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What I’m Reading

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It’s time again for another round of “What are you reading?”  This edition is going to be done on the fly as I take a pass through my feed reader I will tell you what I found interesting on this pass:

Two Words

These guys over at Pyromaniacs are having a week of brevity– but I can’t get over their motivational posters about the Emergent Church.  This post has another two on the topic.

Critique: Rob Bell…Velvet Elvis (Movement 2)

I’m not quite sure what to totally make of all of the Emergent and Post-Modernism that’s floating around the net these days.  I haven’t taken the time, really, to dig into much of it.  A lot of the stuff that I’ve been reading seems to say that Purpose Driven and Emergent are very much the same– and they take the emphasis off the Bible and place it onto feelings and experience.  That’s a dangerous move.

Children and the Kingdom

A simple quote, but a deep thought.  Why is it that Jesus compares the kingdom to children?  Is it their honesty and candor?  Is it physical age?  Is it their innocence, their ability to trust, or something else?  There’s a lot about kids that is appealing, why do you think Jesus chose them as an example?

The Limits of Frugality

We all have limits when it comes to frugality.  I mean, we could all be saving money by doing all kinds of things, and this post talks about some lengths people will go to to eek out just another few pennies a day (or $30 a year) savings.  There has to be a balance between frugality and convenience.  Where that is is for each person to decide.

Hoochie Moms

It’s interesting the different ways people react to what they see.  Becki reacted to a woman that was dressed more like she was supposed to be in a night club than picking up her children by stifling laughter.  It’s hard not to feel sorry for these people, in a way, because they are trying so hard to be something, to gain attention– they are missing the Savior.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of The Princess Bride

Which is funny that she should mention this because my family all gathered around a bowl of popcorn last Friday night to watch it.  It was the first time that my kids had seen it, and I was sure they would like the sword fighting.  Instead, they wanted me to play the part where the old woman says “Boo, Boo, Boo” again.

Daddy, Will You Please Cover Me?

A father comes home after being disappointed about a woman seeking the need for attention by dressing immodestly only to have his daughter ask him to cover her.  It sets him thinking Biblically in this free ebook about what it means to be a father.

If You’re Wondering Why Blogging Was So Light Today…

Congratulations to Rob at Say Anything.  He has some ultrasound pictures up of his baby and he muses about how it’s impossible for him to think of it as anything other than a baby.

That’s it for this time through the ole blog reader.  Tune in next time!

Data Dump: Posts I’m Reading

July 21st, 2007 Viewed 1911 times

It’s that time again.  Time when I show you a little of what kinds of post interest me across the web and give you my .02.

This edition will be filled from people that are in my feed reader– both old and new posts that are really quite interesting.

So, without further ado, today’s Data Dump:

‘Want to help your husband? Get a real job!’

Anna S talks about what a wife should be doing versus what society believes they should be doing.

Let’s get this straight once and for all. What does being a helpmeet actually mean? It means the wife is supposed to encourage her husband, have unconditional faith in him, cultivate his feeling of accomplishment. She is called to help him – not do his job for him.

Bravo, Anna.  You keep standing for truth and what is right!

Dressing for the Masses

Deborah talks about modesty and how we should be more modest when we come to church.  After all, going to worship the King of Kings should be a little bit different than cleaning the toilet:

We have been going to a pretty conservative church, so I knew I needed to be a little more lenient in the area of dressing for church. But what a disappointment it has been! I think the biggest thing that has hit me is the lack of respect for God, His house where we gather to worship. Going to a morning worship service should not be the same for us as going out to mow our lawns or clean the toilet. That may sound harsh, but the way people are dressing for church especially is the way we would have dressed 20+ years ago to do those things.

You’re right– Deborah– what we wear on the outside is a reflection of what’s going on on the inside.

Suck Out the Sweetness of A Truth

Want a good way to think about how to meditate on God’s Word?  I stumbled across this one from the Pivot Ministry:

As the bee sucks the honey from the flower–so by meditation we suck out the sweetness of a truth. It is not the receiving of food into the mouth, but the digesting of it, which makes it nutritious. Just so, it is not the receiving of the most excellent truths in the ear, which nourishes our souls–but the digesting of them by meditation.

The ban with no name

Jill Stanek points out that the AP doesn’t list the ban that was just passed in Louisiana but refers to it as the ban that was just upheld by the Supreme Court.

Interesting that the AP did not name that which was banned, Partial Birth Abortion, nor describe it, nor refute that there has never been a health reason found to commit it. Nor were any pro-life groups interviewed or referred to. Par.

Is The Surge Working, Or Not?

Depends on who you ask:

According to Senator Harry Reid, the Surge has already ‘failed’, even though the Surge properly has not even begun in earnest. It is never too early for the Democratic leadership to declare defeat however, invested as they are in failure in Iraq.

