Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.


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The biggest impact that we can ever make is getting on our knees before the Throne of God.  You see, we can think of great plans, and try to do many things in our own strength, but without the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those we are trying to reach, our efforts will be in vain.

Pray for the Lost to Seek Christ

The size of the hurdle that is between the Lost Soul and Christ seems to grow higher each day.  Secular Humanism is running rampant in our schools, our colleges, and from society.  The concepts of “if it feels good do it” and the “I’ve got to have it my way right now” are in full force through advertisements, money, etc.  Philosophers have declared God dead.  Science has tried to explain how we got here through chance.  And churches are trying to become like the world in order to reach them.

Friend Day

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One thing that we tried this year (to little success, I’m sorry to say) was to have a Friend Day.  This is a day that’s planned well in advance so that you have time to talk to your friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. about coming to church.  The point of the service is to have a strong evangelistic message while going out of our way to make visitors feel welcome.

There are many different ways to do a Friend Day.  One of them suggests the Pastor inviting someone from the local city with some degree of position (i.e. the Mayor, Police Chief, etc) and then showing the congregation a letter that the person will be attending.  Then the Deacons would do the same.

Three Keys to Witnessing Like an Apostle

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The effect of the Apostles on the first century landscape was incredible.  They were able to see 3,000 people come to know Christ on Pentecost.  Everywhere they went they saw people following them, coming to Christ, and creating churches.

What is the difference between our time and theirs?  Well, there are few things that they did differently that come to mind, and I’d like to share these observations with you and see if you have some others.

They Spent A Lot of Time in Prayer

After Christ went back to Heaven he gave the Disciples a command to wait for the Spirit.  So, what did they do?  They went back to the Upper Room and prayed.  They did this constantly until the Spirit came on in power– but they didn’t stop praying.  In fact, we see through out Acts that when they were captured, they went back to where everyone was praying.  They realized that they would only be able to do what God wanted them to with His strength.

The Internet’s Effect on Godly Women

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My Girl

I think to begin this post we must first define what we mean by “godly” woman. The best place for that is the Word. According to 1 Timothy 3:11 which is about how to choose Deacons; a deacon’s wife must be “… grave, not slanderers, sober, faithful in all things.” Another place where we can discern what it means to be a godly woman is in Titus 2.

“The aged women likewise, that [they be] in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers (honest, not gossips), not given to much wine, teachers of good things;That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,[To be] discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” (Titus 2:3-5)(Things added in parenthesis are mine, as are the emphasized words.)

On Coming Home….

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Fall Home

(This is a copy of the post at my site,

As most of you know, I am a stay at home wife and mother. I thought I might tell you why, in case you ever wondered.

Biblical Reasons
First and foremost my reasons for coming home and staying there revolve around the Word of God. He has set a role for women to fill, a very special role that ONLY a woman can fill. We were created to be helpers to our husbands Gen 2:18. (mouse over to see verse). It is not good that he be alone, so God created us women especially for our men, to love them and nurture them, to care for their homes and their children as we are commanded in [breast] 2:5 . That we are to be obedient to our husbands Eph 5:22. This does not demean us, or take from us freedom, but rather opens true freedom to us, in that we are free to love as we are made to, and to find joy in being women of purpose.

It seems pretty clear to me that a woman who is seeking to serve her Master, the Lord Jesus, will find in her heart the desire to be at home. If that desire is not there “naturally” the good Lord is faithful to give to those who ask, just as He gave it to me. In order to be a good helper for our husbands, Titus 2 tells us that we must be keepers at home, and obedient to him. Now I have known some men who require their wives to work, I believe it is wrong, but it is not for the woman to rebel against her husband’s wishes. A faithful woman would submit to his desire that she work outside of the home until such time as the Lord changes her husband’s heart and he allows her to come home. Our first priority is serving the Lord, and our second is serving our husbands. After which comes children and home.

When we read the account of a godly woman in Proverbs 31 we see a woman who is hard at work maintaining and growing her family. She works hard, and strengthens her arms, she rises early and provides food and clothes for her family. She delegates to her servants and children, and she buys and sells under the authority of her husband. This does not sound like the menial, and often described “boring” work of being a mother and wife. It sounds like she was wise and discerning, and that she put her hands to work and made a profit. All of this work was done from her home base, with her children under her watchful eye. (They didn’t have a public school or daycare to send them off to in those days!) As I mentioned in my “Argument for Homeschooling” we are commanded to teach our own children at home, by the wayside, when we go out and when we come in, and on and on, precept upon precept Isa. 28:10 and Isa. 28:13 .

