Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Former Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine Comes Clean With Difficulties for Women Because of Feminism

June 19th, 2015 Viewed 1707 times

Business Woman by Steve wilson

I believe that modern society is causing men and women to be stressed much more than ever before—and if you think about it, we all have much more that we can do in a given day and try to fit into a day than our ancestors did.  One former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine suggests that feminism and the drive for equality between the sexes isn’t helping:

Last month, at a wedding, I got talking to an attractive woman in her early 40s. She had her own business, two lovely young children and a husband who, she said, saw parenting very much as a joint venture.

Yet when she discovered I was the former editor of Cosmopolitan, she raised her eyebrows and, no doubt fuelled by the free-flowing Prosecco, declared, referring to the mantra invented by my former magazine: ‘Having it all, eh? I’ve “got it all”! So can you tell me why I feel so stressed and self-critical, and that I’m not getting anything right the whole time?’

The Outcome of the Birth Control Generation

April 9th, 2015 Viewed 1212 times

In a post titled What will sex education sound like when the government sees a need to encourage young women to get pregnant?, Ann Althouse asks a great question:

What if, over time, with perfect reproductive freedom, the choice to avoid childbirth is far more popular than we’d ever imagined? One solution would be to back off from women’s freedom and equality, and I don’t like that. So the thought experiment is: Assume women will continue to have the power to avoid childbirth and complete freedom to exercise that power. Assume we agree that the birthrate must be increased. What can we do?

I’m guessing that society will have nothing that they can or should do.  If women need to be free and equal then there’s nothing to do.  This is not to say that we’re without hope.  Indeed, many women will choose to have larger families and will may choose not to want to vote or exercise feminism like the current brand of feminism, and those that choose not to reproduce will find that they no longer have the numbers and the power.

It’s Hard Not to Be a Hypocrite

April 6th, 2015 Viewed 1603 times

Anyone listening to Sean Hannity on the radio the past few weeks will hear him rail on Hillary Clinton and other candidates for being “pro-women” but accepting money from Arab countries that do not have “modern” women’s rights.  Nicole Kidman’s commercials for a Arab airliner is roughly the same thing.

The problem is that it’s hard to be consistent on these issues because it’s very easy to compromise your beliefs for the right dollar figure.

Things like the Obama Administration closing down a unit targeting Adult obscenities claiming they don’t have the money to keep this going and that there might be higher priorities, it’s interesting that depending where the dollars and attention is, we can get all upset about something and yet when it really comes to committing to it, we’re less than enthusiastic.

It reminds me of the concept of actions speaking louder than words.

Female Teachers Haven’t Stopped

March 22nd, 2011 Viewed 2780 times

kent_teacherIn the many years that the female teacher-male student scandals were thrust into our view, you would think that these would have abated, and yet exactly the opposite has happened.

It doesn’t seem that a week goes by that another teacher is accused of having physical relations with a member of her class, with no sign of it slowing down.

The latest is Barbara Jeanne Andersen, 37, who is show in the picture above.  She was caught in relations with one of her 17 year old students who happened to tell his uncle—who turned her in.  She was texting and having relations with the boy.

Maybe Mom Really Does Want To Stay Home

January 7th, 2011 Viewed 1615 times
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The feminist movement of the past few decades has made a crusade of trying to make the sexes equal in every way—telling women that they could have it all.  They advocate having high power jobs, breaking the glass ceiling, and making as much money as the men around them.

But what if those women don’t want to “have it all?”

What Does It Mean to Look Pretty?

March 17th, 2008 Viewed 5828 times

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Shortly after God made clothes out of sheep skin for Adam and Eve, the very next thing Eve did was turn to Adam and ask, “Does this make me look fat?”  Or at least we can imagine that she did.

As far back as the Song of Solomon we know that women were judging themselves, their attractiveness and their worth by how they looked– their physical features.  They compare themselves to each other.  They long to have things that others have.  They believe that their worth is tied to how they look, and they project this onto men (who already look at women for the outside too much) creating a vicious cycle.

