from within.  Revival comes when God’s people realize that this world is not enough, that their belongings are not enough, that only God is enough, and that desire to please God comes before everything else.

Believer, what have you allowed to come between you and reality?

Scripture from The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. 2001. Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

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The Enemy Wants Us Distracted From Reality

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Living In Reality

God wants us to live in reality, but all too often we are so focused on this world that we cannot imagine that there is anything else.  As believers in a supernatural God that came to Earth to die for our sins, this is a big dilemma.  We claim to believe in something that we’ve never seen, and in a Book that not only tells us that God is real, but that there is an active demonic host that is also real.

Furthermore, we learned that we are at war, even though everything around us looks like we’re at peace.  That is because the Enemy wants us distracted, so we will be ineffective.

Reality Is Not What We See

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Living In Reality

In C.S. Lewis’ story The Horse and His Boy (part of the Chronicles of Narnia) we find ourselves following the story of a boy named Shasta that doesn’t realize that he’s the prince of Archenland and a horse named Bree that knows he’s Narnian and pretends that he knows a whole lot more than he does. At one part in the story, Shasta is now off on his own, and has left his travelling companions behind and a discussion ensues among the three of them as to Aslan and just what he is.

Those of you who have seen the movies or read the previous books know that Aslan is a lion, but to a horse that was taken from his homeland as a child and had not been raised properly, well, the idea that Aslan could be a lion is just too much for Bree the war horse to comprehend.  When he’s challenged that all the old stories refer to him as a lion, Bree tries to say that it is because he’s “as strong as a lion” or “as tough as a lion” but that doesn’t mean that he’s a real lion.

Of course, Bree gets a first class education when he finds Aslan behind him!

Like Bree, we tend to have a distorted view of reality.  We see the world around us, and we can get convinced that this world is reality, but it’s not.  Oh, the things that we see are tangible and real for the purposes of being able to manipulate objects, to test things and to interact with the environment around us, but it is so much more than that.  Our senses cannot comprehend the spiritual world around us.  We’re also told that there are those that are spiritually blinded and cannot see the truth of the Gospel.  It’s not that it isn’t truth, it’s that it’s not perceived as truth.

The Bible and Reality

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church header

The second attack is that the Bible and Reality seem to contradict each other according to the Atheist.

Let’s look at his points, shall we?


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.