Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Compassion, The Bible and the Pro-Life Movement

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pregnant-mom-stress.jpgOver the weekend, Jill Stanek asked a question in her post Stanek weekend Q: How to respond to assertion abortion isn’t in the Bible?:

How do you respond to Knox and others like him who say that since abortion isn’t specifically mentioned in the Bible as a sin, it is not only not a sin but a deed to be supported as an act of faith?

From the beginning of the Bible, children have been called a blessing.  Adam and Eve and Noah and his family were all commanded to be fruitful and multiply.  Barren womb were saddened and begged God for children (when they weren’t giving their handmaidens to their husband in an attempt to get children that way– which God does not command and violates monogamy).  God commanded that someone that attacks a pregnant woman such that a baby dies owes the family for the loss.  The Old Testament writers talked about how God knit them together in their mother’s wombs, and often before birth mothers were told about the greatness of the exploits of their unborn children.

Indeed, when talking about the unborn and about children, God is anything but pro-choice.

But Women Don’t Wear Hats Anymore!

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One of the most difficult things to address in terms of modesty and what to wear is the fact that fashion and what society wears changes over time.  We’ve previously discussed the concept that men have not always worn pants, and the cultural bearing on what we wear, but I’d like to look deeper into what’s going on in our world today.

The Sexualization of Society

I find it interesting that the very first thing that happened when Adam and Eve fell was that they found out that they were naked.  Certainly this had to be a strange thing for them– they probably expected to die from eating the fruit, but instead they were overcome with shame and wanted to cover their bodies.  This is one of the things that I find interesting about evolution.  If we’re all descended from animals that don’t have shame nor do they cover, why do we?  How did we evolve shame?  But I digress.

From that time until this, people have had a natural desire to hide their shame and cover their bodies.  Now, granted, each time period has things that they want to show, for different purposes at different times, but that doesn’t stop the natural inclination to cover up.

There has been, through time, clothing that indicates the intent of the heart.  As early as Jacob and Tamar we see that if a woman covered herself and wore a veil that it signified that she was a prostitute looking for “work”.

Today we have seen sexual desire– a very powerful and good thing within marriage– being used to sell beer, cigarettes, auto loans, Internet domain names, and even used to get people to church!  It seems that sex sells everything– and it’s gotten to the point that the image of the woman that is baring it all is reinforced from all corners.

Beauty vs. Body

The difference is that every woman is given a body, but not every woman is given true beauty.  You see, just like Tamar looked the part of the harlot– which attracted Jacob physically– she could also dress the part of the widow and carry sobriety and reflect her true person.

What you wear has the effect of telegraphing the message of what you are inside.  Just like the bride’s gown shows that she’s about to or just has gotten married, what you wear and how you carry yourself have a big impact on what you are advertising– more so than you would imagine.

You see, to me, a lot of the conversation in this area has to do with “how long a skirt should I wear”, “how tight is too tight” and “does this blouse go down too far.”  Those are really the wrong questions.  For one thing, if it’s so close that you’re asking, don’t wear it!  Secondly, a lot of things that could be borderline can cross simply by who you are on the inside.

This is why you get questions like “Can Pants be Considered Modest?”  The answer is more obvious than is seems– it depends on who the woman is that is filling them.

Attitude is Half the Battle

Brunette ModelTake, for instance, this picture on the right.  By all accounts this could be considered to be a modest top.  The sleeves are capped so no shoulder is showing.  There’s no obvious cleavage, though it does show a lot of chest.  This would be borderline in my book.

And yet look at her eyes and her face.  Obviously this is the look the woman was going for– a “come hither” look.  And that’s what makes something that could be considered borderline go over the edge.  Now this picture says to me that the girl is teasing, and is going too far.

But I’m Just Trying to Stay in Fashion!

Have you ever really taken a look at what’s coming down the runways.  I’m sure there must be a blog somewhere poking fun at some of the more ridiculous things that people wear that’s declared high fashion.  Some of it I’m sure they’re only able to squeeze into once!

But I know what you’re saying.  No woman (or man for that matter) wants to look like his clothes are frumpy.  However, we must have these things in mind when looking at clothing:

  1. They’re selling clothes to make women think they are sexy.  They are selling the tease.
  2. They do not care whether or not you are modestly dressed, whether it fits, or what body parts are displaying.  They are interested in sales.
  3. We must search for things that are modest without question.

If we keep these things in mind, and cultivate a pure heart, we will be radiating the beauty from within– and any attention that we get will go to the One that made us.

Godly Wife: Do You Dominate Your Husband?

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I find it interesting to note what happened in the Garden of Eden after man had sinned.  You see, each of the people there involved (if you call the serpent a person) was punished in a given area.

  • To the Serpent: Crawl on your belly, eat dust, bite the heel of the Seed of the Woman, but have its head crushed.
  • To Adam: The ground would be cursed, and he would die.
  • To Eve: Pain in child birth and the husband would rule over her.

That God put this in place at this point in time says to me that this was not the case in the Garden.  I think we gain a further insight into the Garden relationship by looking at how Eve got Adam to sin– something Adam knew he shouldn’t do.

We could get into the fascinating discussion of why Adam ate, but the point was that Eve and Adam had an equal relationship– something that wouldn’t be possible with a sin nature.  So, God did what needed to be done– He selected someone to be the leader of the couple, and did so by His divine will.

The problem is, sin likes to promote self.  In the case of Eve and every woman after her, it is not in human nature to be pleased with having someone over us, and for “no apparent reason.”  If you add up human nature and the current state of feminism you see that rather than being homes that are set up as God ordained in Genesis, we have homes that are set up the exact opposite, with women dominating their husbands or exacting concessions out of him for they very benefit of being in the wife’s presence or bed.

