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Health Care Bill is More About Getting Something Done Than Getting it Perfect

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One of my bosses once told me that the perfect is the enemy of the good. When it comes to our health care solution, what we have now is terrible, what Rep. Ryan is proposing is in the right direction, and the GOP has a tendency to never get things done. So when I read Politico’s article discussing Trump telling the GOP to get in line, what I hear is someone that’s trying to get wins, to get them fast, and get people united in the same direction. I also hear someone who is being tested as being a “famed negotiator” and who wants to prove that it’s not just Executive Orders that he can do, but also the stuff that has to get through Congress.

While I appreciate the argument of Rand Paul– I like the idea of straight repeal and then go through a bunch of replacement bills– I think it has a severe optics problem of having repealed the bill and then they can’t agree to replace. They should have gotten Rand and the group on board behind the scenes with a plan, but I think that getting something done (especially if you risk the tax cut and other things by not getting this done) is better than doing nothing at this point.

Court Rules In Favor of Obamacare Subsidies, Just As The Republicans Wanted it To

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US Supreme Court by DavidIt doesn’t matter that Scalia’s right when he said:

This Court holds only the judicial power — the power to pronounce the law as Congress has enacted it. We lack the prerogative to repair laws that do not work out in practice, just as the people lack the ability to throw us out of office if they dislike the solutions we concoct. We must always remember, therefore, that ‘[o]ur task is to apply the text, not to improve upon it.’   — Read more at: From Scalia’s Dissent

This is what the Republicans wanted, because if the ruling had gone the other way, they would have had 2 problems:

  1. They would have either to have changed the law to give out the subsidies or thrown out the law which leads to…
  2. They would have lost the ability to run against Obamacare next year either way.

Will ObamaCare Ever Be Overturned?

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I have no crystal ball, and though many out there have predicted that at one time or another ObamaCare might suffer a fatal blow for one reason or another, the fact is that it is still, by this writing, the law of the land.  There are features of this law that are not going away.  However, that doesn’t mean that there are serious issues with the law– issues that many believe should sink the law.

Liberty University vs. Geithner–Another Change To Overrule Obamacare?

November 21st, 2012 Viewed 2262 times, 1 so far today

HospitalLikely to come after Thanksgiving is the Supreme Court’s decision about whether to consider another case, Liberty University vs. Geithner.  This case, brought by Liberty University, differs in that it focuses both on the Individual mandate, and on the Employer mandate—the former was the only focus of the first case they considered.  The DOJ stated that they were fine with the court considering the case back in early November,  which probably indicates that they are fairly confident they will win.

Could Chief Justice Roberts change his mind and vote to strike it down this time?  Will they even take it up?  Makes things interesting, doesn’t it?

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Just In Case We Lose

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English: Official photo of Congresswoman (R-MN)

English: Official photo of Congresswoman (R-MN) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) knows how to get in the news.  Lately, she’s been exposing a little known provision of ObamaCare—the fact that it authorized $105 billion in government spending, without any further action by Congress.


The Republicans are calling this “Legislative Fraud”.


Why The Democrats Put It In


The Democrats knew their measure was unpopular.  They also knew that, down the road, anything was possible electorally.  Therefore, it would be prudent to authorize spending for the measure to keep it in play, regardless of how the elections turned out.


I mean, if you believed that this Health Care legislation was the fix for the problems in American Health Care, you’d put everything in there you could to make sure it couldn’t be stopped.


Why The Republicans Don’t Like It

Like It Or Not, You’re Getting ObamaCare

April 9th, 2010 Viewed 1632 times, 1 so far today

Guy With Laptop

The election of a Republican to the Senate in Massachusetts was viewed by some as a message the electorate was sending to the Obama Administration—especially when part of his plank was “I will not vote for ObamaCare.”  Unfortunately, the Administration does not appear to have gotten the message, and they are trying to get it through any way possible.

Problems With No Pre-Existing Conditions

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Most people like to feel that they are pretty indestructible.  Myself?  I lamented turning 20 as the age at which my indestructibility left me.  There are many young people that choose not to have health insurance, and still many more (especially men) who carry insurance but do not have regular checkups.

When the U.S. Government, as part of Health Care Insurance Reform, stated that they wanted to force Insurance companies to insure people with Pre-Existing conditions, I thought it was a good and popular move.  After all, who likes to think about the people that want insurance and cannot get it?

That was before I actually started thinking through the problem.

Are We Ready For an Insurance Shortage?

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In the early 1970s the United States had a problem.  Uneasiness in the Middle East cost a gas cost crisis which the Carter Administration tried to deal with by cost fixing.  The put in a price ceiling which immediately led to rationing.  People could only get gas for their vehicles on certain days and it broke the back of the American people.

Unnecessary Medical Procedures?

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Sala de Parto #3

Medicine: it’s the one field where people will spend whatever it takes—whether it’s end of life care or cancer treatments.  People fear death and pain, and will pay whatever they have (and in many cases what they do not have) to try to get it to go away.

So it would make sense that there are some procedures out there that are unnecessary, but that get performed anyway.

Maybe It Was the Teleprompter

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obama press conference header

I mean, how else can you explain the fact that until this moment President Obama (and formerly Senator Obama) stated that the only way that a Health Care Reform plan should be done is through a wide, bipartisan margin?


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