Is Reid correct? Not according to Michael Yon, who unlike Reid is actually in Iraq (and has been for months) and who has no axe to grind. Yon, you will recall, was not hesitant to declare that Iraq was undergoing a civil war – he calls ’em like he sees ’em. Listen to his interview with Hugh Hewitt, and contrast that with the views of the know-nothing Dems on the Hill.

Ship It!

Windows Home Server just went RTM (Release to Manufacturing) which means that you’ll soon be able to own your own copy.  What is it?  It’s a server for your home to backup data on up to 10 PC’s easily.  And all it will take to restore a PC is a single disk.  I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these– anyone want to get me an early Christmas present?

Stock Photography Resources

Here’s a post talking about different places that you can get images.  I use Stock Xchng, but there are a lot of them out there.

Some More Speed Linking

June 30th, 2007 Viewed 1391 times, 2 so far today

There comes a time in a young man’s life– wait, that’s the subject of a different post.

Truthfully, there are so many things that I read on a daily basis, and so many things that catch my attention that I feel that I’ve got way too much to talk about and no time.

So, it’s at times like these that I’ll just point you at some articles I found interesting with a couple of quick notes, and then you can think and comment about them and we can discuss them!

The Worse You Play The Greater Number of People That Will Be Saved – All the more reason to be a poor golfer!  With the Gospel printed on golf balls, it’ll pay eternal dividends if you lose them in the woods, right?

Erotic Church Service – Some people have no problem doing whatever will get them a crowd.  In this case, the Protestant Church Assembly used an erotic dance dressed in a skin colored stocking crawls on the floor, gives forehead and hand massages to those that come, and helps them to get more relaxed.

Clown-Led Worship – Nothing brings more glory to God than a clown leading worship, right?

McClure United Church in Edmonton, Canada is the latest church to join the ranks of those churches that have offered ‘Clown-Led Worship’. Their service was sooooo unique and sooooo meaningful that it was covered by their local newspaper.

Whatever happened to reverence in the house of God?

Apparently that is long gone. It has been replaced with circus acts.

How to Grow Your Church – Finally, here’s a short video from YouTube telling you how you too can grow your church.  It goes into detail about how to attract a crowd, but then compares the current methods to those of the Bible– this one’s right on.

Data Dump: Compacting, Purging and Simplifying Your Life

April 27th, 2007 Viewed 2546 times

50 Cent

Here’s some links on Compacting, Purging and Simplifying Your Life…

The Compacting Committment – Meg talks about the compacting commitment and looks at it from a Christian perspective.

Room to Breathe – Amy talks about how she simplifies her life by purging out extra toys and clothes. Wash them more, but have less makes it so it doesn’t get out of control, or so she says.

Steve Pavlina writes:

There are a few rules that have served me well whenever I go through a purge cycle:

1. When in doubt, throw it out.
2. Ask, “What would be the worst-case outcome if I threw this item out by mistake?” If the answer is little or nothing, throw it out.
3. Could someone else benefit from this item more than I would?

Liss76 is purging this year, and keeping track of the amount in pounds!

Annie recommends having a toy garage sale for your children. They are much better at choosing what toys they really want than you think, and if you have older children let them know that they can pocket the profits.

Carol Keller talks about organizing one’s kitchen. Simply put, check out your current needs, weed out those things that are seldom used, throw out the things that don’t work.

airforcewife did something I don’t recommend, but understand. She purged while the husband was away because he wouldn’t. But she had the following advice that’s golden:

If you haven’t worn the clothes in the last two years, you do not need them (this is mainly a guideline for me). Pieces of fence chain from 1992 are really not necessary. And just how many stuffed animals are necessary for my kids’ survival? Apparently in excess of five thousand. Anything over that number and I send it to Goodwill.

Links a Lot

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Some stories are just too good to pass up, and yet as time passes it’s hard to remember what you wanted to say and yet there is so much more things to say!

So here’s some brief information of articles that I found interesting. They’re taken across the spectrum of what we talk about here at MInTheGap. I’ll take a quote from the site and also talk about my opinion of what is being presented. We’ll do this as a new series as a way to get the latest on what I think on all these different matters.

Thirteen Links to Posts That Never Were 2

August 24th, 2006 Viewed 1597 times
Thirteen Things MInTheGap Thinks Are Interesting
But Has not Posted On
1. Destiny NortonGirl’s Body Found in Neighbor’s Basement
It’s a tragedy– a child was kidnapped, but far from it being some random person that took her, it was a neighbor, and she died shortly after capture. For five days people searched for her, only to find her next door. No matter how much we worry about the unknown, it may be the known that is the most dangerous.

2. The Terri Schaivo Injustice Will Not Go Away
The nurse that testified in favor of Terri’s Amendment back when they were trying to save Terri Schiavo from death by starvation/dehydration has had her license to practice nursing in Florida pulled because of the public stand she took.