Economic Reasons

Contrary to popular belief, a one income home is completely possible in the America. In fact, a one income home run wisely provides more available money than a two income home. Just think about all the money we waste on business attire, makeup, and shoes to look the professional. Just think of all the money that goes down the drain to pay for that second car, and the daycare for your one to three kids, or more! To stop working outside of the home, you must be wise with money, not greedy and frugal, sure. But that is part of the joy of being home, in seeking the most economic and frugal ways to provide for the family you are using your brain in wonderful ways. Those who think that coming home means that your brain goes numb are foolish. They certainly may allow their minds to numb up if they don’t seek ways to use it, but let me tell you, there are myriad ways to put it to good use at home, including: frugality, planning lessons, creating a work at home job, managing time, managing kids (the more you have the harder you work and use that mind!), thinking up ways to serve your family and your community, volunteering.

You see there are plenty of things to think about at home, and you can even make more money staying home. Now for a link to a popular book “The Two Income Trap”, and a blog that interviewed the author. Let it be known that while I agree with the economic understanding of the two income trap, I do not support the book or the blog necessarily, as I am unfamiliar with both. But the book seems to make the reasonable point that two incomes are actually NOT better than one, which I agree with.

FUN Reasons

Let’s face it, going to work 9-5 is USUALLY very boring. It means waking up on someone else’s time schedule, coming in to work for someone else’s profit and taking vacation and time off only with someone else’s approval. Now if you work for yourself you might not have that problem, but I would think most people who work for themselves might be able to work from home. When you are home you are able to do all kinds of fun things, like go to the park with your kids! (Or in the case you don’t have two cars, you ca get together with another mom and her kids!) If you train your children rightly, they are truly fun and a blessing instead of obnoxious and annoying. You can take the kids to the zoo! You can ride bikes together, you can do art projects. Heck make a really difficult project for yourself to get that mind working! You can volunteer in any way that you find fun. You can read, you can watch the TV (though I don’t recommend it, it isn’t very good these days.) You can watch your child take her first step, or say his first word, or eat his first banana. You can play games with other moms or with your kids. You can take the kids to a movie. You can go to amusement parks (if that is your thing). There is all kinds of fun to be had. Just look around for it and get inventive.

Safe Reasons

When you stay home you can watch those kids, and keep them from some of the worse things of life. When you are around to watch them you significantly decrease the chances that they will be kidnapped, molested, raped, or killed in an accident. I’m certainly not saying that these things can’t happen under Mother’s watchful eye, sometimes it does. The case remains that the chances for such awful things to happen decreases.

Loving Reasons

When we care for our children, they feel loved rather than rejected. Even kids who have parents and lose one to death often interpret that as rejection. How much more so to know that your mother or father don’t care to keep company with you. When you stay home you can show your kids that you love them, not just tell them. You have time to go to ball games together, time to work next to each other, time to serve them, all these things show a kid that you love them. (Not to mention doing these things for your husband! but we will get to that.) Baking cookies together shows kids that you care, that you enjoy them, that they are worth knowing and spending time with. Kid’s don’t understand why their mommy has to work, money to the very young is inconsequential. The older kids may have come to realize that they will never have Mother at home, and have stopped wanting that, but now they want all manner of objects. A nice hip sweater or pair of jeans or hundred dollar sneakers. And why do they want those things? For two reasons, 1> they are trying to find ways that you show you love them, through what you buy them, 2> they choose what you buy based on what peers have. Ever notice how this is happening sooner and sooner these days? I think it might have to do with how early we force kids into an unnatural environment filled with their age peers, and only one or two adults.

Marital Reasons

When a woman is home she has time to think about pleasing her husband (as long as she doesn’t spend all her time thinking about pleasing herself or her kids.) To make a marriage work and keep it together a woman must dedicate herself to her husband. (And he ought to be dedicated to her too, but I’m not worried about making men do what they ought, I just tell women to do what they ought, and then watch how their men turn around and do what they should too!) When a woman can present herself to her husband in a way that he pleases, she ties him to herself, and no hoochie mama at the office is going to take him from her. When a woman goes out of the way to please her husband, and to love on him and respect him, he is tied to her. He is bolstered inside by her love and admiration of him, and it causes him to love her even more. Even the very selfish man will be tied more securely to the woman who dotes on him and who admires him. What? You don’t think there is anything admirable about your husband?? I bet that hoochie mama at the office might think his “weak will” is “gentleness” and his “refusal to speak” is “listening skills”. Think your husband is arrogant? or confident? Think he is a workaholic or ambitious?? It is all in how you look at it ladies. Train your mind to admire your husband just as he is, and to express that to him, and you will keep him from chasing after the ego pleaser hoochie mama at the office.

