Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Christian Growth Happens in the Mundane

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Dr. Jim Berg wrote that stress shows our true character, like a tea bag placed in hot water.

I would like to add that the mundane also shows our character, because it is itself stressful. The Bible teaches that it often takes time to see God’s will for our life.

Abraham waited 25 years between the time that God promised Abraham to be a great nation and when Isaac was born. Moses took 40 years in the wilderness before he was ready to lead the children of Israel, at the age of 80. Joseph spent a long time as a slave of Potiphar and then in Pharaoh’s prison before seeing the vision he had come true.

It was 400 years from Malachi to John the Baptist!

Jesus waited 30+ years before starting his ministry. He has left, and will one-day return, but it has been close to 2000 years!

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The Modern Christian

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One of the catalysts of the creation of this nation was the fact that two very divergent belief systems were rising on the European continent.

One of them was the Reformation. Lead by men with famous names like Martin Luther, John Huss, John Calvin, Tyndale and the rest, these men wanted to get the Bible into the hands of the normal people, to let them read the Word of God in their own tongue and to remove from the readings the traditions and false teachings that had spread up in the years since Jesus had left the Earth.

The other was the Enlightenment. This was a strand of people that had taken to science and human understanding to explain those things around them. It was from here that many sought to rationalize the church’s teachings, and it culminated with Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of the Species” where man had finally found a way to define his existence without the need for God.

While Christians have been battling over whether Evolution as it is taught today is in the Bible or not, what they have somewhat missed is that they have not seen the way that the secularists have shaped the way that we think about our world, and have thereby challenged the Bible and its teachings in such a way that we now attempt to understand our Bible and its commands through a modern and secular lens. This is contrary to what the Word of God teaches us about truth, history and reality.

Christian, When Was the Last Time You Read Your Bible?

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Professing Christians are not reading their [B]ibles as much as they used to — and some Christians don’t read it at all.  Beth Stolicker of Mission Network makes a good case as to why Christians must read and memorize Scripture.  As Christians “we need to be able to recall full Scriptures, the redemption story, and the Bible’s full frame. That’s hard to do if Christians are only familiar with a few verses here and there.”

Western Christians’ Bible reading crisis

God is The Answer

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In God We Trust by Chris YarzabFrom Chuck Norris’ article In God we must trust:

Without God, there are no ultimate absolutes, civility and moral guidelines, as George Washington warned our nation in his Farewell Address. He posited, how else is a nation to maintain its civility and morality besides with God?

Government isn’t the answer. And neither is education, at least without religion. As Benjamin Rush, also a signer of the Declaration of Independence, explained, “Without religion, I believe that learning does real mischief to the morals and principles of mankind.”

Our Founders had a better answer than government or even education. God is the answer. God is the moral compass of America. Or He should be, if we ever want to restore morality in our homes and civility to our land. Our Founders believed morals flowed from one’s accountability to God, and that, without God, moral anarchy would result.

Image: In God We Trust by Chris Yarzab

Should Christians Engage In the Culture War?

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Prayer is the language by Leland Francisco

America has been changing for quite some time—as does everything.  Since the Supreme Court rulings of last week, which were not surprises but reminders of the fact that what believers think should be obvious not always is, many believers have taken to the Internet to proclaim this is the end.  Many have suggested preparing for persecution, girding up for an inevitable wave of attacks on religious institutions and free speech.

However, there’s another set of believers and culture warriors that have decided that this has all the markings of a war—a war that we have to decide to either roll over and submit to the will of those that would go against traditional/Biblical teaching or to stand up and oppose it.

Government and Morality

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George Washington once commented that in order for a society to survive it needed to have a strong moral character.  This character existed outside of the government at the founding of the United States– as can be seen by the fact that many came to this land for religious freedom, many of the Founding Fathers were religious leaders in various denominations, and the pulpits of the land had a lot of sway in what happened.  This moral foundation did not have to be codified because there was a common, Judeo-Christian framework by which all people of the land held common mores and values.

One of the biggest problems of a multicultural society that cherishes different religions, viewpoints and traditions instead of melting them all together and adopting the common framework is that eventually there will be disagreements between people groups on issues of morality.

We see this front-and-center in the culture wars of the past few years– abortion, homosexuality, promiscuity, profanity, drunkenness, etc.

So What’s There to Talk About?

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737353: The Complete Husband
The Complete Husband
By Lou Priolo

In this chapter, the author stars out with a personal account of a moving incident in his life where a music minister made the following comment to him:

If we Christians are in any business at all, it’s the communication business.

And he’s right.  Whether it’s preaching the gospel, teaching others to make disciples or admonishing a brother we’re communicating.  In fact, Priolo stats that there are over forty communication commands in the New Testament epistles!

The point that he’s trying to make is that we have to be communicating with one another if we’re going to be able to experience the level of intimacy that is called for in marriage.  The degree to which we are willing to reveal ourselves to each other will have a direct impact on how close we can get to one another.  That’s why the questions that he had us guys ask our wives in the last section cut so close to the heart.  We have to be willing to be vulnerable if we want to learn our wife’s heart.

So, practically, this means that we, as husbands, need to be talking to our wives.  If you need a handful of suggestions about what to talk about, he provides a few:

  1. Bible Doctrine – Does your wife feel comfortable talking with you about what the Bible says?  Asking you questions?
  2. Your home – It’s the “base of operations” for your wife’s ministry.  “The condition and appearance of your home is probably more important to her than you realize.”
  3. The children – Dad, your the manager in the home, and you’re the one ultimately responsible.  You should be talking about your children.
  4. Your job – Since she’s your helper she may be able to help you better if she knows what’s gone on during your day– no matter how much you don’t want to talk about it.
  5. Her family (your in-laws) – There have been many Biblical conflicts that had inlaws at the center of them.  You need to have Biblical conversations about her family and their influence.
  6. Her friends – Do you care about who she chooses as friends?  They can influence her for good or evil.  You have an outside view in, you should be giving her the benefit of your perspective.
  7. Her ministries (inside and outside of the home) – “Life is a ministry.”  Are you encouraging her to minister outside the home?  Are you helping her discover her gifts for service?
  8. Her goals for the future – Personal goals, goals of mutual interest, and other goals she has should be exciting for us as well.
  9. Specific ways you can be a better husband and father – Again with the humility.  But then again, she is a helper, and has a perspective that we don’t.  “When was the last time you asked you wife for her evaluation of how you’re doing in these areas?”
  10. Things you do which bother her – This topic is guaranteed to provide you hours of interesting discussion.

Whew– and that’s only to get your started!

By now you know, the link is to where you can pick up the book. This post is all mine.

We are Called To An Everlasting Preoccupation With God

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From That Incredible Christian by A.W. Tozer, copyright 1964 by Christian Publications, page 46. Used with permission.

The true Christian ideal is not to be happy but to be holy

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From The Divine Conquest by A. W. Tozer, copyright 1950 by Christian Publications, page 100. Used with permission.

How to Write a Worship Song in 5 Minutes or Less

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What’s scary is how true this is for much of what passes for Christian Music today!


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.