Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

By the Book – Marriage from the Israelite Law – Part 1

March 18th, 2018 Viewed 672 times

In order to understand marriage from a Biblical sense, you need to set aside your current understanding of modern marriage and start to explore what the Bible says about men and women and marriage– what does it say in the law, and how were these things done back then.

What was the status of a single woman?

“Ask me for as great a bride-price and gift as you will, and I will give whatever you say to me. Only give me the young woman to be my wife.” – Genesis 34:12

If a man seduces a virgin who is not betrothed and lies with her, he shall give the bride-price for her and make her his wife.
– Exodus 22:16

The unmarried woman was considered to be a virgin, and she lived in her father’s house under his protection until such time as a man came and sought her out to be his bride. This could be for any number of reasons. Samson saw a woman and was physically attracted to her and requested that his father get her to make her his bride. Jacob fell for the beauty of Rachel and worked 14 years for her (again, a price for her). Abraham sent out his servant with money and possessions to procure Rebekah for Isaac. Throughout the Old Testament, the arrangement of marriage was more a financial transaction than one where compatibility was sought.

The unmarried woman, living in her father’s house, was transferred into her husband’s jurisdiction by his payment of the ‘bride price’ (Heb. mohar) to her father. If a man seduced a girl, he had to pay the bride price as a penalty and make her his legal wife.

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Are Wives to Blame if Husbands are Unfaithful?

July 23rd, 2015 Viewed 1879 times


In the wake of the hack on the adultery seeking website with a famous name, many are talking about cheating– the last taboo in a land that seeks all sorts of sexual deviancy proclaimed as acceptable.  And one adulteress tries to make the case that she actually has helped marriages!

It reminds me of many passages in the book of Proverbs that talk about how serious adultery is.  Nothing good comes from adultery, from being unfaithful, and from not following after the wife of your youth.

Thinking About Sex is the Same As Doing It

February 16th, 2010 Viewed 3036 times

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The Pharisees believed that they had kept every letter of the law—and prided themselves on what was on the outside.  As Christ continues to underscore how important the heart is, He takes aim at sexual sin—and says that it isn’t enough to simply abstain from committing adultery, but that you have to keep it out of your mind as well.

Gov. Mark Sanford and the Rule of Law

June 26th, 2009 Viewed 2261 times, 1 so far today

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Adultery is wrong.  It’s wrong if the couple is separated.  It’s wrong if there is or is not a law against it.  It’s wrong if there are or are not children.  It’s wrong on multiple levels.

  • It’s a breaking of a promise, a vow.
  • It’s sharing something that was meant to be specifically for the promised individual.
  • It violates a trust.
  • It can destroy a family.

In the case of Gov. Sanford, his position should not exempt him from the law, just as it should not have emboldened him to break it.  For in this case, Gov. Mark Sanford did break the law.

Catch Me If You Can

December 8th, 2008 Viewed 2417 times

boy and girl header Many laws that were passed some time ago are now under scrutiny as relics of a bygone era—a time when people agreed on moral principles that are now up for grabs.  Laws that enforced clean language, the sale of liquor and protected a spouse from adultery have all been challenged, and when a story of one of these laws being enforced makes news, it’s always in terms of how crazy the people are that still these laws, and how these laws need to be overturned.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.