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Tuesday Data Dump

June 14th, 2006 Viewed 1730 times

This is the first of Tuesday/Thursday specials in which I give you a link and a brief take on some articles that I’ve read that interested me. This is in place of the multiple articles that I would link to and then give commentary. I’m trying things this way because I think that you’d rather read something original than constantly reading other people’s news here, but I also want to continue to provide you with links that interest me. The other reason to do it this way is that I have a tremendous backlog of articles that interest me, and if I have to write something on all of them they won’t be news by then! I’d rather give you current news than three months ago. So, without further ado, the first Tuesday Data Dump.

Students Use High-Pitched Ring Tone Many Adults Can’t Hear

Our first stop takes us to an article that has an interesting twist. It appears that adults created some kind of “Mosquito” sound that was supposed to drive away teens but not be heard by adults. This took advantage of the fact that as we age we cannot hear as high of a pitch. Students, on the other hand, now use that sound to
send text messages to each other during school– ingenious, aren’t they?

Vox Day: The moral delusion of the agnostic

Vox DayVox takes an agnostic to task for a very basic reason– agnostics can claim that they are moral people (as for that matter can atheists) but what they are really doing is comparing themselves to morals that are set up by the religious area into which they are born. They are not creating a morality from the ground up, but picking and choosing a morality from the ground up.

Vox Day: Exit Christianity, enter slavery

Vox DayVox makes a compelling point about where our society is headed in this post. He starts by referring to a story in England where people in airplane terminals coming off of airplanes can participate in a slave market for women. He states that Christianity is a glue that binds society together. Pointing to the advent of Protestant Christianity as the end of slavery, he goes back to history to draw the conclusion that should a society turn from Christianity you can expect to see more slavery.

A Demon’s Demise

Iraq the ModelIraq the Model, a blog from Iraq, points to the different reactions to the death of Abu Al Zarqauwi in this Wall Street Journal article. He points out that Hamas and those that have nothing to gain by Iraq call him a martyr, while those in Iraq consider it a major victory one. He then challenges the reader to side with those that are civilized and appalled by the terrorists or to side with the terrorists.

Post Birth Abortion?

Mindcleaner LogoThe Conservative Mind Cleaner uses a comic strip to illustrate the absurdity of abortion. In this comic, a woman that supports post birth abortion is interviewed, and continues to support it until her mother calls saying that she hasn’t called in the last week, and that she will be aborted. The point of the comic being, at what point does any child stop being a responsibility and to some extent a job for the parent, and why stop a parent from aborting at any time (even after birth) when the child is going to be too much trouble?

Trysting Teachers Caught in the Act

Trysting TeachersMore from the “why are you still sending your children to public school instead of homeschooling” file. Two teachers including the one at the left were caught engaging in consensual yet private activity in a locked classroom by students who were peering through the window. When confronted, the man involved did not even admit that he did anything wrong until the woman did. Both were suspended. Why is this kind of thing able to go on in the school– I mean, we have enough problems with what the teens are doing, and what teens and teachers are doing, but what are teachers thinking when they engage in this kind of activity (adding to it that they were not married to each other!) in the classroom in school while it’s in session let alone at all!

Woman Charged With Providing Sex, Alcohol To Teens

Peggy BickThis woman was on waiting trial on indecent exposure and lewdness charges when she decided to throw a party for children under 16. At that party she provided alcohol and had sex with two adolescents. Let this be a wakeup call for some of you. Do you know where your children are? Do you keep tabs on who is throwing parties and what will be happening there? We can no longer just trust that parties are like we remember them.

Monday’s Cultural Clashes

April 4th, 2006 Viewed 1351 times

The picture to the left of Britney Spears is linked to a report that asks the question: Does exposure to the media have an effect on when teens start to expirament with sex? Michael Conlon tackles that subject in an article on Yahoo News! The study that he quotes the report stating the obvious, “Interestingly one of the strongest predictors of risk for early sexual intercourse for both black and white teens (in the study) was the perception that his or her peers were having sex.” This is for the same reason that most people go over the speed limit– because everyone is doing it, getting away with it, and why can’t I.