I think that this is plenty for now. Questions? Comments?? If you want to read more about this visit Ladies Against Feminism, a forum against the Feminist Movement and for the New Woman’s Movement.

Spiritual Gifts

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The issue of Spiritual Gifts is one that divides Christianity multiple ways because of what people expect from a church because of their culture.

To begin any discussion of Spiritual gifts requires me to define what I’m talking about.  I believe that the Bible clearly speaks to the concept that each believer, upon salvation, is given a number of gifts (as few as one, but can be many) of which they are to use to edify the church.  Different believers are given different gifts that complement each other in the local assembly.  We can see this in Paul’s Epistles to the Corinthians were Paul says that the gifts are complementary and necessary.

Problems come into play because of the nature of the gifts, so I guess I should list what the gifts are/were.  Gifts of the spirit differ from fruit of the spirit– they usually had an action and purpose.  They include speaking in tongues, healing, prophecy, exhorting, teaching, administration, helps, hospitality, and others.  The ones that are dividing the church are the first three.

In order to understand the debate that’s swirling, you need to understand the appeal and importance.  In the book of Acts, chapter 9, we see that tongues was used as a marker– or sign– gift to demonstrate that a Gentile named Cornelius was, in fact, a Christian.  Up until this point, Peter believed that only Jews could be saved, and God was making a point.

What were tongues?  Contrary to my good friend Stephen, I don’t believe that tongues are not foreign languages.  I believe that there were actually two forms of tongues.  One of my reasons for believing this is that in Acts 2 where the gift was first present there were many people gathered and they all heard what was being said in their native tongue.  The other supporting reference is in I Corinthians 13 where Paul clearly delineates that he speaks in the tongues of men and angels.  Granted that the tongues of men could be his own native tongue, but highly unlikely given the plural tongues.

However, I believe that this was a sign gift that expired.  If you look at the rest of the I Corinthians passage you see the statement that tongues would cease.  I believe that God used tongues at the beginning of the church to fulfill a prophecy in Joel, to give His stamp of approval on the Apostles, and to get the church up and running.  I don’t believe that it is in widespread use now.

Wearing the Sunday Best

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German SistersWe’ve discussed before what type of clothing should be worn to church, so that is not necessarily what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about how the culture has affected how we come to church as a person– outwardly and inwardly.

First let’s look at how we come to church outwardly. Here I will briefly touch on what we’ve talked about before, mainly, how we prepare for church means a lot about what is going on inside of us. Personally, I feel that if I’m not giving God at least the respect as far as in how I dress as I would an employer then God really must not have that much of an effect on me. This is separate from the issue of whether women should wear head coverings, because it relates to the amount of effort I put into my external appearance for God.

Not Meeting Expectations

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Battle In the SkyThis past Sunday’s message I explored the divergence between what Christ said we should expect and what we are seeing in our everyday walks with the Lord, and see if we are meeting expectations.

On the night that Jesus was betrayed, just before His prayer to the Father, He spoke words meant to encourage the disciples, but I cannot but wonder why He was saying them and what they would face. He gets done with a tremendous promise in John 15:1-11, ending on such a great note– that their joy may be full. Then his talk changes to talk of death. “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

Global or Known World?

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Wooden NativityPage 7

Summary: Meacham continues his comparison with Augustus but notes that there are no other stories in history/mythology that completely parallel the Annuciation. He goes on to say that Luke and Matthew would resonate with the people of the times because of the familiar stories, and that there were many factions within Christianity at the time. He starts to discuss the heresy of gnosticism and their beliefs. He closes stating that Christians have to know and address these “mysteries” and that Christianity is worth while despite them.

Jesus Seminar

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Wooden NativityThe next segment of the article, page 2, devotes a whole page to people who do not agree with the Rev mentioned in the first page. Perhaps this is because the author believes that the common view is already out there enough that he needs to devote time to correct this view?

First, a little history of the Jesus Seminar (provided by The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict): p 562 under the section What is the Jesus Seminar?:

“The Jesus Seminar is a consortium of New Testament scholars… [they] meet twice a year to make pronouncements about the authenticity of the words and deeds of Christ. The seminar is comprised of liberal Catholics and Protestants, Jews and atheists.”


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.