Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

What is a Believer Supposed to Do?

September 26th, 2016 Viewed 1470 times

Replicate himself…

I’m a simple guy so I look at it plainly. What is the church supposed to be and do? It seems like the Great Commission is the place to start:

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”” (Matthew 28:19–20)

Disciples of Christ are to make disciples (evangelism), baptize them into the church, and teach them to learn and apply the Bible. Then the cycle repeats itself: evangelism, baptism, training.

The Church Needs the Bible

How Many Things Can The Brain Concentrate on at Once?

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When we are busy with something that requires the use of sight, the brain reduces hearing to make it easy for us. This is the conclusion of a study conducted by researchers from Linköping University in collaboration with others. The results give researchers a deeper understanding of what happens in the brain when we concentrate on something.

“The brain is really clever, and helps us to concentrate on what we need to do. At the same time, it screens out distractions that are extraneous to the task. But the brain can’t cope with too many tasks: only one sense at a time can perform at its peak. This is why it’s not a good idea to talk on the phone while driving,” says Jerker Rönnberg of Linköping University, professor of psychology with a focus on disability research.

He and his colleagues have investigated what happens in our brains when we are occupied by a visual task. One example is a student is taking an exam, while another is a person driving a car. The researchers also wanted to see how concentration changes when the background noise increases…

Driving or talking? The brain concentrates on one thing at a time

Christian, When Was the Last Time You Read Your Bible?

September 9th, 2016 Viewed 1459 times

Professing Christians are not reading their [B]ibles as much as they used to — and some Christians don’t read it at all.  Beth Stolicker of Mission Network makes a good case as to why Christians must read and memorize Scripture.  As Christians “we need to be able to recall full Scriptures, the redemption story, and the Bible’s full frame. That’s hard to do if Christians are only familiar with a few verses here and there.”

Western Christians’ Bible reading crisis

Biblical Church Revitalization

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Perhaps you know a church or someone that would grow from this book?

Thousands of churches close their doors each year. Think about that for a minute. When churches close there is a haunting hush of a lamp being extinguished in a community. This is heartbreaking.

Thankfully God has given many church members the resolve to hang on and seek help to breath life back into a fellowship that is suffering. Likewise God has given pastors a desire to step in and attempt to lead the work to see a church become healthy again. This work is called church revitalization.

Book Review: Biblical Church Revitalization

Jehoshaphat – The Good King

September 8th, 2016 Viewed 1531 times
English: Josaphat was the fourth king of the K...

English: Josaphat was the fourth king of the Kingdom of Judah, and successor of his father Asa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we have passed the Christmas season, and believe that the magi of old did not appear at the manger, but at some point later, I would encourage us to look at another set of kings—three kings in the Old Testament with whom God was pleased. These three kings of the many have a story to tell us and a path for us as we endeavor to walk in the ways and will of God.

The first of these kings is one of my personal favorites. Jehoshaphat was the son of Asa—one of the good kings of Israel. His father’s legacy was one of fighting the king of Israel, removing the Asherah—the poles that were being worshiped in the high places of Israel—and purging idol worship from the land. He followed after God like King David, and left for his son a land that was following after God.

How Our Entire Court System Became More Liberal

September 8th, 2016 Viewed 1454 times

What America was, it no longer is.  When people start to lose faith or believe their founding documents to be in error, it leads to a revolution.  Not all revolutions are bloody, but in order for it not to be there has to be a plan.  Right now, what we’re seeing is a takeover by the one faction that believes in something different than the small government, for the posterity of the Founders and the bigger government, one nation a part of many nation of the globalists:

When Obama entered the Oval Office, liberal judges controlled just one of the 13 circuits of the U.S. Court of Appeals. Fifty-five successful presidential nominations later, liberal majorities now control nine of those appeals benches, or 70 percent.

How Liberal Judges Took Control of 70 Percent of US Appeals Courts

How Does One Mortify Sin?

September 7th, 2016 Viewed 1603 times

Another Good Post from the Ordinary Pastor:

Over the years I have written and talked a lot about mortification of sin. In that time I have received occasional questions about the topic. However, in recent months it seems that I have been asked about the subject with a bit more frequency. In fact, I’ve promised a few people that I would write a brief introduction to mortification. Since we are dealing with two older words, let’s call it a primer.

A Primer on Mortification of Sin

How Far Will Obama Go to Protect Planned Parenthood

September 7th, 2016 Viewed 1444 times

Concerns are being expressed over a new rule proposed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that suggests that it plans to ban states from defunding abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

The notice of proposed rulemaking, “Compliance with Title X Requirements by Project Recipients in Selecting Subrecipients,” outlines that it plans to amend the Code of Federal Regulations to read, “No recipient making subawards for the provision of services as part of its Title X project may prohibit an entity from participating for reasons unrelated to its ability to provide services effectively.”

Obama Administration Proposes Rule That Could Ban States From Defunding Planned Parenthood

Jeremiah 29:11 – Is Some Christians Favorite Verse Really For Them?

September 7th, 2016 Viewed 1361 times

One of the keys of understanding the Bible is understanding the context; however, many people who approach the Bible mess this up.  Whether you’re the fundamentalist that takes a verse on its own in order to generalize a law that puts you in a position of power, or the Atheist that’s taking a passage directed at Israel during the time of its Theocracy in order to say that Christians today need to not wear clothing of two different kinds of fabric, context is everything.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.