Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Marriage and the Book of Ezra

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There are difficult passages in the Bible– ones that, on the surface, don’t seem to square with ones we find in other places.  One of these passages is in the book of Ezra.  In Ezra 10, Ezra the priest has read the law that he found in the temple and has come across a problem– the exiles from Israel had transgressed the law of God in regards to marrying foreign women.  God wanted Israel to stay pure and only to marry other Israelites.  Some of the captives even had children with these foreign women.  What to do?

Ezra and the priests decide that all those who had married foreign wives must put them away, or divorce them.  If they had children, they should be put away as well.  This would be an arduous task, and they expected it to take some time to be pure again.

Ideas to Make Christmas Special

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christmas-wrapping-4.jpgHow do you make Christmas special? Two years back we were teasing the kids that we didn’t get them anything for Christmas.  That Christmas Eve we decided to hide the presents around the house and have them take turns finding them. The kids liked it so much that we did it again last year.

The point is to do something that’s unique to your family or something that you can share in.  So what are some of your traditions?

Here are some other ideas: How To Make Christmas Special for Your Kids

Creating a Will For Free In Less Than 10 Minutes!

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Well, if you didn’t know (and I am sure you didn’t), this month is National “Make-A-Will” month.

And while I tend to think manufactured holidays and “months” like this are silly, in this case I think it is a good reminder for those who haven’t taken this critical and simple step.

So today I am going to show you what I did to create my will in less than 10 minutes and without spending a dime.

How To Create A Will In Less Than 10 Minutes And For FREE!

What to Keep In Your Fireproof Safe

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Len Penzo lists 13 things to keep in your fireproof safe as follows:

1. Birth certificates
2. Property titles
3. Insurance policies
4. House photos
5. Safe deposit box keys
6. Social security cards
7. Passports
8. Financial account info
9. Spare car keys
10. Wills and living trusts
11. Health care proxies
12. Medical information
13. Emergency Cash

Hat Tip: What to Keep in Your Fireproof Safe

How to Treat Your Family Like VIPs

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While you probably don’t work as a personal security agent as your day job, if you’re a man with a family, you’ve still got some VIPs that you’re responsible for keeping safe: your wife and your kiddos.

How to Treat Your Family Like VIPs

Are You Doing Too Much or Too Little For Your Spouse?

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In How Doing Less For Your Wife Can Make Your Marriage Better, husbands are first encouraged to meet a “Biblical” standard of provision for one’s wife:

Gentlemen – we as husbands are required to provide food, clothing and shelter to our wives. We are required to give them regular sexual relations. We are required to spend time with them, talk to them, know their needs and concerns and give them proper honor as our wife. This is the Biblical definition of what it means for a man to unconditionally love his wife.

This is a tall order and each of us as men fail in this duty from time to time. I think as men often times we can be great at providing our wives with food, clothing, shelter and sex but we fail in the areas of honoring her and knowing her. We can become too wrapped up in our jobs and hobbies to the point where we never talk to our wives.

If you are failing to spend time with or talk to your wife then you are not a husband that needs to do less, but instead you need to do MORE.

From there the author goes into discussing when it’s appropriate to do less.  Do you think most husbands do more or less than they should?

Should Parents Be Able to Choose the Sex of Their Child?

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Australia is debating changing their rules against sex selection during IVF treatments.

The National Health and Medical Research Council has brought the issue in the spotlight, opening the floor to public consultation on sex selection for non-medical purposes.

Sex selection using IVF has been banned in Australia since 2004 when the NHMRC disallowed is on moral and ethical grounds.

Currently, the Ethical guidelines on the use of assisted reproductive technology in clinical practice and research states: ‘admission to life should not be conditional upon a child being a particular sex’.

‘Therefore, pending further community discussion, sex selection (by whatever means) must not be undertaken except to reduce the risk of transmission of a serious genetic condition.’

The call for public consultation could see these guidelines changed.

If You Had to Provide a Sketch of Your Spouse to a Sketch Artist, Would They Get It Right?

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Multiple couples sat down with a sketch artist and produced a video where the spouse describes the other one, and hilarity ensues— not sure whether to doubt sketch artists or the spouse?

Does Sex Need to Be Taught?

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Are Wives to Blame if Husbands are Unfaithful?

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In the wake of the hack on the adultery seeking website with a famous name, many are talking about cheating– the last taboo in a land that seeks all sorts of sexual deviancy proclaimed as acceptable.  And one adulteress tries to make the case that she actually has helped marriages!

It reminds me of many passages in the book of Proverbs that talk about how serious adultery is.  Nothing good comes from adultery, from being unfaithful, and from not following after the wife of your youth.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.