Selling Sex Sells Our Girls Short

February 7th, 2008 Viewed 4777 times

new york love

Human beings are interesting creatures. From the smallest infant to the first created being we want what we shouldn’t have. We desire to know that which we would be better off not knowing, and we get the most pleasure out of doing that which we should not do.

This is at the root of the problems people have with obedience, it is the cause behind gossip, and it’s the reason why a glorious thing that was supposed be shared between two individuals in the privacy of the marriage bed is instead used to sell everything from underwear to shampoo to overstocked merchandise, and is treated by the coming generation as just another commodity.

Pro-Life Links – Feminism

January 11th, 2008 Viewed 1701 times

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There is so much to say on the pro-life front.  So many good articles to read.  I will be continuing Pro-Life Fridays, but with my full length work on the topic I’ll be alternating it with links to articles I’ve collected over the past year or so that are on this topic.

Today we’ll be looking at feminism and their reaction to abortion.

The Feminization of Boys

September 5th, 2006 Viewed 34865 times

Boy and a girl

It’s a bad time to be a boy in America.

Feminism says, “Raise boys like you raise girls.” In other words, diminish their masculinity. What are parents of boys to do in this gender-neutral world? Let’s take a look at three ways these hearts are being eroded: education, society’s expectations, and home life.

In How the Schools Shortchange Boys, public school teacher Gerry Garibaldi writes:

Christina Hoff Sommers was absolutely accurate in describing, in her 2000 bestseller, The War Against Boys, how feminist complaints that girls were ‘losing their voice’ in a male-oriented classroom have prompted the educational establishment to turn the schools upside down to make them more girl-friendly, to the detriment of males.

As Sommers understood, it is boys’ aggressive and rationalist nature—redefined by educators as a behavioral disorder—that’s getting so many of them in trouble in the feminized schools. Their problem: they don’t want to be girls” (emphasis mine)

We’ve effectively switched the inferiority complex from the girls to the boys. First off, what are boys to think when the majority of teachers in grade school are women with an agenda? Secondly, being classed “ADHD” or “behaviorally challenged” doesn’t especially lend itself to one feeling good about their educational experience. The numbers prove my point. Fewer boys pursue further education than their female counterparts.

As for society’s expectations, we’re a unisex culture. Boys used to be boys, now they’re encouraged to play with Barbie’s and paint their toenails if they want. God created male and female to be different, their differences complement. Yet the push for equality has erased many of these differences. Rowdy boys become sullen teens and eventually, men. Men who are passive, quiet, and unsure of what their role really is.

Christina Hoff Sommers shared a story of a debate she once had with feminist lawyer, Gloria Allred. The two women disagreed over male and female differences. Christina shared the following in hopes that Gloria would admit that boys and girls are innately different:

Hasbro Toys, a major toy company, tested a play house they were considering marketing to both boys and girls. They soon discovered that girls and boys did not interact with the structure in the same way. The girls dressed the dolls, talked to them, kissed them and played house; the boys catapulted the baby carriage from the roof.

Gloria Allred was horrified. She took the catapulting behavior as a sign of propensity for violence.

On the home front, many women have had to take on greater responsibility, often filling the role of both father and mother to their children. Many boys in the formative years are missing that vital link to manhood. How can their single mothers teach them what they need to know? Even if Dad is around, many times he’s unavailable. A study was done once of men in prison. On Mother’s Day, men stood in lines all day to take advantage of free cards given to them to be sent to their moms. On Father’s Day, only a handful of men made the effort. It makes you wonder what role (or lack thereof) their fathers played in their lives…to promote this life of criminal activity.

The pressures on kids today are tremendous. Fathers, especially, need to be involved in their son’s lives to counteract that stress. A father’s understanding and acceptance is critical, not to mention his wisdom and guidance.

In 1997, a typical year, 4,483 young people aged five to twenty-four committed suicide: 701 females and 3,782 males.

America’s future is in the hearts of these little boys. It’s time to stop others from neutering them and start nurturing their God-given masculine attributes. What are you going to do before it’s too late?


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.