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Health Care Bill is More About Getting Something Done Than Getting it Perfect

March 21st, 2017 Viewed 2129 times, 2 so far today

One of my bosses once told me that the perfect is the enemy of the good. When it comes to our health care solution, what we have now is terrible, what Rep. Ryan is proposing is in the right direction, and the GOP has a tendency to never get things done. So when I read Politico’s article discussing Trump telling the GOP to get in line, what I hear is someone that’s trying to get wins, to get them fast, and get people united in the same direction. I also hear someone who is being tested as being a “famed negotiator” and who wants to prove that it’s not just Executive Orders that he can do, but also the stuff that has to get through Congress.

While I appreciate the argument of Rand Paul– I like the idea of straight repeal and then go through a bunch of replacement bills– I think it has a severe optics problem of having repealed the bill and then they can’t agree to replace. They should have gotten Rand and the group on board behind the scenes with a plan, but I think that getting something done (especially if you risk the tax cut and other things by not getting this done) is better than doing nothing at this point.

How to Defund Planned Parenthood and Executive Amnesty in 5 Steps

September 19th, 2015 Viewed 1938 times, 1 so far today

It occurred to me that defunding Planned Parenthood and Executive Amnesty could be done by this Congress if they were to follow the following five steps, and therefore if they fail to accomplish these two goals which a majority of the base of the Republican party support it is purely through a lack of will, not of means.

Step 1: Pass the next Budget Bill with no funding for Planned Parenthood and Executive Amnesty.

Pretty straightforward.  Obama will veto. Congress should attempt an override to gauge strength of the override as they should expect the veto.

Step 2: Target Congressmen and Senators up for election next fall with spending for Projects in their state.

Pass another funding bill, this time including money for a project in the state of a Congressman or Senator that is up for reelection next fall, but not having funding for Planned Parenthood or Executive Amnesty.  Obama will veto.  Congress will attempt an override and see what happens with the targeted individual.

Step 3: If Congressman or Senator targeted in Step 2 refuses to join override, take out funding for media in the state that was unable to get funding against the target.

Tell the people of that state how they could have gotten funding for their project, but their elected official thought it was more necessary to have Planned Parenthood and Executive Amnesty funded than money for their state.  Attempt Step 2 again, maybe with a different set than the last time.

Step 4: Enlist the help of the Republican Presidential Candidates.

Use the debates and/or candidates stump speeches in the targeted states to continually drive the point home.

Step 5: Use every interview to stress that you are funding the entire government, and spending more, but the Democrats refuse to sign because of Planned Parenthood and Executive Amnesty.

The point is that you’re willing to spend more money, but the President refuses to back down on two unpopular items.


That’s it, five steps and you get Planned Parenthood and Executive Amnesty defunded.  I’m not saying this is easy, or that the left will not have attacks, but this method will work.  What do you think?

If You Dislike Congress, Why Do You Keep Voting For Them?

June 1st, 2015 Viewed 1045 times


Perry: Eliminate Funding to Planned Parenthood

November 18th, 2011 Viewed 1987 times, 1 so far today

In a recent speech to the residents of Bettendorf, Iowa, Governor Perry not only took on the amount of money that elected representatives make and their seemingly permanent positions in Washington, but he also announced that part of his plan was to remove federal funding for Planned Parenthood so that our tax dollars will not go to kill innocent, unborn babies.

This would be a hard fought battle, as Planned Parenthood paints itself as more than an abortion provider, but also as a provider of women’s health.

Congress Really Doesn’t Care If It’s Constitutional

November 29th, 2009 Viewed 2184 times

When a person is brought into an office in the Federal Government– from the President down to the Senators and Congressmen– they are administered an oath of office that includes upholding and defending the Constitution.  And it seems that’s the last time that they actually think about it.

After that oath, everything becomes all about what they can do– the power that they have achieved through their office.  It becomes about “what I wanted to do” and “what I tried to do” more than doing what’s best for the country.

Who’s Worse? The Congressman or the Insurance Companies?

September 10th, 2009 Viewed 1871 times

president obama

In what felt more like a State of the Union Speech than one on policy, President Obama stood before a joint session of Congress to talk to those gathered and the nation—at least, those that weren’t tuned in elsewhere—about what he envisions health care insurance to look like under his plan.

A few observations:

Calling My Congressman

June 26th, 2009 Viewed 1900 times, 1 so far today

United States Capitol Header

Today was the deadline that the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, set for having a vote on the climate change legislation, better known as “Cap and Trade.”

This is a really big deal.  It represents one of the biggest tax increases in this country’s history.

Who Should Control How Much You Get Paid?

June 16th, 2009 Viewed 1364 times

football header

Some of the most well paid people in the world are athletes.  These people who play a sport get paid to do something they love to do—and they get paid handsomely.

Now, it’s true that they produce some jobs—concession stand operators, announcers, etc.  And they produce a lot of revenue in terms of television contracts, advertising, etc.

So, why is it that the government is not going after these people—trying to cap what they get paid, and instead trying to cap what executives of firms that employ thousands of people get paid?

Two words: Class warfare.

Where Do You Stand on the Auto Bailout?

December 15th, 2008 Viewed 1624 times

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This week, the U.S. Senate stopped the Auto Bailout bill.  This is the bill that President Bush worked with the Democrat leadership in the House and Senate to try to get passed.  This is the yet another time that the Republicans have stood on principle and have gone against their President and/or Presidential Candidate, Sen. John McCain.

Stimulus Package as Socialism

October 13th, 2008 Viewed 2409 times, 2 so far today

dollar 4

So, the Democrats are discussing having yet another stimulus package to help us through this crisis.  We have come a long way from when stimulus packages were just a gimmick when Pres. George W. Bush had one in his first year in office.

However, I think that this is a bad idea.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.