Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

100 Books Every Man Should Read

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From Art of Manliness.  How many have you read?

Are You a Good House Guest?

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Art of Manliness has a quiz for you: Are You A Good Guest? A Quiz From 1944

Of All The Clips to Goof Up…

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Temporary Tattoo Allows You To Control Your Smartphone

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Scientists at the MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research have designed metallic body art that can control and communicate with electronic devices, such as smartphones or laptops.

DuoSkin temporary tattoos, which can be made at home and wash off in a day, use the electrodes present in inexpensive gold leaf to create a conductive surface. The gold leaf and a thin layer of silicone adhere to the body to create an “interface” on the skin that when touched can indicate certain commands to your electronic devices.

This Temporary Tatoo Can Control Your Smartphone – Washington Post

When the Minority Threatens the Majority

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Reading through the Book of Acts with my Sunday School class has been providing me with interesting insight into what it must have been like for the “followers of the Way” shortly after the Ascension. There was a lull, or time period where the religious leaders weren’t quite sure what to do about the Apostles– with many suggesting that faith in Jesus would never catch on, and even if it did, it wouldn’t amount to anything. It wasn’t long before they changed their minds and started to persecute and kill believers, which caused the Gospel of Jesus to go to Europe and beyond.

This minority voice threatened the majority belief.  In Jerusalem, the majority was Jewish in their faith.  They mentally and verbally assented to the coming Messiah while carefully guarding their power amassed by strict regulation and tight partnership with the Roman governing authorities.  Jesus of Nazareth threatened all of that– calling out this two-faced behavior while claiming to be the true God and King of a kingdom not of this world.  This was a problem.

Every country that allows minority viewpoints to have oversized say will eventually have to grapple with this problem, as by definition that minority viewpoint or group is probably not reflected of the norm of the culture that it is living within.  This is definitely the case of the immigrant and refugee populations that are embedded within the Western Democracies that have accepted them in from their war torn land.

Much like the house guest that requires that you change your thermostat temperature to their liking, only watch shows that they like on television, or else, many of these minority populations are having a negative impact on the cultures that have welcomed them into their “homes.”  From the overt issues of killings, rapes and attempts to change the laws of the lands to the death threats that Christians have received for having Bibles, eventually the majority peoples of these lands are going to face an important decision: Continue with the dilution of the majority– maybe to the point where these people replace their homeland and culture with the minority one, or remove these minorities from the land.

The Pharisees tried to remove “the Way” from their land, and it spread throughout the world, changing everything that it touched.  The Native Americans accepted the white people into their lands, and it changed their land to what is now the United States.  Is our culture worth protecting, or is it something that we believe should be changed?

The only thing we know for certain is that the world that we received from our parents will not be the world we give to our children.

Technology Has Made the 8 Hour Workday Obsolete

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Companies are slow to make changes that benefit employees, but fast to make changes that benefit themselves.  This is just in their nature– they exist to make profit and will do whatever is convenient to do it.  It’s not a fault, just a truism.  So when it comes to technology, the fact that we can be connected with anywhere and can do work anywhere could make it so that we could work from home or the nearby cafe, but more often than not people are still working in offices doing the standard 8 to 5– but now they’re expected to be on call 24/7.

Gone are the days where you’d put in an honest day’s work and then head for home to go back to work in the morning.  For many professions you’re now expected to be available for responding to e-mails, customer calls, etc. outside of traditional work hours.  It’s gotten to the point that surveys now believe that the eight hour workday is a thing of the past.

What do you think?  Do you work a traditional eight hour workday? If you don’t, do you feel you should?

Why Is Female Genital Mutilation Happening in the West?

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First a definition— not for the squeamish:

Female genital mutilation (FGM), or “cutting,” is a practice that gives credit to the fact that if you take a knife and you cut off portions of a female’s vagina, the desired end results are that the woman would have less of a sexual appetite, would be a better mate for her husband, and that her husband would have stronger sexual pleasure. The practice is meant to mark a girl’s passage to womanhood or to prepare her for marriage.

These girls and women are often pinned down by multiple people, or they are demanded to lie down and just endure the pain. During this modern form of human torture, untrained practitioners will cut them up with scissors, knives, razor blades or crude pieces of glass.

One can understand it in Africa or Middle East have this practice, there is some documentation to state that those of that area have this practice.  This tells me that the west is importing this barbarous act, not that the Christian west came up with it.  Maybe instead of coming up with laws to outlaw the practice (which would be the very least we could do), we should close up our borders so that people from these areas are not allowed in with their barbaric cultural practice.

Not to say that we should not send missionaries to these places with the Gospel and help to change them.  Not at all.  But we need to stop the sill notion that is multicuturalism that believes that all cultures are relatively the same.  Obviously they are not.

Time to Find a Boy Scout Alternative

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May I highly recommend the Boys’ Brigade?

An executive committee of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has unanimously voted to lift a long-standing ban on openly homosexual troop leaders.

“As a result of the rapid changes in society and increasing legal challenges at the federal, state, and local levels, on Friday, July 10, the Boy Scouts of America Executive Committee adopted a resolution amending the adult leadership standards policy,” the BSA said in a statement on Monday.

Read More at Christian Research Network

Is the Supreme Court Ruling on “Same Sex Marriage” a Gift From God?

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Conservatives and Republicans should welcome today’s Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges [text] which recognizes same-sex marriage as a “right,” and thus, under the 14th Amendment, applicable against the states. They should thank God for the blessing of being freed from the shackles of government, but only if they plan to act on this Divine opportunity.

Our gratitude is for a kick in the pants from God, though it be delivered by the boot of a heathen court. Perhaps it will finally spark us to reclaim our heritage of individual rights.

Read the whole thing at Why Conservatives Should Rejoice at the Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, and Then Do This…

God is The Answer

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In God We Trust by Chris YarzabFrom Chuck Norris’ article In God we must trust:

Without God, there are no ultimate absolutes, civility and moral guidelines, as George Washington warned our nation in his Farewell Address. He posited, how else is a nation to maintain its civility and morality besides with God?

Government isn’t the answer. And neither is education, at least without religion. As Benjamin Rush, also a signer of the Declaration of Independence, explained, “Without religion, I believe that learning does real mischief to the morals and principles of mankind.”

Our Founders had a better answer than government or even education. God is the answer. God is the moral compass of America. Or He should be, if we ever want to restore morality in our homes and civility to our land. Our Founders believed morals flowed from one’s accountability to God, and that, without God, moral anarchy would result.

Image: In God We Trust by Chris Yarzab


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.