Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

I Know, A Little Late

April 19th, 2018 Viewed 464 times

If GPS Was Southern

April 16th, 2018 Viewed 559 times, 1 so far today

If Alexa was Southern

April 4th, 2018 Viewed 637 times

Why Do We Make Expressions Out of Food?

August 29th, 2016 Viewed 1403 times


First Amphibious Pitcher?

June 9th, 2015 Viewed 1827 times

Amphibious Pitcher[hat tip: A┬áSmall Oregon Paper Just Announced the World’s First Frog Pitcher]

Batman and Robin to Save this Family Photo

June 9th, 2015 Viewed 1491 times, 1 so far today

I don’t know if you follow Awkward Family Photos, but this one is quite amusing:

BatMan Family Photo

Email in Real Life

April 9th, 2015 Viewed 1486 times, 2 so far today

True Facts – A series of Infographics

July 8th, 2014 Viewed 1207 times

Here’s my favorite of the True Facts charts made by New Creations:

facts1More at the link!

A Conference Call in Real Life

July 6th, 2014 Viewed 1199 times, 1 so far today

For those of us that have been on conference calls in the past:

The Expert

July 5th, 2014 Viewed 1002 times

For those of us in the technical field, where we’re considered experts, this first video is painful:

After watching that, it’s easy to believe that the request is impossible, but then this guy came up with a solution:


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.