Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Creation and Child Labor

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Second day of computer classes

Second day of computer classes (Photo credit: LShave)

In the article When Republicans win, Children Lose at Nuts and Dolts, the author gets it wrong on two key issues.

Child Labor

State Sen. Jane Cunningham (R-MO) proposed a piece of legislation that would have repealed child labor regulations, and according to the author, this is a reason to celebrate:

There are so many reasons that this is bad policy and so many much better ways to teach children a work ethic.  The reason child labor regulations came to be is because children were exploited.  Employment meant poor working conditions, minimal pay and insane work hours. The absence of regulation as proposed by Senator Cunningham, means that young children could be forced to work instead of going to school.

In terms of teaching children a good work ethic, again, there are much better ways then going back to the days of Oliver Twist. Young children can learn a good work ethic through developing good study habits.  For young children, school should be their job.  If the question is learning the value of a dollar, again, current labor laws make it possible for children to learn this lesson.

The List No One Wants To Be On

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Shame (Photo credit: Frederic Poirot)

Our culture is conflicted.  While it preaches “safe” and “random” sexual encounters, those that engage in this activity still wish to appear that they are not as active as they really are.

So, whereas the culture should look at what happened in Westchester County as a badge of pride, the “smut list” was instead a source of shame.

Seriously, You Think This is a Dress?

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aaaMiddleton dressSo it’s come out that Kate Middleton (the future wife of Prince William) caught his eye wearing the “outfit” that you see to the right—and this can all be yours at an upcoming London auction!

I wouldn’t call this a dress, nor would I call it a skirt:

The garment was initially intended to be worn as a skirt, but Middleton instead wore it as a short dress. She wore black lingerie underneath. [Kate Middleton’s See-Through Dress to Be Sold – CNS News]

Obviously, someone will bid for it and win it, but would anyone ever wear this in public?  Privacy of your own home, sure, but not in public.

75% of World Persecution Targeted At Christians

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Flashmob Against Persecution of Christians – H...

Flashmob Against Persecution of Christians – Hanover, Germany (Photo credit: SamGewinski)

To hear them talk, you would believe that atheists were the most persecuted bunch.  It seems that it’s hard to go very long without hearing about some Christian symbol that offends some Atheist, or a motto on a dollar bill that shouldn’t be there, and you get the impression that Christians are persecuting those of other faith.

And yet it’s Christians that are the most persecuted in the world:

Could I Please Have Some More Credit?

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Barack Obama and Timothy Geithner

Barack Obama and Timothy Geithner (Photo credit: Downing Street)

What would happen if you told the bank that you were underwater financially, that you were paying more than you were taking in, and for the forsee-able future the situation would just get worse… and then you ask them to raise your credit limit?

I would think that they would probably laugh you out of the bank—or they should.

And yet, this is exactly what our Treasury Secretary practically said to Congress.

It Takes Two

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Pregnant Profile

Pregnant Profile (Photo credit: clappstar)

It was High School.  Eleventh Grade.  I was in Social Studies class and the teacher, a younger guy who was still full of energy and wanting to teach, decided that it would be interesting to get a class debate together decided on the topic of abortion.

Abortion is a weird topic for teens, because many are just becoming aware of the changes in their body, and our culture is in the process of completely rejecting the traditional Christian moral framework—and wants to let everyone believe that being sexually active is a right.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

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Sharron Angle

Sharron Angle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sharron Angle came close to winning the Nevada Senate race, and she’s decided not to let that loss stop her:

The high-profile race helped to make her a tea party leader and in her concession speech, she indicated she likely would pursue office again. Recently, she has traveled to Republican rallies in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina and kept followers abreast of her whereabouts through her Twitter account. [Sharron Angle jumps into Nevada Congressional race – Yahoo News]

So, that should be interesting, and a relatively easy win since she was close to winning the entire state.  It will also give her a legislative record, which could be a good thing if she chose to run for Senate again.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch in 2014!

Radiation Found on NBC News Reporter

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Mr Holt, up close and personal.

Mr Holt, up close and personal. (Photo credit: mjpeacecorps)

It was only a matter of time:

Yesterday we reported that TV news crews were on the move due to fears of radiation exposure. Today we saw the first example of why those moves were made.

On “Today” this morning, NBC News anchor Lester Holt revealed that he and his crew tested positive for small traces of radiation after returning to his hotel from spending time in the field. [Radiation Found on NBC News Crew, Lester Holt]

3 Weak Arguments Not To Use To Support the KJV

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KJV of 1611 (Psalms 23:1,2): Occurrence of &qu...

KJV of 1611 (Psalms 23:1,2): Occurrence of “L ORD ” (and “God” in the heading) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The King James Version is a majestic translation of the Bible—one that has spanned hundreds of years and still finds many faithful readers today.  The reasons for that are multiple:

  • The prose’s age and grandeur gives the KJV a majestic feel.
  • The scholarship was great such that very few changes have been needed over the years.
  • Many have grown up memorizing portions of Scripture from the KJV, and that makes other translations sound strange.

Given all of these positive things, many that attempt to defend it as the only translation that is the Word of God resort to all sorts of arguments to either tear down other translations or build up the KJV.  Among them are some weak arguments—arguments I suggest KJV proponents avoid because they don’t help their cause.

Earthquakes in Divers Places

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Tsunami Damage in Higashi-Matsushima

Tsunami Damage in Higashi-Matsushima (Photo credit: brendan.paull)

I don’t know if there has ever been an earthquake where the people of God didn’t have this passage of the Bible running through their minds:

Matthew 24:7 – For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.