Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered

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This is found in Proverbs 28:26, and was the point of a post by Pastor Erik Raymond entitled Do You Trust Yourself Too Much?

No matter how well we do in the day to day tasks, if our minds are our ultimate governors then we are nothing more than fools. But, if we are being governed by Lady Wisdom, and in fact, wisdom incarnate (Col. 2.3), the Lord Jesus Christ, then we are walking in wisdom.

No doubt you can sense the same burden from Paul in the New Testament (Rom. 12.1-2) as Solomon in the Old that believers would be bathing their minds in the Scriptures so as to transform hearts and minds by and through the Word. Do you share this burden and priority?

It reminds me of another proverb– the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it?

Because of ISIS or Because of Masculinity?

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You have to admit, they are trying really hard to say that it’s anything but ISIS:
University of California–Merced hosted a “teach-in” to explain that a student who went on a stabbing spree before being killed by a campus police officer did so because of his masculinity – and definitely not because of Islamic extremism — despite the fact that he a photo of an ISIS flag was found among his belongings. Faisal Mohammad also left behind a manifesto including descriptions of how he would like to behead classmates and reminders to pray to Allah. You might be tempted to think that all of this suggests that his violent attacks just might have had something to do with Islamic extremism, however, a flyer for the school’s teach-in on the event made no mention of it. Instead, it said that discussion questions would include: “Why are men more likely to be perpetrators of violence?”

Read more at: UC–Merced ‘Teach-In’: Kid with ISIS Flag Pic Went on Stabbing Spree Because of Masculinity

Under What Conditions Would Pres. Obama Debate Sen. Cruz?

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While it makes for a great point, and it probably should be within the realm of possibility, it will never happen:

“Let’s have a debate on Syrian refugees right now. We can do it anywhere you want. I prefer it in the United States and not overseas where you’re making insults. It’s easy to toss a cheap insult when no one can respond, but let’s have a debate.”

[Hat tip: “I want to encourage you, Mr. President, come back and insult me to my face.”]

And I’ll list the reasons this won’t happen:

For Everything There Is a Season

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One of the most interesting things about reading a passage of Scripture like Proverbs 31 is that often people assume that this woman is doing all these things at the same time– buying land, making clothing, etc.– when it’s much more reasonable to consider that this is something that she dedicates her entire life to, and does different things during different “seasons.”

Taken with Ecclesiastes, as we see that there are seasons for everything– a concept that is not too easy to grasp.  In a video series by Jon Acuff, he talks about why hustle has its season:

Of all the investments you must make into your career, none of them involve more tension than hustle.

You have to work incredibly hard, but you have to rest.

You have to say yes to a lot of opportunities but also protect your time and say no regularly.

You need grit to hold on in the tough times and flexibility to quit when it’s time to move on.

Sometimes we think hustle is an excuse to become a workaholic, but it’s not. Rest is actually a really important part of hustle. The hard part is that in a culture that praises busyness, rest is an act of bravery.

But I want to take it one step further.  The next time  you watch a television program or read about someone else’s life on social media, remember that they might be in a different season of life than you.  The season of life you are in may not allow you to do all those things.  That is not wrong or bad, and we should not covet what they did or are planning to do.

Enjoy the season of life you are in– you may wish that you were there again someday!


Is Carelessness As Bad As Perfectionism?

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Peacefulwife writes in The Pendulum Effect about the fact that there are extremes on both ends:

With almost every aspect of the Christian life, I  picture a number line.  In one direction is one extreme and in the other direction is another extreme. In the power of the sinful flesh, all we can do is swing back and forth from one sinful tendency to another like a pendulum. We swing too far one way then too far the other way – and no matter which way we swing, we create dysfunction. It is VERY frustrating!

While I’m not sure that some of the extremes are sinful (how do you define too quiet and is it truly sinful?), she is right on target when it comes to the fact that we are so often looking at one side of the extreme and get called out about the other!  While extremes are sometimes necessary depending on the circumstances, being steady and solid are good characteristics for any Christian to have.

Are You Doing Too Much or Too Little For Your Spouse?

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In How Doing Less For Your Wife Can Make Your Marriage Better, husbands are first encouraged to meet a “Biblical” standard of provision for one’s wife:

Gentlemen – we as husbands are required to provide food, clothing and shelter to our wives. We are required to give them regular sexual relations. We are required to spend time with them, talk to them, know their needs and concerns and give them proper honor as our wife. This is the Biblical definition of what it means for a man to unconditionally love his wife.

This is a tall order and each of us as men fail in this duty from time to time. I think as men often times we can be great at providing our wives with food, clothing, shelter and sex but we fail in the areas of honoring her and knowing her. We can become too wrapped up in our jobs and hobbies to the point where we never talk to our wives.

If you are failing to spend time with or talk to your wife then you are not a husband that needs to do less, but instead you need to do MORE.

From there the author goes into discussing when it’s appropriate to do less.  Do you think most husbands do more or less than they should?

ISIS Has Threatened New York City

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A credible threat this time?

ISIS has threatened to bomb New York City in a newly released video, just days after vowing to attack Washington, D.C.

The slick clip features shots of yellow taxis and crowds in Times Square and Herald Square in Manhattan, with vibrant French music playing in the background – a nod to the Paris terror attacks on Friday.

It then cuts to a man wrapping a bomb around his waist before walking into the crowds and pulling the trigger.

New York police have issued a statement to say they are aware of the footage.

[Hat Tip: A silver lining]

When is a Boy Not a Boy?

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The Locker Room

The Locker Room (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s obviously got nothing to do with plumbing or chromosomes:

“All students deserve the opportunity to participate equally in school programs and activities — this is a basic civil right,” Catherine Lhamon, the Education Department’s assistant secretary for civil rights, said in a statement. “Unfortunately, Township High School District 211 is not following the law because the district continues to deny a female student the right to use the girls’ locker room.”

“Federal education authorities found on Monday that an Illinois school district had violated anti-discrimination laws…”

What got left out of here, of course, is that the “female” is a boy that identifies as female.

Where is Speaker Ryan on Syria?

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War in Syria? Where is Speaker Ryan?

“The United States is being sucked into a new Middle East war,” says the New York Times. And the Times has it exactly right.

Yet, if we put U.S. forces onto sovereign Syrian territory, against the will and resistance of that government, that is an act of war.

Would we tolerate Mexican troops in Texas to protect their citizens inside our country? Would we, in the Cold War, have tolerated Russians in Cuba telling us they were establishing a no-fly zone for all U.S. warplanes over the Florida Strait and Florida Keys?


German Protestant Church Decides It’s No Longer Christian

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Country-Church.jpgWhen a Christian church decides that it no longer needs to spread the Gospel, isn’t that a sign that it’s no longer Christian?

One of Germany’s largest Protestant regional churches has come under fire from other Christians for speaking out against efforts to convert Muslims just as tens of thousands of refugees from the Islamic world are streaming into the country. 

Read more at German Protestant church’s scandalous idea rocks evangelical community [hat tip German Protestant church’s scandalous idea rocks evangelical community]

Reaching these people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ would be the only reason to be for bringing these people into your nation.

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Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.