Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Godly Husband: Do You Nourish and Cherish Your Wife?

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olderhusbandandwifeheader.jpgOne of the final commands to the husbands in Ephesians 5 contains two words:

For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church: – Eph 5:29

These two words are seldom linked to things that men are typically used to doing. Nourishing has the idea of feeding– and we tend to look at this as something that wives and mothers do. Cherishing just seems foreign to us, so what do these words mean in the context of marriage, and what are we to do?

Nourish means “to bring to maturity.”

Maturity comes through a variety of ways. One way is through the humbling of oneself and putting another first. By the very fact that we are our wife’s husband we have introduced someone into her life that she has to reach beyond to love and care for. Are we making this easy for her or difficult?

Another way to bring to maturity is through instruction and experience. Things happen in our lives that we can either have plans for or we can consider a crisis. How we plan and lead our families shows our wives how to handle things in a godly fashion. Are we demonstrating a mature life to our wife?

Maturity also comes through instruction. By being faithful in the Word and sharing with our wife those things that we learn, we are able to grow her in the knowledge of the Word. Are we giving her opportunities to grow?

Cherish means “To soften with heat.”

Cherishing is something that every woman wants and desires, and is different for every woman. Your wife wants special attention. They want to be recognized. They want to know that they are special to you. Are you reminding them of that?

But going beyond that, do you make a special time to communicate with your wife? The problem with most men is that they have the attitude that they have a list of things to get done and taking time for talking, cuddling, etc. isn’t on their list unless it somehow leads to “the main event.”

What are you planning to do today to cherish your wife?

Question Idea taken from From Dreadlock to Wedlock

What is Your Body Worth?

February 27th, 2007 Viewed 3078 times

Boy&GirlOur society wants women to believe that they can determine their worth through how they look. If you don’t believe this, look at the models, the entertainment, and the amount of dieting products that are available at your local grocery store.

But, even if it wasn’t for all these things, a girl would gather this from how the boys in her life respond to her. They would react to the attention they get or that alludes them. And they do. We see it all the time with the abundance of attention means on websites across the Internet.

The sad part is that they do not realize the power they possess, nor the value of the gift from their Creator.

You see, just like the nice girl that can’t get the guy, girls in general don’t have an appropriate perspective on how much they are worth and what they should do in relationship to guys. Amanda over at Imago Dei transcribes an excerpt from a book she’s reading that explains that a girl (or boy) is worth so much that the Creator of the universe died for them.

You see, especially those of us who have accept Christ as Savior, we are not animals. We are children of God– and just as it would be foolish for an Earthly prince or princess to go dressing like a tramp or trading sex looking for a relationship, so we too pay a disservice to God when we act like the world. We are not of this world– we’re part of a kingdom in Heavenly places.

When it comes to how we dress, talk, and conduct ourselves, we need to keep in mind that God has called us. We are in this world, but not of it. Our worth is not derived from how many people ask us out, how much money or attention someone will pay.

And to prove all of this– who (in general) is the person that most want to see is the person that they haven’t seen. That’s why the Air Force Sargent was a draw for Playboy. That’s why so many old stars think they have to go and bear it all in order to get back in it. It’s because the fact that they have something precious– their body– that hasn’t been seen, gawked at, or worse– is something of great value.

So, next time you think you have to trade seeing or doing something with your body for a relationship, remember:

  • You are worth enough to die for
  • Your body is the most valuable thing and it’s uniquely you
  • You need to protect that valuable asset– and you’ll see how your spouse treasures that s/he is the only one that has the privilege of having that great treasure.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.