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Is It Wrong For Women to Wear Pants?

November 26th, 2009 Viewed 2989 times

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In Paris, France, the answer would be yes.

In 1800, a Paris police chief introduced a rule banning women from dressing like men—namely by wearing pants instead of skirts and dresses.  This idea is not that foreign.  The Biblical Old Testament speaks of it being wrong for women to dress like men such that you cannot tell the difference, so 1800 France would have been under the influence of those types of ideas.

What’s so amusing is that the law is technically still in effect!

Carnival of Modesty – June 1, 2008 Edition

June 7th, 2008 Viewed 1801 times

Beautiful Girl 7 Welcome to the June 1, 2008 edition of carnival of modesty.  Not a lot of good submissions today, so I’ll have to augment them from sites I’ve found in my travels.

Lin Burress presents You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Say About You.

Theresa L. Twogood presents Just What If…What Then?

Louise Manning presents Quotes about dignity.

Carnival of Modesty – April 30, 2008

May 1st, 2008 Viewed 2220 times

Welcome to the April 30, 2008 edition of carnival of modesty.

On the Front-lines of Modest Fashion

April 10th, 2008 Viewed 4808 times

pcanvasbibWhen the big stores refused to make clothing that was modest in fit and form, some protested, some wrote letters, and some decided that they could make their own clothing to sell.  Christa Taylor is one such company.

In a recent interview with Mrs. Wilt at The Sparrow’s Nest, Christa herself talked about why she started her company:

In reality, grew out of frustration. After searching endlessly for a swimsuit that just didn’t exist, we designed our own. Under the direction and guidance of my Dad and brothers we started to experiment with different ideas, and eventually the possibility of opening our own Christa Taylor line. With much counsel and much perseverance we launched on January 15th, 2007, with just 1 swimsuit and 2 skirts. Since then, we have continued to refine and perfect our service and selection. It’s still very much a work in progress, but what an adventure!

Carnival of Modesty – March 31, 2008

March 31st, 2008 Viewed 2199 times

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Welcome to the March 31, 2008 edition of carnival of modesty. There’s not that much on topic this week in the carnival, but please enjoy these submissions that are on topic!

Rob Moshe presents Live Your Best Life By Serving Others posted at Rob Moshe, saying, “This is not necessarily a fitting post for your carnival. Once the project starts, each day I will recognize a fellow blogger that “Helped””

Ariah Fine presents Open Letter to Anyone Returning from a Missions Trip posted at Trying to Follow.

My Story

Dawn presents Modesty in Public posted at “At Thy Word”, saying, “I was teased at work for dressing modestly. It really surprised me.”

Shamelle presents It Doesn’t Cost Much To Consult With God posted at Enhance Life.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of modesty using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Wanted: Teen Girls to Exploit for Gain

June 7th, 2007 Viewed 12911 times

We live in a sick and twisted society. In the name of free speech, porn peddlers have been able to make millions of dollars trading on women and men that are willing to bear it all, engage in acts that, at best, should be kept in the bedroom, and prey on the weaknesses of men and women anywhere.

But it doesn’t end with those that officially peddle porn. Yes, porn has gone mainstream– as something that anyone can get into, and now you can get for free. And it’s through all media.

Ann Althouse muses about the Internet taking the profit out of pornography by quoting from the New York Times which states that since you don’t need a lot of “quality” and anyone can now produce this stuff, more people are getting into the market for the thrill of it, for the attention, and for reasons other than making the big bucks.

Rob at SayAnything talks about how there’s a new reality television show to help virgins get sex

My question is, how is this not prostitution (which is a question I’ve also posed with regard to pornography)? Basically the show would consist of a bunch of “johns” paying the show’s “pimps” with strange antics (which will serve as content for the show) in exchange for a sexual tryst with the girl the pimps are pimping out.

On Craigslist, a popular classified ad site, Two were charged with pimping teen girls.

“The actual use of Craigslist for prostitution-related crimes has increased dramatically,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said Thursday. “Even the street prostitutes are getting involved in this.”

Founded in 1995, Craigslist carries nearly 200 categories of classified ads, including job openings, items for sale and personal ads. The “services” category has a section labeled “erotic.”

During an investigation by the vice and child exploitation units of the Cook County Sheriff’s police, officers responded to ads offering women 18 and 19 years old. Monday, they arranged an encounter at an apartment in the 4000 block of W. LeMoyne. An officer picked up the girl and determined she was 14. The girl offered sex for $250.

And it’s finding its way into every day life. Michelle Malkin brought the way dolls are concieved back around Christmas, asking when the doll section turn into a porn shop? And then there’s the case of the substitute teacher convicted of exposing Seventh Grade Students to pornography.

