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April 6 is the New Y2k

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Don’t look now, but if you have a flight for April 6, you may want to reschedule:

Don’t look now, but there’s another Y2K-like computer-calendar problem on the way, and this one arrives in just one month: April 6, 2019.

That’s the day millions of GPS receivers will literally run out of time, rolling over their time counters back to zero, thanks to limitations in timekeeping for older GPS devices. Many navigation systems may be affected, such as on ships or older aircraft, although your smartphone will be fine. 
But because GPS satellites are also crucial to digital timekeeping used by websites, electrical grids, financial markets, data centers and computer networks, the effect of April 6 may be even more wide-ranging.

GPS Flaw: Security Expert Says He Won’t Fly April 6

How about you? Does this scare you at all, or will it be Y2k and basically a non-event?

If GPS Was Southern

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The Government Can Track Your Cell Phone

September 23rd, 2012 Viewed 1394 times

on the phone 1

Did you know that the government can track your cell phone without a warrant?

[T]he court equated high-tech electronic monitoring with a bloodhound following a scent or identifying a car by its color. The judges said that GPS tracking of citizens is the same as someone following you on the street.

The Sixth Circuit judges must have gone to law school in a totalitarian country, because they clearly have no concept of most Americans’ expectation of privacy.

I would think that most Americans would think that this goes too far, but right now you have no option other than to leave your phone at home or turn off that GPS feature.

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Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.