Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

What is a Christian’s Responsibility in a Democratic-Republic?

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Things were easier for believers under a king, in some ways.  Romans 13 and a lot of other Scriptures fit right into what a believer’s responsibility is in that type of government– God says that He directs the heart of the king, that our job is to submit to them, and that they reward righteousness.  We’re to pray for them and give them the taxes they put forth.

Setting aside the question of whether the Revolutionary War was just according to the Bible, the system that the founders of this nation set forth for our national government require involvement and regular, bloodless revolutions.

So believers are both the ones that are to submit and the ones to vote for the rulers to submit to, which leaves them in an awkward spot.

All Donald Trump Has To Do Is Look Presidential in a Debate

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What if the whole offensive rhetoric was both to cast out a position but also to get everyone talking about him and push him into the debates.  Then all he has to do is not come out that way in the debates, looking somewhat more measured and Presidential, and his polls go even higher…

Trump continues to be unpopular among the public at large, with negative marks outpacing positive ones 61-33. "Strongly unfavorable" views outnumber strongly positive ratings by a three-to-one ratio.  

From the Washington Post hat tip Ann Althouse

Of course, I’m also interested in seeing what would happen were he to keep this up.  Would the people respond to what they feel is someone that actually will speak his mind regardless of what the politicos say and give him a chance at the Presidency?  Would it increase the turnout in the General Election?

Get out the popcorn.

Could You Ever Vote For Trump?

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Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore

It’s obvious that he’s not doing it for the money, and one wonders whether he’s in it for the long haul, but obviously if he was going to get out when things got a little rough, he hasn’t yet.  Matter of fact, if anything the recent controversies have made him more popular than he used to be with average Americans:

Trump doesn’t need Wall Street. He doesn’t need Karl Rove and his Beltway boys. He doesn’t even need NBC. The fact of the matter is, he could buy all of them. This makes him oddly, utterly independent of influence everyone in Main Street America detests. It adds to an almost mythological persona. He can fight where the lesser man would crumble.

Same-Sex Marriage: Two Good Questions for All Presidential Candidates

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From In the wake of the same sex marriage case, 2 questions for the presidential candidates.

It suggests one very specific question that ought to be asked of all presidential candidates, from both parties:  Will you pledge that religious organizations that refuse to perform same-sex marriages will not lose their tax-exempt status?

And it suggests a second question could be put a few different ways. I’ll put it like this: Who do you think should prevail if there is a conflict between the interests of gay people — as they engage in commerce and seek full membership in society — and the interests of religious people — as they try to frame their conduct to accord with the tenets of their religion?

I would add—do you consider this an overreach and what are you going to do about it?

Ticket to be Decided By a Duel

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Lincoln Dinner Guest Governor Scott Walker by John PembleArm wrestling to see who will run for President and Vice President is funny—especially as one of them isn’t even in the race yet:

Asked by Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin if he would be open to announcing in December that the two of them would run as a ticket, and settle who would be the nominee for president and vice president later, Walker replied that some supporters had pitched that idea.

“I’ve actually had quite a few people, grassroots supporters, donors, and others, who have made that suggestion,” Walker said.

“For now, you know, Marco is a quality candidate. He’s going to be formidable in this race as things progress. And if we were to get in, we’d be as well, and we’ll see where things take us.”

He added that he and Rubio have joked that people mention the two possibly pairing up and said they would likely “have to arm wrestle over who would be top of the ticket.”

Walker: Supporters have suggested 2016 ticket with Rubio

Hat Tip: Ann Althouse

Image: Lincoln Dinner Guest Governor Scott Walker by John Pemble


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.