Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

The Husbands of Proverbs – The Adulterer, The Pledger, The Sloth and The Mischievious

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Adultery Takes Two: Just as the Woman Sought to Entangle, the Man Was a Willing Participant (Proverbs 2:16-19; 5:3-14; 6:20-35; 7:1-27; 23:27-28; 30:20)

There are two key questions here. The first is “Where do you draw the line?” If there is no line drawn and nothing keeping one from going further, then you will be easily tempted when you are offered the temptation. This goes for any sin, and men are especially susceptible to the willing woman as Proverbs says.

The second is the question of risk. The man obviously allowed himself to be separated alone with the woman that was seeking him. She saw him and identified him as an available target. This also goes for both sexes—do we take precautions to keep us away from sin?

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Godly Husband: Are You a Provider?

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olderhusbandandwifeheader.jpgI asked the wives in a post this week if they dominate their husbands and the context was Genesis 3.  The interesting thing about that passage is that at the same time God is telling the wife her main role (desire to the husband and pain in childbirth) he also told the man his role (ground will be cursed, but you’re to work it).

I find it interesting that this concept of men working and women raising children continues to be followed– regardless of the patriarchy or the rise of feminism.  What?  You don’t see it– just look with me.

For me, you would think that men (particularly the patriarchy) would have wanted to get out of all kinds of work, and yet we find, throughout the centuries, that men have worked to make a living and provide for their family except for in the extreme cases of someone who was a king– and even then he was usually out protecting his kingship.

And now, with the rise of feminism and the woman’s right to be in the workforce, we still find that a majority of women feel inclined to be the primary keeper of the home and children– she just has to do that along with her job.

One could blame society, but with as much as I’ve read about women who have come home, are home, and wish they could be home it’s more than just conditioning, it’s an innate desire.  And that’s where we come in.

Men have always been providers

Whether it’s providing money, a roof over the head, food, or laughs, men have had the natural desire to provide for their family throughout time.  In fact, it’s part of what gives a man the feeling of worth and accomplishment.

When a man marries, however, there’s more than physical needs that must be met.  There are spiritual and emotional needs.  Godly Husband, how are you doing at providing for your wife?

  • Do you take the time to help her learn the Scriptures?
  • Do you show her when she’s wrong and help her live a God-honoring life?
  • Do you show her love and compassion?
  • Do you comfort her?
  • Do you try to minimize the stress in her life?
  • Do you let her get away when the stress gets more than she think she can bear?

Are you aware of what’s going on inside her head?  If you aren’t, then you aren’t being a good provider.

Question Idea taken from From Dreadlock to Wedlock


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.