Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Are You Following Jesus This Close?

June 4th, 2014 Viewed 1068 times, 2 so far today

In response to the bumper stickers that ask this question, Jon Acuff quips:

Or perhaps it’s just the opposite, you actually want me to back away from you in traffic and tail gait Jesus instead. Is he commuting today? Are you intimating that should I but crane my neck I might notice him in the right hand lane, driving, what I can only imagine is a burro, and I should follow him instead? But that’s unlikely, because once you’ve ascended there’s no way you’re driving on the Interstate again. You think Elijah or sah, whichever one got the fire chariot ride, is ever getting in a Kia after that? You can’t Sorento after you’ve fire chariotted.

Read the whole post at A Response to the “Are you following Jesus this close” bumper sticker.

Obama and the Party Crashers

December 13th, 2009 Viewed 1503 times, 2 so far today


Of course the Party Crashers had no business being in the White House without an invitation, and they should have been excused the moment that they were found to be off the guest list…

I’m still not sure how these types of people keep getting in?

Legalize Slavery Now!

December 4th, 2009 Viewed 2909 times, 1 so far today

My sis and niece

Banning Abortion would not stop abortions from happening, we’re told, because they’ll happen regardless.  Wouldn’t we prefer that abortions happen in doctor’s offices instead of back alleys?  Wouldn’t we want to keep people that want abortions safe?

What if we applied this logic to other societal ills—like slavery?

President Obama’s Teleprompter Malfunctions

November 28th, 2009 Viewed 1763 times, 1 so far today

Not as big a deal as it was a few months ago, but here’s a funny take on President Obama’s reliance on the teleprompter.  I especially find funny the part where he “loads the teleprompter to lecture his speech writers” and “the caps key got stuck so he ended up shouting the whole speech.”

A Two State Solution

July 21st, 2009 Viewed 1596 times, 3 so far today

colorful header

Back in 1948, after World War II, the winners of that war created a state around the home land of Israel for the displaced and persecuted Jewish people.  The people that were in that land—those from Egypt and Jordan—were told to leave.  Except their home countries would not take them back, figuring that they were going to retake the land back from their Jewish brothers.

Federal Government Announces Gas-Guzzler Initiative

May 7th, 2008 Viewed 2435 times

Hummer WASHINGTON – Faced with the rising cost of gas, the Democratic Presidential candidates announced their support for a bill that would create a new program for those owners of SUVs, trucks and vans who have suddenly found themselves with vehicles with poor gas mileage and the inability to sell them.

The bill, nicknamed “Too Much Car”, would give tax credits for car dealerships that trade these larger vehicles for small or midsize cars– and double the credit for those who trade for a hybrid.

Well, I Guess We Know Where He Stands on Same-Sex Marriage

April 29th, 2008 Viewed 1573 times, 2 so far today

profile3_obama According to the AP:

Obama told reporters Tuesday that Wright’s comments do not accurately portray the perspective of the black church.

“The person I saw yesterday was not the person that I met 20 years ago,” Obama said of the man who married him.

How would you have worded this better?

5 MORE Things You Can Do To Increase Comments

October 16th, 2007 Viewed 2122 times, 1 so far today

CollegeComments are the life blood of any blog. They let you know that people are reading. They engage you in discussion, and they take any topic and make it come alive.

Few blogs can exist for very long without them, but some blog writers do not know the joy of having a really successful post and seeing a lot of comments pour into that post.

To that end, we here at MInTheGap are going to live 5 MORE ways to get comment conversation on your blog in the hopes that you too will have the joy that is 50+ comments.

(Disclaimer: 50+ comments is great from time to time, but if you get this all the time you should either check with a doctor or run AdSense…)

Top 10 Modesty Issues for Men

September 10th, 2007 Viewed 1931 times, 2 so far today

Heawy SportsmannMin’s been so serious lately, I thought I would drag thoughts in a little more light-hearted direction. So with tongue fully in cheek, I present the
Top 10 Modesty Issues for Men

  1. No Speedos. ‘Nuff said.
  2. Except for professional athletes, No Spandex!
  3. Midriff baring t-shirts were only acceptable for 80’s male aerobics instructors.
  4. Visible tattoos are fine for ex-military personnel. Only.
  5. Earrings are great – as a gift for your wife.
  6. If your hair is over twelve inches long, you had better have a Nazarite vow ongoing.
  7. Jeans with holes are perfectly acceptable up to a maximum of three holes.
  8. If you ride a Harley or a horse, leather pants/chaps are in, otherwise they are just plain out.
  9. Wearing nylons is only acceptable during the commission of a bank robbery. (Not that we advocate such.)
  10. Pants were meant to be worn with belts (or suspenders if you are a circus clown).

Feel free to add any issues I may have overlooked in the comments.

Help Me! I Don’t Have a Choice!

May 9th, 2007 Viewed 2130 times, 1 so far today

Don’t Have a Choice

A day after it came out that Presidential candidate and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani reiterated that he backs government funding for abortions for poor people, we set out to find just what kind of people need this kind of protection. It was in a small town in the midwest that we found Miss Jolene Reddish (not her real name). She grew up in a poor home with twelve siblings, and claims that she is voting for Mayor Giuliani because she cannot help but have sexual relations.

“I have no choice about when and whether I can have unprotected sexual relations– I have to have it. And unlike the rich people up the street, I can’t afford to have an abortion when I get pregnant.” Miss Reddish talks about her inability to control herself and the strange circumstances that surround her compulsion. “I’ve had to have my sisters keep me locked up for days at a time. I can’t bear being around my brothers. My parents are ashamed, but I really have no choice, right? I mean, I’m just a descendant from a monkey. I have no choice but to have unprotected sex!”

“I can’t seem to help myself,” said Jolene Reddish. “No matter what I do, I have to have sex at least once a day or I will die!”

Obviously, the pro-life crowd will be against government payment for abortions for their stated belief that this would amount to government funding of baby killing, but leading pro-choice supporters back the Mayor and his plan.

“It seems unfair to me that the government will not provide for these people who have no choice,” Valarie Newman of Concerned Ladies of America. “Since these women obviously have no choice about whether they will be pregnant since they have to have sex– unprotected sex at that– the government must provide, through Medicare or some other mechanism, the ability to exercise their choice to have an abortion.”

Unfortunately, other than Miss Reddish we were unable to locate anyone else with her condition, making us wonder just how important the funding is at this time, given the small constituency that cannot either remain abstinent or use some method of birth control to prevent fertilization or pregnancy.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.