Speaking of sex and driving, you must have seen the article that starts out “A federal judge agrees: Sexy signs just have no place near the highway.” I have heard many a preacher, and have experienced it myself, where you have to intentionally not look at a sign. Especially in the south (it seems) places of ill repute have taken to trying to get those with loose morals to come to their establishment by advertising on bill boards…

My pastor last night talked about the secret woman in some people’s lives– porn. The last site I have to direct you to talks about the battle that is brewing over porn, and it’s not just coming from the church. These people are proving that it’s not just the spirit of the man that is effected by this disgusting stuff, but also the mind and his relationships. Like any sin, but with an extra twist, it is like a narcotic that you keep needing more of. We know where the love of money ends you up, but the love of porn can get you out of a loving family and to jail or death row. It’s serious. The last quote of the article is telling: “When I ask men who are sex addicts if they would want their wife or daughter to be in porn, 100 percent say, ‘No,'” she said. “They want it to be somebody else’s wife or daughter. They know this material is damaging.”

The Hidden Ball Trick

August 12th, 2005 Viewed 1209 times

Mike Lowell of the Florida Marlins pulled the hidden ball trick to help beat the Diamondbacks in last night’s game.  The recount from Fox Sports:

With the Diamondbacks trailing 6-5, Terrero hit a leadoff single against Marlins closer Todd Jones. Terrero advanced on Quinton McCracken‘s sacrifice and went to third on Tony Clark‘s pinch-hit single to left.

Lowell, who caught Montreal’s Brian Schneider with a hidden-ball play last Sept. 15, quickly sized up another opportunity to pull the rare trick after catching Cabrera’s throw to the infield.

“I looked to first to see if Tony Clark was going to advance, then I looked at third base,” Lowell said. “Both
guys had their heads down so I just held onto the ball to see what would happen.”

Despite the absence of any signal from Lowell, Jones – who said he hadn’t seen the play since 1986, when he was in high school – understood what his teammate was up to.

“When I didn’t get the ball, I figured it out by the process of elimination,” Jones said. “I just walked around and tried to stall. I was running out of things to do. I was going to touch my toes.”

Just as Jones was getting ready to give up the charade, Terrero took his lead off third base. Lowell sauntered over and tagged the stunned baserunner, who was immediately called out by third base umpire Ed Rapuano, drawing a roar of approval from the crowd of 20,443.

“It was the coolest thing I’ve done on the field in a while,” said Jones, who singled in the bottom half of the inning for his fourth career hit – his first since July 27, 1995.

Diamondbacks manager Bob Melvin came out of the dugout to argue the call, to no avail.

And I bet you thought they only did this in movies.

A whole lot of nothing

July 6th, 2005 Viewed 1087 times

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to post, but it’s like what I heard on ESPN radio this morning.  The announcers were breaking to cover the announcement of the 2012 Olympic site, and one of them said something about the fact that all the TV news stations were covering it.  His comment was something along the lines of “This is the biggest thing in the history of the world.”

There’s a whole lot of nothing going on, but here’s my quick thoughts:

  • Child kidnappings are awful, and the criminals deserve the death penalty.  We must start looking at the cause rather than treating at the end.  How much pornography did this latest kidnapper have?  How was his home life?  Are we feeding this behavior in the name of “free speech.”
  • Sandra Day O’Conner needed to go.  There are a few others that need to go also.  Better yet, I’d like to see Congress limit the ruling ability of the judiciary so that it dictates the rules, not the bench.
  • When it’s a slow news day, people should say such, instead of giving us 15 stories of a pregnant Britney Spears or how Paris Hilton wants to get married in Westminster Abbey, but can’t because she’s not royalty.  This is the time when they should be doing more stories about progress in Iraq, UN corruption, problems in Africa, etc.  There are plenty of newsworthy stories out there that don’t require us going after people who just crave attention.

That’s it for now.  I’ll let you know if I find something that’s worth posting.

What’s Interesting?

April 18th, 2005 Viewed 1445 times, 1 so far today

Da Vinci

I know, it seems like I hardly post anything any more! When I had these spells last year, I simply posted a story I wrote, but it’s been a while since I had inspiration or the time to write a short story. Though, I have to admit, there are times that I have had some inspiration.

