Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

How to Treat Your Family Like VIPs

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While you probably don’t work as a personal security agent as your day job, if you’re a man with a family, you’ve still got some VIPs that you’re responsible for keeping safe: your wife and your kiddos.

How to Treat Your Family Like VIPs

How Often Do You Get Away?

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Dream Vacation by Sreejith KThe Generous Husband is big on getting away as a couple:

Vacations … give us a chance to have fun together, and this is exceptionally important to our marriages. Shared experiences bond us together, and give us good memories to share for the rest of our lives. On a smaller scale, we need date nights, Saturday hikes, and the like for the same reasons.  –  How Often Does Your Marriage Need Time Away?

He goes on to describe how often he thinks couples should get away, starting with at least one date night every two weeks and on from there.

They’re Having a Baby, and They’re Musical!

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Hat Tip: Daily Mail

What it Means to Be Submissive to Him

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On October 22, 1971, while sitting in a car looking over the sea at a place called “Manly” in Brisbane, Australia, I asked Mally to marry me. (Can you imagine getting engaged at “Manly”?!) At the moment she said those beautiful words “I will!” neither of us had any idea of where the Lord would lead us. Many years later I realized how God had been preparing each of us for the special ministry we were to be called into, for 15 years later, in 1986, Mally and I made an important decision that would change our lives dramatically.

So begins the powerful story written by Ken and Steve Ham talking about Ken’s move from Australia to an entirely different culture and how that move echoes Ruth in the Bible and how that plays out in family life in A Girl Named Ruth.

The Coordinated Attack On the Family

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But you probably shouldn’t be dating this friend if she does not share your basic desire to be married to someone in the next five years or so and if it seems her beliefs are vastly different from yours. I’m not saying you shouldn’t spend any time talking with her, but not in a dating relationship. I realize you like her very much and she seems everything right now, but you’re looking for a woman to marry, and you’re not sure she’ll be ready for that any time soon. You also need to be wary and establish some distance because of what she’ll learn at school. Truthfully, I’m not sure you can counter the pervasive cultural messages against early marriage, domesticity and self-sacrifice. You’re one person against an entire institutional edifice.

[The Thinking Housewife – Hoping for Early Marriage]

So goes Laura’s response to Aidan, who is having trouble reconciling his feelings about a particular girl and the girl’s ambitions and upbringing.

National Single and Unmarried Americans Week

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wedding collection 2

Did you know that it is the National Single and Unmarried American’s Week?  Neither did I until I learned it from the New York Times!  They believe that it’s a shame that we push people into marriage.  Personal experience tells me that people in general don’t seem to have that problem.

The value of marriage is significantly less than it has ever been, and I believe this is for a variety of reasons:

What Does It Mean To Be Dad?

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Father and children on a walk

Rubbing my oldest son’s head last night, as he went to sleep for his first night as an eight year old, my thoughts wandered—am I really the dad that I want to be?

Each of us watches our parents and grandparent (and sometimes other people’s parents) and we observe what we like and do not like about how they parent—the things that “we’re never going to do” and the things that we would do better.  The strange thing is that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we end up doing those same things unintentionally.

Promoting Marriage, Strengthening the Next Generation while Lowering Unemployment

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MotherKidsGovernment is a really great entity for coming up with ideas.  Government believes that they are the answer to every problem, and most of the time (or so it seems) they think more about today’s problem then what will happen tomorrow, or the unintended consequences of their solution.

I mean, who else plans to spend their great grandchildren’s money today?

You and Your Wife are Incompatible

June 19th, 2008 Viewed 4684 times

wedding collection

As husbands and wives we must remember what brought us together, and what we bring to the table.  That’s why it’s important to remember that…

2. You and Your Wife are Incompatible.

By that I do not mean that you do not work well together.  What I mean is that the two of you are different—and not just in the obvious ways.

She’s Having Twins– How far along?

April 16th, 2008 Viewed 1383 times, 2 so far today

Holly Here’s a family friend who moved away.  Her oldest son is 6 months younger than our oldest.  She’s having twins, but is facing some complications.  First off, she has placenta previa.  And if that doesn’t make it complicated, she’s due at the end of May but is on bed rest in the Hospital because they had to stop labor once already.

So, make sure you say a prayer for her and her babies as she’s away from her boys and tries to give her twins the best opportunity she can for survival.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.