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Women React To Birth Control

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Not 100% Effective by Nate GriggUsing the secret sharing app Whisper, women comment about what they think about birth control.  It’s an interesting read, sometimes sad, sometimes curious.

Take a look for yourself:  ‘My boyfriend thinks we’re trying for a baby but I still take the pill every morning’: Women reveal their birth control confessions on secrets app

I can’t decide my reaction.  I feel sorry for some—those that genuinely want to get married or not be single.  I’m always concerned about babies being seen as a burden instead of a glorious new person.  I’m thankful for what birth control can do to help people with medical issues.  I’m saddened for the one that has had what it seems to be lasting side effects they do not want.

The Outcome of the Birth Control Generation

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In a post titled What will sex education sound like when the government sees a need to encourage young women to get pregnant?, Ann Althouse asks a great question:

What if, over time, with perfect reproductive freedom, the choice to avoid childbirth is far more popular than we’d ever imagined? One solution would be to back off from women’s freedom and equality, and I don’t like that. So the thought experiment is: Assume women will continue to have the power to avoid childbirth and complete freedom to exercise that power. Assume we agree that the birthrate must be increased. What can we do?

I’m guessing that society will have nothing that they can or should do.  If women need to be free and equal then there’s nothing to do.  This is not to say that we’re without hope.  Indeed, many women will choose to have larger families and will may choose not to want to vote or exercise feminism like the current brand of feminism, and those that choose not to reproduce will find that they no longer have the numbers and the power.

It Takes Two

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Pregnant Profile

Pregnant Profile (Photo credit: clappstar)

It was High School.  Eleventh Grade.  I was in Social Studies class and the teacher, a younger guy who was still full of energy and wanting to teach, decided that it would be interesting to get a class debate together decided on the topic of abortion.

Abortion is a weird topic for teens, because many are just becoming aware of the changes in their body, and our culture is in the process of completely rejecting the traditional Christian moral framework—and wants to let everyone believe that being sexually active is a right.

“I’m Personally Pro-Life”

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baby header

Says the person with a conflicted conscience.

The society that we live in today has a problem.  It is at the same time very opinionated as well as believing that the moral high ground rests in not telling others their opinion, all the while telling you their opinion.

The Pain of Abortion: Sin and Forgiveness

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Don’t Have a Choice
When MInTheGap asked me to write a post about abortion he didn’t really know what he was getting into. Course, *I* didn’t really know what *I* was getting into when I decided to accept the invitation. I prayed about what to write. I mean what could I say that hasn’t already been said? What could I say that would make an impact in someone’s life? It hit me while I was chatting with the Lord during supper preparations. “Tell your story” was the answer to the question. A painful, scary answer, but since when is the Lord one to ask me to take the easy road? When I committed my life to Him, I committed my past to Him, and I promised to use my failures and my sins to glorify the Lord. So here, is my story. *disclaimer: this story contains adult content, not for young readers*

It starts in the summer after high school graduation. I recall that it was a wonderful summer, beautiful, sunny, not too hot. But I was in a dark, dark place. At the time I thought I knew the Lord, I told people that Jesus was the only way to heaven and I thought that meant I knew Him. But my life was reflecting something else entirely. The painful truth is, that while I was professing Christ, I was profaning His name with my actions.

This is what happened that summer, and the sin that consumed my whole life. It is also a story of redemption and freedom in Christ. I can’t tell you how many men I committed fornication with. To be honest, the Lord has spared me many memories. I was at the time dating a guy who I had been with for over two years. He was nice and gentle, but I was cruel to him and cheated on him many times over. The month I was to leave for college we decided to call it quits. We dated until my last day at home.

The second week at school, I started to get sick. I was two weeks late. I went to the school nurse, where the law protected me from alerting my parents to my medical health condition. She took a pregnancy test, and sure enough I was pregnant. Boy was I sick! I used drugs like LSD and drank like a fish and I was a serious smoker. I reasoned with myself that all of these things were reasons not to carry this baby to term.

I said to myself “You’re just a freshman!” I said to myself “You can’t take care of this baby!” “Think of how horrible its life would be, you’ll be sparing it!” I reasoned with myself that “You don’t even know for sure who the father is, why bother keeping it alone?” I said “You’ll never be able to take care of this baby.” I also said to myself “Your father will hate you, he’ll never take you back!” and other things to convince myself that an abortion was the only answer. I tried to convince myself that the father was the guy I dated for so long, but in my heart of hearts I knew I had no idea who the father was. I called the guy up though and told him it was his and that I had decided to abort the baby. I talked to people on campus. They all agreed that an abortion was the only answer. I never heard one person suggest to me to give the baby for adoption. I never heard one person tell me there was another way. I’m sure the devil really loved that.

I felt justified.