It seems that no matter where we are we cannot escape the influence of porn, or being exposed to its wake. As pron charges ahead with more daring things to try to make their money, the clothing gets more risque, the “free” content gets more risque and those that are impacted by it all get more numerous. And the worst part is that, as it becomes more prevalent, it numbs us to it all. We get less influenced by what we see, and start to view the end point as the worst.

And the other part is that those that use the teen girls to make their content and market their clothing are perverting their ideas of femininity and womanhood, and make it harder to be modest and pure in their lives going forward.

Fashion’s Effect on Men and Women

August 31st, 2006 Viewed 39585 times

Warning- You may find the original photo offensiveIt is no secret that the culture today is pressing onto men and women a certain look— and that look is not one of inner beauty, but it is an appeal to the carnal desires of the world. God made men and women to be appealing to one another to look upon– for obvious reasons. But ever since the fall, there have had to be barriers put into place to protect us from inappropriate desires and to lead to sexual thoughts and sin.

Indeed, for as long as there has been modest clothing, there has been immodest clothing. If we take a chance to look back through history we will find that prostitutes (no, it’s not the world’s oldest profession, since Adam could be considered a farmer or engaged in husbandry even before there was a woman on the face of a planet) were identifiable. Why these women chose to do this is a discussion for another time, my point is that they dressed in a way to advertise what they were selling, and it was clear what they were doing.

Must Women Wear Skirts?

November 23rd, 2004 Viewed 17259 times

Young Girl in GrassFor this Christmas, my wife said that we were overdue on getting new clothes. I think that it’s easy to neglect this area (especially being a man) unless circulation between parts of your body is being cut off! So, we’ve been shopping online and at the mall together to try to get at least her wardrobe more up to date. In doing this, she has expressed the desire to add to her collection of feminine fashion in the way of skirts and blouses. That’s what brings me to today’s entry talking about the Biblical commands for apparel.

A lot of the discussion centers around a command in Deuteronomy 22:5 in which God through Moses states that it is an abomination to the Lord for a man to wear women’s clothing and for women to wear men’s clothing. In essence, God created them male and female and He wants them looking the part. (Contrast this to current society’s desire for genderless bathrooms, cross dressers, etc…)

I guess I should start with the men. This means that, guys, you’re going to have to take to liking skirts and stop your sisters in Christ from wearing that which pertains to a man, since further down in the same passage God commands: “A man shall not take his father’s wife, nor discover his father’s skirt.” (Deut 22:30) One web author goes on to say the following (I did the linking):

There are many more Bible verses for men wearing skirts than women wearing them! The Bible speaks of men’s skirts twelve times (Dt 22:30, Dt 27:20, Ru 3:9, 1 Sa 15:27, 1 Sa 24:4, 1 Sa 24:5, 1 Sa 24:11, 1 Sa 24:11, Eze 16:8, Hag 2:12, Hag 2:12, and Zec 8:23).

Now, obviously I’m attempting to shock you into thinking! I’m obviously not advocating that men should start a new fashion trend. What I am saying is that you can’t determine a specific article of clothing from this passage. This passage does not say that women have to wear a dress or a skirt and cannot wear pants.

There is a good principle in there, though, which I’ve alluded to before. There should be a difference in your dress than the opposite sex. Now, many people have different opinions of what this should be. An opinion is fine, but falls under what we talked about earlier in the Romans 14 passage about Christian Liberty. For sake of discussion, I’ll talk about some of the main ideas:

Mrs. Alta Jorgensen has some definite views about women’s clothing. She worked temporarily in fashion design and illustration and has some drawings on her site. Her argument is that the fashion designers are trying to make women look like men intentionally, and don’t flatter women’s lines. She encourages women not be sucked in by current fashion trends and to be feminine.

Having attended a conservative Christian University whose dress code was for women to wear skirts/dresses most of the time, I can attest to the fact that going to the mall was quite the adventure “women in jeans!” Does this have an effect on men? Sure.

M. Thaxter Dickey talks about modesty in his web article. He has five reasons for being modest in dress stating that when women dress provocatively:

  1. It is unfair to men
  2. It is a dangerous threat to Chastity
  3. It is unfair to women
  4. It is an indicator of uncertain character
  5. It reflects poorly on one’s vocation as a Christian

There are others, and I’ll give links of need be, but I think you’re seeing my point. God wants a difference, and he puts high value on modesty. Compared to the one passage about looking different, modesty is everywhere in Scripture. There are groups that are willing to make their members wear skirts, but don’t care how modest. We need to be concerned about modesty first and foremost.

* Correction made before the five points– spotted by Red State Rah Rah.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.