Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Discipleship Practiced

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What we are doing today?

Lots of modern church practices do not work:

  • It doesn’t work by expecting the Pastor to do all the leading to Christ and discipling.
  • It doesn’t work by attending multiple church services and not growing.

It doesn’t work if people do not live out their faith.

A lot of Christian ministry is based on getting converts. In the 1900s, Evangelists seems more interested in getting people to walk the aisle to count them and their impact than to make disciples. A lot of modern evangelist training focuses heavily on methods of sharing the Gospel in hopes of seeing “people accept Jesus”. It emphasizes “fire insurance” over making disciples. Because of this, the person may not be aware of what they are “signing up” for.

“Discipleship” is often not much more than having someone go through a short book talking about the basics of the faith. It’s almost like initiation into a secret society or club with code words.After  this discipleship class, the new believer is thrown into the main Sunday School classes and Worship Services with people that have had years of training, but the mentoring (in some cases) stops.

How the Biblical Definition Differs

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What Value is Tradition in Reading the Bible?

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Typically, those that find themselves not in the Eastern Wing of Christendom (Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox) do not place a lot of emphasis on tradition. In fact, it’s one of the talking points about why those of the Protestant persuasion believe that they are closer to what the Bible actually teaches. And yet, in the article Why Protestants Need to Use Tradition When They Read Their Bibles I find myself agreeing with the overall point– that when we totally divest ourselves of the interpretations and understandings of the saints that have come before us, we may fall prey to errors in our understanding simply because we see the Bible through the culture that we now live in.

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Why Does Obama Choose to Lead from Behind?

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Charles Krauthammer illuminates two reasons:

Proposition one: We must “lead from behind” because U.S. relative power is declining.

Proposition two: We must lead from behind because we are reviled.

[The Obama Doctrine: Leading from behind]

What do you think?  How has it worked out thus far?

The Fundamentals of the Faith

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First page of the Gospel of Mark, by Sargis Pi...

First page of the Gospel of Mark, by Sargis Pitsak, a Medieval Armenian scribe and miniaturist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Theology.  Doctrine.  Our Faith stands not on cunning fables and stories, but upon history and evidence.

Theology is man’s thought applied to doctrine.  It is doctrine that we choose to stand upon, and which we cannot compromise.  It is theology to say that Jesus will come back before a 7 year tribulational period.  It is doctrine to state that Jesus will return.

What doctrines are important?  What is non-negotiable?

The Church and the Outside World

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Part of the problem that we have being Christians and knowing what God expects of us is that we often time project our knowledge on to other people.  We project it onto other Christians—comparing what we believe to others, and then we compare how we act with the unbelievers around us.

Both of these are wrong.

Doctrine From the Psalms?

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Church Aisle

This past Sunday in Sunday School, we men were in Psalms 51.  This is the Psalm that King David of Israel wrote after his sin with Bathsheba and the ensuing sin that followed.

As we were reviewing the Psalm and talking about how sin effects our lives, two different thoughts were on my heart.

Unity at Any Cost?

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Old Churches Christ’s prayer in John 17 was that we may all be one in Him.  He desired unity, and through out the New Testament we see many of the Apostles encouraging us to work past differences and use church discipline in an effort of restoration.

And yet today it’s the opposite—church discipline leads to splits which lead to division over the color of the carpet or what you think of the current Pastor.

We can never be too pure, and we’ll always have opinions over doctrine, but there must be a line—a line where we’re willing to accept differences and live together in Christ.

Where would you draw the line of separation?  On a personal level?  On a church to church level?


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.