Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Why Wasn’t There a President Samuel J. Tilden?

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American FlagCheck this out:

The Presidential Election of 1876 was won by Samuel J. Tilden, a Southern Democrat sympathetic to Southern States who were imposed with puppet governments after the Civil War. The Republicans, in charge of the post Civil War reconstruction and biased against the Southern States were not willing to allow a Southern Democrat into the office of President and thus ordered Federal military troops to change the results of the election in favor of Republican Rutherford B. Hayes by using voter fraud, bribery, forgery and perjury.

If A Child’s Door is Closed, Do You Knock or Just Go On In?

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Father and children on a walkFor the most part, I admit that I usually go right on in—surprising them.  So, why should I find it annoying that they do the same to me?

In the article Establishing Guidelines for Privacy with your Children, Maria Doll suggests that we should always knock:

Always knock – model this polite behavior to your child.  Knock and ask to come in before entering your child’s room.  Insist that this be done to your room, also.  Explain that a closed door means someone wants privacy.  Knocking is the correct way to interrupt.

I would say that you have to make sure that they understand that, because it’s your house, you have the right to access to their rooms, whereas they don’t have the right to access yours, but what’s your take?

Is a room personal space that a child has the right to say it is off limits?  What about the other suggestions from her site?

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What Did You Do For Your Birthday?

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raok20For my 35th birthday, I celebrated the fact that I could run for President.  For my 36th, I don’t even recall it being a big deal.  But after reading how Robyn celebrated hers with 38 random acts of kindness, I know how I want to spend my next one!

She did everything from buying doughnuts for policemen to leaving money at vending machines.  From bringing clothes to the needy to a note for her mailman.

I’ve always wanted to make a difference in someone else’s life at Christmastime, but I never thought of doing it for my birthday.

What about you?  Go over and visit the post by clicking the image or the link above and tell me that you are not challenged to make “your day” more about others than yourself!

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What Does Petraeus Have To Lose?

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flagDavid Petraeus, at the heart of recent marital and security scandals, and at the heart of the Benghazi cover-up, will come before Congress today, and The Weekly Standard believes that he will report something different from the last time he was there the last time:

David Petraeus is going to tell members of Congress that he “knew almost immediately after the September 11th attack, that the group Ansar al Sharia, the al Qaeda sympathizing group in Libya was responsible for the attacks,” CNN reports.

In his closed door meeting on the Hill,  “[Petraeus] will also say he had his own talking points separate from U.N. ambassador Susan Rice. [Hers] came from somewhere other in the administration than his direct talking points,” Barbara Starr of CNN reports, referencing a source close to Petraeus.

So he’s distancing himself and the CIA from the political operation, but still saying that he knew one thing about the incident, but testified to another.  Interesting.

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The End of The Twinkie?

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English: Hostess Twinkies. Yellow snack cake w...

English: Hostess Twinkies. Yellow snack cake with cream filling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hostess is having trouble with the baker’s union, and it gave it a deadline—yesterday at 5:00 PM—to stop the strike.

Now, 18,500 workers will lose their jobs as Hostess closes its thirty three bakeries and 565 distribution centers nationwide.  The union was only 5,000 people, but it effected so much more.

Maybe, at one point in time, unions were useful in making sure things were fair and people were taken care of.  Now, it looks like they’re more likely to lose a lot of jobs as they try to negotiate better deals than the rest of us get.

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Should Macy’s Dump Donald Trump?

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Santa CandleMacy’s, which has a “Donald Trump” line of men’s apparel, is being asked to drop The Donald from a Christmas commercial in which he pulls on Santa’s beard to see if it’s real.  Oh, and to cut ties with him altogether. He and other celebrities are featured in their “holiday” ad campaign.

To me, this is absurd.  I mean, I understand that and think that what he said during the recent Presidential election was wrong, but this is America and we believe in free speech.  If you don’t like his stuff, don’t buy it, but telling a company that they should cut a person out because of what they’ve said, especially if you’re not buying their stuff anyway, is as wrong as the boycott of Chick-fil-a or Target or whomever by whomever.

If you have a problem with someone’s stance, vote with your wallet.

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Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago

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article-2217286-157E3ADF000005DC-561_644x358The Met Office has released a report with a chart proving that there has been no discernable rise in temperature for the past 16 years—almost the same amount of time that there was a warming trend back in the 80s and 90s.

This hasn’t stopped President Obama from claiming that the temperature is increasing faster than predicted.  So now one begins to wonder if everything is politics to the man.

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Soon, President Obama is Going To Wish that Romney Had Won

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the 44th President of the United States...Bara...

the 44th President of the United States…Barack Obama (Photo credit: jmtimages)

I often wondered just who would want to run for the office of President when they see the mess that the candidates have to go through.  Now, I wonder who would really want to be President today with the world looking ready to explode.

Domestically, there are 675,000+ signatures for people suggesting secession would be ideal to living in Obama’s America.  The Dow Jones is falling.  The fiscal cliff is approaching, and although both parties of Congress seem to be a little more compromising, they are still far apart on a deal.

And then the Middle East explodes, with battles between Israel and Palestine, with the rest of the Arab world getting ready to pounce.

Seems to me that it’s not a time I would like to be President of the United States—good thing I didn’t run!

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Overaggressive Cops or Ashamed Dad?

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Joe Marino for New York Daily News,
from Original Article

A dad and his teenage daughter were walking in Central Park.  They see a purse, check it out, and all it has is $27.  No identification.  The man sticks the money in his pocket and turns around.  The police, having set up a sting, arrest him for taking money that doesn’t belong to him.

Now he’s suing for unlawful arrest, claiming he was headed to a park ranger to turn over the money.

Who do you believe, the cops or the man?  If you believe the man, why did he not take the purse and all to the ranger.

If you believe the police, is it not entrapment?  Weren’t they setting up the situation?  Seems like a bad thing all the way around.

Would You Rather Be Run Over By Death, Or It’s Shadow?

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Alone amongst the deadA famous Bible teacher that lost his wife to cancer while she was in their thirties explains salvation and its relation to death to his daughter:

Barnhouse nodded and said, “Did you know that the truck of death ran over the Lord Jesus in order that only its shadow might run over us? Your mother has not been overrun by death, but by the shadow of death. That is nothing to fear.”

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Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.