Then there’s those times where I say “boy, that would make a good topic for the blog,” and then, when I get behind the computer, I promptly forget what I was going to write about.

Commentary Roundup

September 30th, 2004 Viewed 1272 times

Security Moms

Jane Chastain details the thoughts of a “security mom” of the 2004 election. These are the women of this election who are more concerned about the safety of themseleves and their families than anything else.  We have a whole new dynamic out there since the Soccer moms from 2000.  Things are not the same since 9/11, and 9/11 is still on people’s minds.

Younger Voters

Ben Shapiro writes about his generation and how they will vote– what’s important to them.  His point is roughly the same as Jane’s from above.  Bush is cleaning Kerry’s clock when it comes to the ability to defend this country.  Though the younger generation are all over the board when it comes to morals, they are more willing to try inventive ideas– such as personal account for social security– than other age groups.

I saw this first hand the other night in a meeting while looking for a new pastor.  The group wondered if we should not provide health insurance for the new pastor, and just rely on the government’s alternative.  When I brought up my objection to relying on the government– the same old argument was trotted out: but they’re giving it for free!  It then went into this whole discussion of stewardship of God’s money.  Like God can’t provide health insurance if needed!  The kicker was when an older guy at the meeting said that he once thought my way, but as you get older, you get more practical.

Mission Accomplished

Michael Regan talks about the President’s fly in to the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln.  The mission of that great ship, and the toppling of Saddam’s regime was accomplished– no matter how many times CBS Radio News says “and 4000 troops have been killed since President Bush flew to the aircraft carrier to announce Mission Accomplished.”  This is– tongue and cheek– not biased, just hard news facts.


Nat Hentoff has a piece about genocide is Sudan.  This is some scary and serious stuff.  Why we can let this happen when we have all the questions about why we let the holocaust continue…

Saving Babies

And on a happy note, Matt Abbott shares a couple of stories here about saving babies lives on the streets outside abortion clinics. 

Funny News Shorts

September 15th, 2004 Viewed 1656 times

XXL Undergarments Spark Hunt for Heavy Crooks

Starting off with a funny one, it appears there’s a bunch of crooks that are overweight.  The only question I have here is that, by laws of political correctness, will the police also have to stop an equal quantity of skinny people?

Just in time for the Hurricanes

Energizer has come up with a flashlight that takes any battery size.  That way you can raid remote controls or other objects to power your flashlights in a pinch.  The question that I have here is that if there is no power in the house, how will you find the remote control to harvest its batteries?  I don’t know about you, but I have enough trouble finding the remote when the lights are on!

News Smorgasbord

September 13th, 2004 Viewed 1755 times

In Praise of the Efficiency of Blogging

Nothing has done more to show just how effective blogging is than this latest flap with CBS. The fact that people in the know can check up or voice facts instantly, and be self correcting, makes even the Drudge Report seem slow. In this case with CBS, John Fund chronicles how blogging lawyers and handwriting experts have exposed these memos as false.

As if Typeface wasn’t enough

Still on this issue, Byron York talks about the differences between memos from Killian released from the White House and the ones from CBS. Discrepencies between the way the man signed his name and the letterhead. This issue doesn’t appear to be going away, and methinks it would be best for CBS to get out in front of this quickly!

Kerry’s Record

We cannot say enough about Kerry’s record, seeing as he does not say much about himself. Joseph Farah goes through a list of them, though he spends considerable time talking about the fact that Kerry is both pro abortion for any reason and anti death penalty. An interesting moral problem– kill the innocent, and let the guilty live. I’d like to see Kerry explain himself there.

Gov Cuomo is out of touch

And finally, Dick Morris (though a person of poor morals) defends President Bush and the Patriot Act and clearly shows how these two things (along with the terrific NYPD) were able to thwart more terrorist attacks in NYC.

It’s amazing the number of things that are being done that go unreported or unreported– only to be found online. And they wonder why we like finding our news here rather than waiting to see it on TV.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.