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Do We Miss Out By Saying No?

February 5th, 2010 Viewed 1535 times, 1 so far today


In the film that just came out on DVD, Yes Man stars Jim Carey as Carl Allen, a man that’s stuck in a rut and always says “no.”  He avoids responsibilities, he refuses to try anything new, so when a friend of his brings him to a conference and he’s challenged to say “yes” to any and every query, his life turns upside down.

Now, there are clearly objectionable things in this movie—at least one scene where his acquiescence yields immorality (that takes place off screen but with his reaction), and the climax of the movie doesn’t have our couple wondering about getting married, but moving in together.  But I’m not musing as much about the video—which I wouldn’t advise watching without something like Clear Play running—but I am thinking about how often we say “yes” and “no.”

ClearPlay Makes it Right

February 21st, 2008 Viewed 1399 times

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So, after retrieving my unit from Target, I tried to get a hold of ClearPlay, and this has to be my only complaint– it’s hard to get a hold of them. Now, granted, I was calling from work where I have an extension number, so their call queuing system doesn’t work for me (I can just imagine the girl at the front desk wondering who called ClearPlay when they called back). The hold time, no matter what part of the day, is close to 15 minutes.

But I’m extremely pleased with how my situation is being handled.

  1. They’re going to take my defective player back and exchange it for a new player at no charge.
  2. They’re sending me a FedEx label so that I don’t have to pay to ship it to them!
  3. They even offered to have FedEx come by and pick it up at my home, which I told them was not necessary.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.