Since we know from the Word of God that women have a weakness for domination, are you as a wife on guard that you do not dominate your husband?  This is something that requires a lot of work and attention for it’s easy to fall into the trap.

I would lump in here the propensity to equate your husband with one of the children– someone that you can order around and treat diminutively simply because you’re better at manipulation, emotions, or whatever it is that you know about him and how to push his buttons.

God commands wives to be above that.  That’s why He said that if you’re married to an unsaved spouse you don’t win him by forcing, belittling, or shaming him into going to church– you do it with a Christlike testimony and a meek and humble spirit.  Win them with kindness and you’re doing what God wants for you!

Question Idea taken from Questions for a Godly Wife

Godly Wife: Are You His Helper or His Obstacle?

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In Genesis 2, after having made all of the animals and given the task to Adam to name them all and keep the garden, God looked down on Adam and saw that he was lonely– he needed a helpmeet.

It was said that God didn’t take Eve out of Adam’s feet so that she would be his slave, nor did He take her out of his head so that he would be hers, but He took her out of his side because she would be his equal.

Women, you were created as equal in the eyes of God, but given a specific purpose– that of being his helper.  You see, as you well know, men cannot live life alone.

Covenant Maker

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There are two aspects to the idea of the father or husband being the covenant maker in the following passages.

Behold, I have set the land before you: go in and possess the land which the LORD sware unto your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give unto them and to their seed after them. – Deuteronomy 1:8

But if her husband disallowed her on the day that he heard [it]; then he shall make her vow which she vowed, and that which she uttered with her lips, wherewith she bound her soul, of none effect: and the LORD shall forgive her. – Numbers 8:30

In the one case, we have God making a covenant.  Just like with Adam and Eve, God came to Abraham– not Sarah– to make the covenant.  He came to Isaac– not Rebekah– to confirm it.

He went to Jacob– not Leah, Rachel or a handmaid.  He went to David– and I don’t have enough space to list all of those wives!  God chose his order, it’s not something that I or any other man selected.  He went to the man and made covenants with those men and their generations.  It is true that the Messiah would be born of a virgin woman, but in every other case, God dealt with the head of the house.

God Told Adam…

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I was talking a couple of weekends ago with a friend, and the discussion turned to Creation, the Fall, and other related issues and it caused me to think more about just how much responsibility God gave to man and just why Paul laid so much at the father’s feet in a family. I’d like to take this opportunity to look through some Bible passages with you and see just what fathers and husbands have to be responsible for. Just so you know how we’ll go about this study, I’m going to do searches for fathers and husbands in the Bible and then address passages that talk about a father’s or husband’s responsibility.

I do want to start out with the one that got me going, just to get you thinking.

Love or Holiness

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Love GodIf you were to ask a random person to describe God some would tell you about where they believe He is (“The Man Upstairs”) some would tell you that He doesn’t exist, but I believe a majority of people would tell you something about God being love. And they would be correct, since 1 John 4:8 states plainly- “He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”

A loving God is something with which many can relate. They have or know of loving parents. They have love for a spouse, children or a dog, and it is easy to picture a loving God because, in this mindset, a loving God (much like Grandpa) doesn’t demand anything from us– and may shower us with gifts from time to time. Hence the whole line of thought “How can a loving God do XYZ?” (For you mathematicians out there, substitute XYZ with any tragedy and you’ve solved the equation.)

The interesting thing is that when God decides to identify Himself– or angels praise an attribute– they choose to praise something else entirely. They praise God’s holiness. When the Lord appeared in the temple to Isaiah– high and lifted up– it wasn’t “Love, Love, Love” that the angels cried out but “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Same thing in the book of Revelation around the throne of God.

In fact, it was God’s holiness that demanded Christ die for our sins. True, Christ came in love, but He came because sin demanded a sacrifice. Yes, if you look throughout the Bible you will find that God exhibits and is called on for His holiness many times. You will see it in how He dealt with Adam and Eve– one sin and they were out of the garden. How He dealt with Noah and the Flood– the whole Earth except for eight people destroyed. (In those days, you could have a get together at a house and say that the you truly had the whole world over! And the grandkids– the cutest in the world… I’ll stop now.)

On down the line you see God demonstrating holiness and justice. He did demonstrate love, mercy and compassion (part of the name of God said before Moses) but when He chose an attribute to express Himself to His people, it was His holiness.

So what does that mean to us?

A Wise Heart Will Seek God

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Which WayIn order to know how to evade his plight, David looked at it the plight in two different ways– as a person and as a prince. As a person, David clung to the fact that God was merciful, compassionate and just. His unchanging nature condemned David when he was in sin, but was also something that David could cling to when David was in trouble. David knew that if he put his faith in the Lord, if He trusted in God alone, God would have to get the glory and God would take care of him.

Where Are You From?

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Wooden NativityPage 5:

Meacham next goes to address two different problems. The first problem is in the translation of Isaiah 7:14– he states that there are scholars that think the rendering of the passage should be “a young woman” not “the virgin.” The next problem is geography. According to the Old Testament prophecies, the Messiah would come from Bethleham, but many were objecting to Jesus being from Nazareth, so he said Matthew and Luke had to get them there. He states that Matthew has Mary and Joseph as residents of Bethleham that had to move to Nazareth. He also says that Matthew added dramatic flair going having them go to Egypt. He states that there is no historical evidence for the Herodian slaughter.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.