Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

What Would Happen if Christians Took Over a State and Tried to Create a State Church?

December 19th, 2012 Viewed 2682 times

churchSo I got to thinking the other day… Since after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution there were multiple states that still had established churches (and some current constitutions still mention God and have qualifications for people holding office—which are mostly not observed), what would happen if Christians of a certain denomination (pick one) all moved to a certain state (again, pick one) enough that they could pass a law or State Constitutional Amendment to establish a state church of their denomination.

Would they be allowed to do it?  If not, what reason could opponents use to justify not letting a bunch of people from establishing whatever they wanted, since this is what the state of the States were after the Constitution?

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Fundamentalist Atheists—America’s Taliban

December 18th, 2012 Viewed 3367 times, 1 so far today

cross2There are many Atheists that are content to live peaceably with their neighbors.  They live and work within this country, and seek no ill will– they just do not believe in the supernatural or any deity.  These are probably your friends, coworkers, and others that many would consider good people.  However, there is a vocal minority of Atheists (I term them Fundamentalist Atheists) that seek to eradicate all religion, and these are the focus of this article.

It doesn’t take long reading Fundamentalist Atheist’s thoughts to find that they believe that Christians are the American version of the Taliban.  They trot out the ideas that Christians are behind unequal rights for gays and telling women what to do with their bodies, and compare that to the Taliban telling women that they are of no worth and that they must veil themselves from head to toe.

What they miss is the fact that on a larger scale, they are actually America’s Taliban.

How is it that a Person Praying at Commencement is an Establishment of Religion?

December 17th, 2012 Viewed 2088 times

Learning to PrayOne of the things that always baffles me every year is around commencement time.  How have we gotten to the point where we accept that a prayer in a single meeting is considered an establishment of religion?

I mean, the Congress of the United States opens with prayer, and they are the ones actually mentioned in the First Amendment as ones that are not to establish a religion!  How can someone, especially a student in a school, be interpreted to be establishing a religion?

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Are Boys Better Than Girls?

December 10th, 2012 Viewed 2630 times

Boy and a GirlIt was summer camp.  I was a junior counselor, my father the senior counselor.  Here was the first time that I saw the battle of the sexes in full force and boys and girls sat at separate tables and each looked at the other like they were aliens.

It’s not like society doesn’t create this problem.  Boys and Girls, Men and Women are different.  Whereas they live together at home, when they are in school or summer camp they are separated into different sleeping areas, different gym classes, different facilities.  While in a home they may be forced to work together with some knowledge of their difference, all of these external places bring the differences to light.

And no one disagrees!

However, what I noticed that day in the dining room at summer camp was that I wanted to believe that the boys were better—being a boy myself—and thought that the adults trying to convince us of equality were misguided.

Public Schools Can Force First Grader to Remove ‘God’ From a Poem

December 9th, 2012 Viewed 1788 times

Little girl's talkA 6 year old girl wrote a poem, a special tribute to her two grandfathers who served during the Vietnam War which included the line:

“He prayed to God for peace; he prayed to God for strength,”

Another parent got wind of this line, and complained to the school district, and the Principal and Superintendent compelled the girl to take this part out of the poem.

The offended parents didn’t want God mentioned anywhere in the program, and of course they claimed establishment clause.  What about free speech?

And you wonder why people home-school.

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Should The Congress Let the Democrats Have Whatever They Want?

December 8th, 2012 Viewed 1756 times

Capitol Place 2Rand Paul is in the news, with many others, that think that the GOP should just give the Democrats whatever they want, so they can own it:

I have yet another thought on how we can fix this. Why don’t we let the Democrats pass whatever they want? If they are the party of higher taxes, all the Republicans vote present and let the Democrats raise taxes as high as they want to raise them, let Democrats in the Senate raise taxes, let the president sign it and then make them own the tax increase. And when the economy stalls, when the economy sputters, when people lose their jobs, they know which party to blame, the party of high taxes. Let’s don’t be the party of just almost as high taxes.

[Real Clear Politics: Rand Paul: We Should Let Dems Raise Taxes and then Let Them Own It]

Seems stupid to me.  You were elected to do what was best for the country, and if you believe the Democrats plan is not good for the country, shouldn’t you go down fighting?

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Boy Strip-Searched in Local School

December 7th, 2012 Viewed 1856 times

BricksHow would you like to be these parents, that have their son come home crying because he was searched at a local school with the suspicion of drugs:

The student said two security guards, a Chicago police officer and a female assistant principal took him from an room where he was serving an “in school suspension” to a nearby washroom on the second floor.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.