Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Unwed Pregnancies are a Product of Western Culture

November 22nd, 2011 Viewed 1613 times

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In a recent article on sex education at The Week, the question was posed, “Should sex educators teach kids about pleasure?”  The responses were mixed, and the comments were along the same line—they’re going to do it anyway.

This has been the common refrain with discussions of birth control, abortion and unwed moms, but rather than going down the path of deciding the best method of prevention, I would rather like to focus on the fact that these problems are of our own design.

Like many things, unplanned pregnancies and unwed sex are the result of Western culture—specifically how we’ve chosen to view courtship, love, and marriage.

I believe that we have done our children a great disservice by changing from the traditional marriage arrangement with parental involvement for the betterment of the family to one that is based on emotions, feelings, and impulses.

Is The United States a Christian Nation?

November 21st, 2011 Viewed 1972 times

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In a recent post explaining my acceptance of some libertarian ideas, I made the passing reference to the fact that America is, and has been a Christian Nation.  However, this fact is not accepted by everyone, especially atheists.  Their arguments are typified by the first comment I received on this post:

While some of the signers of the Constitution were Christians, many were Deists. The Treaty of Tripoli, signed in 1796, disputes the ‘Christian Nation’ idea. Nor would I, as a Christian, want this to be a Christian nation. [FatherOf4]

This is very typical, and so, to set the record straight, I will address not only these commonly stated bits of misinformation, but also present positive reasons for my assertion that America is (though it may not be in the future) a Christian nation.

Equality and the Bible

November 20th, 2011 Viewed 1532 times

Paper People

I once read that one of the interesting things about C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia was the whole concept of multiple kings and queens of Narnia and one High King.  The reason that this is interesting is that we usually don’t think of anything but a King being the absolute ruler, but in Lewis’ books there is rank but multiple people at the same rank.

Why I’ve Recently Come to Embrace Libertarian Ideas

November 19th, 2011 Viewed 2046 times

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I’ve always considered myself a Conservative.  In fact, I’m registered as a Conservative and find myself voting for Conservative candidates.  This identification has to do with bot social conservative values as well as fiscal.

The problem that I have in watching where the country is going is that I’ve observed a trend that proves that Conservatism may be contributing to a coming dictatorship, or a government that is opposite my social values.

Logically, this means that I should support less government as a way to keep freedoms alive.

Perry: Eliminate Funding to Planned Parenthood

November 18th, 2011 Viewed 1035 times

In a recent speech to the residents of Bettendorf, Iowa, Governor Perry not only took on the amount of money that elected representatives make and their seemingly permanent positions in Washington, but he also announced that part of his plan was to remove federal funding for Planned Parenthood so that our tax dollars will not go to kill innocent, unborn babies.

This would be a hard fought battle, as Planned Parenthood paints itself as more than an abortion provider, but also as a provider of women’s health.

When Did Jesus Play for Denver?

November 17th, 2011 Viewed 1234 times

It wasn’t his desire, and it wasn’t his doing.  And yet, it happened all the same.

Tim Tebow, the outspoken Christian quarterback who was drafted in the first round and many believe should be a tight end, fullback or safety,  is causing a stir with his faith.  It seems that a handful of Denver fans have decided that they would make a jersey with Tebow’s number and the name Jesus instead of Tebow.

What would God think about this and why would anyone think that this would be acceptable?

Was Cinderella Pregnant for 28 Years?

November 16th, 2011 Viewed 1255 times

I don’t know if you’re following ABC’s latest hit show, Once Upon a Time, but the plot revolves around the wicked queen of the story of Snow White casting an evil spell over all the fairy tales taking away their “happily ever after.”

They’re only hope is the daughter of Prince Charming (AKA James) and Snow White, who was placed inside of a tree that protected her against the spell.

Unfortunately, they were all transported to our world, and in our world they neither remember who they are/were, nor do they know how to thwart the witch’s curse.

Who Should Get the Republican Nomination

November 15th, 2011 Viewed 1282 times

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This past April I turned 35.  I’ve always joked that when I become 35, then I’ll be able to run for President.  After all, when you’re in your early 30s, there aren’t many “milestone” birthdays left.  With that theme, my dining room was covered in Red, White and Blue and even my cake told me that now I could run for President.

Except, who has ever heard of a Software Engineer in the Conservative Party winning an election for President of the United States?

Are We In a Depression?

October 7th, 2011 Viewed 2076 times

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The word “depression” carries with it such huge baggage that people will do everything they can to avoid it.  The problem is that it shouldn’t be feared, as it’s part of the normal cycle of finance—there has to be a contraction just as there is an expansion.  Trying to deny reality here is pointless.

The question that we are faced with is:

Do we embrace this part of the cycle, or try to avoid it and end up making it more painful?

Our leaders are currently doing the latter.  They are inflating the dollar, they are trying to extend credit.  They are attempting to influence the economy strictly on the supply side, where it is the demand side that creates jobs.

Worse, all these attempts to heal the economy through “Quantitative Easing” is actually making this worse:

Sen. Schumer and I Agree

September 23rd, 2011 Viewed 1106 times

They say that one of the most dangerous places to be in Washington, DC, is between Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and a microphone.  And what he’s said recently has found me actually agreeing this him—to a point:

Menendez, Lautenberg and Kirsten Gillibrand support eliminating some or all of the Bush tax cuts. Schumer said the $250,000 limit is unacceptable since it will hit the metropolitan area disproportionately because of the high cost of living here.

“$250,000 makes you really rich in Mississippi but it doesn’t make you rich at all in New York and there ought to be some kind of scale based on the cost of living on how much you pay,” Schumer said.  [Democrat Want to Pick and Choose Which Millionaires Get a Tax Hike]


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.