3. We’re Getting the Insurgents
There’s continuous news from Iraq that the Insurgents are not winning– contrary to what the “drive by media” (Rush Limbaugh) want you to believe.

4. A Tragic Accident
A mother came back to pick up her baby at day care, only to realize that she had left the baby in the car all day. The baby was dead. This tragic tale shows that parents are getting too busy and need to rethink their prirorities.

5. Spiderman Outs Himself to The Press
Peter Parker decides to comply with a mandatory revealing of superhero secret identites as the comic books tackle some of the issues facing the United States in a war on terrorism. The whole concept talks to the idea of knowing who your friends are and having information.

6. Is this really 11 Million Years Old?
I find it pretty interesting every time one of these types of things are found. Scientists found an animal that they believed was extinct for 11 Million Years! It goes to show you once again that things haven’t changed over time– they were created by a wise omnipotent Creator.

7. Ken JenningsKen Jennings Has a Sense of Humor
The man who wowed everyone with his prowess at Jeapordy! and brought renewed interest to the show when they changed the rules to let a winnder keep on going wrote some things on a website in a tounge-in-cheek fashion that some said was deragatory to the show that made him famous but he said was all in fun.

8. U.S. Soldiers are not Guilty Before a Verdict
Just because an American citizens are on the battlefield does not mean they forfeit their rights to be innocent until proven guilty. However, this seems to be what the media and others want as they jump to assign blame and choose sides when not all the facts are known.

9. Does The Fact That Tou are Breast Feeding Make it ok to Display One?
The cover of Baby Talk magazine has a picture of a baby sucking on a breast– and it has many people in the U.S. up in arms. It’s certainly something we try to be private about, even when being in public, but should it be such a bad thing?

10. Women Never Lie About Rape
Vox Day addresses the idea that women never lie about rape. Point blank– women cry rape for a lot of reasons– most of which is because the public is disposed to believe them and that the public believes it’s detestable. Now, is it always true that it was rape, and not consensual? A good reason to only have physical relations with your wife.

11. Robin Williams Battles the Bottle
Robin Williams has checked himself into rehab because he’s again addicted to alcohol. Nothing ruins relationships, family, and lives like the stuff– something that should be avoided! God commands us to be filled with the spirit instead of the bottle!

12. David Copperfield Says that He’s Found the Fountain of Youth
Now available at Walgreens for $9.99 an ounce!

13. Strip Poker - Reuters PhotoKnow when to wear ’em, know when to bare ’em…
As if gambling wasn’t bad enough, what started as a gag has turned into an actual game. The UK is about to have its first official strip poker championship. The winner gets a golden fig leaf (reminiscent of Adam and Eve?). Next thing you know they’ll add a Russian Roulette segment or something just to have more sin present (since it’s taking place in a bar, after all).

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Thirteen Links to Posts that Never Were

August 10th, 2006 Viewed 1934 times, 1 so far today
Thirteen Things MInTheGap Wanted to Blog on,
But Did Not and Now it is Too Late
1. FBI Disrupts New York City Tunnel Plot – It’s just your friendly reminder that the terrorist have not gone away.

2. Born on 06-06-06 – A couple has a child on 06-06-06 at 6:06 AM and names him after a Deamon and we’re supposed to think it’s normal.

3. Senator who cried ‘Bigot’ – Maggie Gallagher talks about how Senator Kennedy frames those who disagree with Same Sex marriage as Bigots, instead of showing respect for differing opinions.

4. Heavy Rains Flood the Northeast – It seems the Northeast either has lots of rain or lots of Sun– never a happy balance.

5. Beware of Romney Care – Mitch Romney has Massachusettes forcing companies to have health care for all of its workers– watch your taxes go up!

6. Hillary Clinton, Space Cadet? – Hillary Clinton uses her dreams to highlight her ideals, but it just shows that she’s never been able to attain what she’s longed for.

7. Senators Take Position In Advance of Marriage Amendment Vote – The Senators went on record before the vote trying to find a good line to feed the people about why they were not voting for a popular amendment.

8. Showdown over judges back on Senate Agenda – It must be getting close to election time, because the senate is out to make Senator Schumer look bad to increase Republican turnout.

9. Star Wars Creator becomes storm trooper – George Lucas was made into a Storm Trooper action figure.

10. Somebody Needs to Go Directly to Jail for This – Toy Maker Hasboro is planning to drop Atlantic City from Monopoly in upcoming production.

11. Darryl Peebles – A man looks up himself in Google and is surprised to find that there’s another person who bears more similarities than just his name.

