Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

What Is Your Parenting Focused Upon?

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windowslivewriterthepointisweareourchildrensparents-bdc8kidslisteningtomusic4.jpgJess Connell focuses on us parents like a laser in her post Is Your Parenting Focused on the wrong things?

Rather, I fear that too many moms of our generation “major” on these controversial, blood-pressure-raising, attention-getting second- or third-tier issues, while missing the basics:
  • character development
  • obedience
  • the day-in-day-out business of RAISING ENJOYABLE, CHEERFUL, KIND CHILDREN who are growing in their understanding of God and the world He has made.

Moms who fall into this trap are focused on the side-issues but missing the major things.

This applies to dads as well.  How invested are we in raising the next generation of God worshipers instead of living for self?  We need to be very careful with the lives that are entrusted to us– one dad tried to shame his daughter and ended up losing her.  Obviously this is not the way to parent.

Children and Parents

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Verifying that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, a father ended up having the discipline he placed on his 12 year old daughter overturned by a judge in Canada.

The girl’s parents were involved in a custody dispute, and the girl used a court appointed lawyer to make the case that the punishment that her father was placing for her disobedience was too severe.

You be the judge:


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.