I went to the “doctor”. They showed me an ultrasound of the baby. I seem to recall that I had to ask to see the image. It was just a tiny dot, no bigger than a seed. I thought to myself, “that doesn’t *look* like a baby! ” And I justified my sin to myself again. I cannot say that I didn’t know better. I cannot claim that I was ignorant of who was growing within me, and what that meant. I cannot even suggest that I was just foolish and young. I knew FULL WELL that what I was doing was wrong. I didn’t care, because I wanted my *freedom*. I wanted *my life*. I wanted my choice. I wanted…

I borrowed money to have the “procedure” . I was so aware that what I was doing was wrong that I couldn’t even do it sober. They offered me “laughing gas”. I accepted. I huffed that gas, till I was high as a kite and the nurse took it away from me. Abortions are painful. It hurt physically. As soon as it was over, I went to the “recovery” room. I sat in a chair, and I held the cross on the chain on my neck and I cried so hard. A woman told me “Oh you’ll get over it hunny. It’s no big deal.” Yeah, what a lie. I’m still not over it. Every year that baby’s birthday comes along and I count one more year that I could have had a child. How old is he now? What would she be like? Every time I become pregnant, I cannot help but think again, on how I could have saved that life. I cannot help but think about one baby who never made it into the world because *I* wanted it my way. And I praise the Lord.

I praise the Lord, because He has washed me clean. I can remember that life, so small. I can remember and thank the Lord, that He has the power and the will to forgive me of such a sin. I have confessed to Him that I am a murderer, and yet He loves me. Jesus forgave me, Jesus cleaned me, and in that way I am “over” it. Because I can rest on His broad shoulders, that carried that cross for me. I can trust in Him. I can be thankful that He has blessed me with a godly husband, and a new life! He has blessed me with new babies. He has shown me how to raise them up to love Him. Jesus has been my good shepherd.

If you are considering an abortion. Let me be the one to tell you that you never get over it. It hurts. Not just physically, but gut wrenchingly. It is the most valuable gift of God outside of forgiveness, don’t throw it away. If you cannot care for a baby, there are many people out there who would love the opportunity to care for them. Yes, there is forgiveness. Please, don’t make the same choice I did. Give of yourself, so that a new life might live. Everything I told myself to justify my sin was a lie. Whatever you are telling yourself it is a lie too. God alone knows the future for that child. God alone knows what kind of life they will have. Let me be the one to tell you that there ARE other options.

If you have had an abortion and the sin is causing you great guilt, please know that there is freedom from sin and guilt in the Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross and shed His perfect blood for us, that we might be redeemed and brought into relationship with a perfect and holy God. If you do not know the Lord Jesus, repent of your sins. Tell Him in prayer what you have done against Him and His perfect law. Then ask Him to make you clean and to be the Lord of your heart from now on. Decide right now that you want a new life with Him and be born again. Then go find a pastor who will baptize you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost.

If you have had an abortion and your heart is so hardened by the sin that you no longer feel remorse, I beg you to repent anyway. Ask the Lord to give you a new heart. Ask Jesus to replace that stony heart within you with one of flesh. Repent of your sin and lean on the Lord Jesus who is alone able to forgive us our sins and reconcile us to a forgiving and wholly perfect God.

If you are looking for an adoption agency or someone to support your decision to carry this child to term look here :

In His Loving Embrace,

Mom of 6

The Ultrasound

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Baby UltrasoundIn high school, I attended a pro-life rally in which the 28 minute film, A Silent Scream was shown. In it, a twelve-week-old baby is aborted. Powerful.

In these days of increasing evil, it’s refreshing to fight on in the pro-life cause by whatever positive means we can.

Enter the power of the Ultrasound. Crisis pregnancy centers across the United States are using them with phenomenal success. There is nothing like seeing your active son or daughter, squirming on-screen, thumb in mouth, heart pulsing. And the newer 3D-4D sonograms are amazing. This parent-child awakening is saving lives. And it’s making the pro-choice front sit up and take notice.

And You Thought Life Began at Pregnancy

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There is a lot of controversy today inside the Pro-Life movement about the pill and what it does and does not do.  You see, foundational to the Pro-Life movement is the concept that life begins at conception.  This has been, and continues to be, at the forefront of the argument of why abortion is murder.

The problem is that we have also been dealt a bit of sleight of hand from doctors and nurses as to what birth control pills do, and what they do not do.  You see, the documentation likes to use the term “pregnancy” in its exact definition, but I find that it’s often not the definition that the woman thinks it is.

Birth Control pills (like Plan B, the emergency contraception pill) work in one of two ways.  They either prevent the woman from releasing the egg, or they prevent the fertilized egg from attaching to the wall of the uterus and continuing its growth.  The first is not a problem for Pro-Lifers, the second one should be.  You see, the second means that life was conceived that the woman (using the pill) caused not to be able to survive.  She caused her baby to die.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.