Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Expelled: The Movie You Have to See

April 15th, 2008 Viewed 5378 times

Expelled 250x250_ai Have you heard about this movie yet?

I started seeing ads for this movie show up at my site, but I had no idea what it was about. It turns out that Ben Stein has created a movie that documents how professors that choose not to believe in Evolution are systematically denied access to teaching positions, research positions, etc.?

This is from Ken Ham:

As you know, Darwinists have been expelling any hint of creation or intelligent design from public schools and research institutions. Now, many of them are expelling people from their academic posts in a desperate attempt to defend their evolutionary worldview. The upcoming film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed comes to theaters on April 18.

The Passion Review

March 15th, 2004 Viewed 2400 times

Well, I saw the passion this past Friday. Here are some random thoughts:

Is the Devil really a woman?
That was the first time I thought of Jesus being roughed up on the way to trial.
What was up with the kids that turned into evil beings chasing Judas?
and the evil looking child the Devil held while Jesus was being whipped.
Do you really think Jesus was corny enough to build a table for nowadays back then?
Where were Jesus other sibilings in the scene with Mary? Maybe they were out at the market.
Could you come away with a message other than– man, he was really beaten up?
Did Simon of Cyrene carry the cross the entire way behind Jesus (as the
Scripture says) or part of the way with Jesus (as in the movie).
Where was the Roman soldier who said “Truly, this man was the Son of God.”
Did the earthquake break the temple floor as well as rip the curtain?

So, what message did you get out of it?

The Passion Movie

February 23rd, 2004 Viewed 1855 times
The Crucifixion, seen from the Cross, by James...

The Crucifixion, seen from the Cross, by James Tissot, 19th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you think? Is the movie good or bad?

I guess I am perplexed. For the months leading up to this movie event, I’ve been excited about someone portraying the last few hours before the Crucifixion in detail, someone staying true to the Gospel accounts. Any why shouldn’t I? I mean, in a society where a majority of everything that we are fed is from television and movies, a visual depiction of what happened on the cross might show millions how much He suffered for you and I?

And then I have the questions. The Bible says that people come to Christ through the preaching of the Word, not entertainment. As believers, we are to separate from those in doctrinal error, and yet every church is trying to use this to increase its numbers and get people “saved” according to their own religion. This means that if it has the desired effect, many will be lead astray.

Then there’s the question about whether the crucifixion should be more emphasized than the resurrection. I’ve read where Gibson said that he learned that redemption comes through pain (or something of that nature) and this shows Christ’s pain. And what about Mary’s prominent roll?

Will this make it more difficult for the true message of Christ to get out?

The Passion of the Christ

February 17th, 2004 Viewed 1903 times
English: Mel Gibson at the Cannes film festival

English: Mel Gibson at the Cannes film festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s interesting to read about Mel Gibson’s movie. It coincides with some evidence I have been reading about the Bible and its veracity. I have been thinking a lot about the times of the writings of the Scriptures– what was going on, what they were doing, the structure.

What would have it been like to witness a crucifixion? How about Jesus crucifixion? Is it any wonder that 3,000 men came to Christ when Peter preached? These people would have probably been witnesses to this gruesome sight, and then come to find that He had risen!

I can’t image that there will be a dry eye in the place next Wednesday– if one can stand the horror of what happened. Yet how easily it escapes us as just another fact that Christ paid the ultimate price for us. What should that do to us, to know we caused His death because of our sin?


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.