12. Thank Your.. Uh…Mother. – Mothers are more important than most want to think

13. The iPod that lets you roll with it – Music player in a Toilet Paper Dispenser?

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Friday Data Dump

June 23rd, 2006 Viewed 5440 times

Circumhorizontal arc

Rainbow that set the Sky on Fire

A circumhorizontal arc was in the sky over Idaho on June 19th, lighting it up like a rainbow. This phenomenon is caused by ice crystals in the sky that bend the suns rays similar to a prism.

Maggie Gallagher

Father’s Day by the Numbers

Maggie Gallagher takes a look into the statistics around fathers and how involved they are with their children. There are many out there that do not have a father they can count on, and this has a big imact on children.

Underwear Photo Ripped from N.J. yearbooks

A photo of a young lady in a yearbook caused quite a stir. The photo was taken of a girl in a skirt sitting on a desk during a play, and the picture showed a bit of underwear. So, the school took action and removed the page from the book and will be replacing it with another. Was the girl embarassed? This wouldn’t have happened if skirts were a little longer!

Minimum Wage Increase

I’m waiting for the government to step in and mandate a wage scale for us that get paid more than minimum wage. I mean, they keep inflating the dollar, and making my salary look smaller and smaller compared to those doing less skilled occupations. Pretty soon, those with multiple years of experience will be making the same money as high schoolers flipping burgers.

Matthew and Melissa O'Brien

Flight of Young Adults is Causing Alarm Upstate

And why shouldn’t it cause alarm? For some time now, New York has been one of the highest taxed, most regulated states in the land. Those that are born and raised up there leave for higher paying, less taxed jobs elsewhere. Some upstate counties pay close to 10% sales tax! And that’s what the NY Times says is the worry, the tax base. Well, let’s be bright, and keep raising the taxes to get more money in– that’ll do the trick.

Tuesday Data Dump

June 20th, 2006 Viewed 1446 times

Jill Stanek

The pro-aborts’ paradox

Jill Stanek suggests that the biggest problem that pro-abortionists will have revolves around when a pregnancy is terminated. The problem is that pro-abortionists define pregnancy as when the baby is in the uterus– not getting there (which is how they can say that it’s not an abortion because there is no pregnancy) and yet want an abortion that delivers the baby out of the uterus allowed. The problem is location and inconsistancy– you’ll get the entire picture in her article.

No more navel gazing in church, priest says

A priest in Rome got tired of having young ladies baring their midriff in church and made this great statement: “God knew what your navel looked like even before you were born, so there is no need to expose it in church.” This sign is displayed at his church.

Blanco expected to sign strict abortion into law soon

Of course, this law doesn’t go into action until the Supreme Court lets the states decide abortion. ” Under the
measure, doctors found guilty of performing abortions would face up to
10 years in prison and fines of $100,000.” The only exception is to save the life of the mother.

On the Trouble with Amendments

American PrincessThe American Princess discusses Homosexual marriage, and why it may not be in our best interest to pursue our biggest stick right away. There’s a bunch of reasons that they list, but the one that I think needs highlighting is that we need to help enact this through society, not the courts. Change hearts not mandate it. In the end, if we mandate it, it’s possible that it could be repealed.

Thursday Data Dump

June 16th, 2006 Viewed 1569 times, 1 so far today

Narrow focus draws ‘PG’ rating for Baptist-backed film

A film created with the intent to share the Gospel of Christ entitled “Facing the Giants” may have too Christian of a focus to get a G rating, so the MPAA stamped a PG rating on it suggesting that parents might want to guide their children on whether to see it. This would not have happened multiple years ago, but is this political correctness run amok?

Evan Bayh: Abolish Electoral College

This kind of talk usually follows someone losing a presidential race. This is a tad bit early for that! This totally hurts small state influence and would take a Constitutional Amendment to change. The electoral college is in there just like the senate– to give at least some votes to smaller states so they can make a difference. If it were gone, I doubt you’d see much campaigning in what are now the battleground states!

The survey says what?

A survey went out to the students in a Milwakee high school asking, “If you have never slept with someone of your same gender, then how do you know you wouldn’t prefer it?” As you can imagine, parents were outraged and the school system vowed that that particular survey wouldn’t go out again. I mean, how repulsive is that question!? The survey goes on to place heterosexuality
in an alternate light asking questions like “when did you first realize you were a heterosexual” and things that continue to erode the abnormality of homosexuality.

Screedblog intercepts letter from Iran President to President Bush

This comedy piece is definitely worth a read. It pokes fun at the Iranian president by writing what he could have written from the point of view he would have if he only watched American television.

Doctors puzzled over bizarre infection surfacing in South Texas

This is a strange one. Patients who have contracted this illness have sweat that’s black and tarry. The can get lesions that never heal. Some of these lesions can have fibers grow out of them in different colors. The disease is named Morgellon’s disease and there is actually research out there suggesting that I’m not making this up. Take a read, and do some research– this could be the leopersy of our time!


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