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Why the Jobs Are Going Overseas

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MSNBC reports that Many U.S. companies are hiring … overseas, and while this may be a good thing for American companies, it’s bad for those looking for work over here.

What is Mary’s Appropriate Place?

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In reading different blogs over the Christmas Season, I’ve been struck by two different perspectives on the person of Mary, and wondered where you are in who she is.

Dan Phillips states some good things about Mary, but leads off his What did Jesus (not) say about… His mother, Mary post this way:

I’ve often had two thoughts about Mary:

  1. I dearly hope that her heavenly bliss has not been spoiled by the knowledge of how monstrously men came to pervert her significance and place in relation to her Son. And…
  2. In that view, I’ve thought that my article on Mary in a Bible dictionary might read, “The mother of Jesus. A pivotal yet minor figure in the New Testament, mentioned by name in only four books.”

Though Mary plays a pivotal role, and is portrayed in the Scripture differently than in some modern movies, by the end of the story—the last time we hear about her—she’s practically “Just another disciple.”  We don’t find her enduring the hardships of the Apostles, or doing great things in the book of Acts.  We see that she’s present (as are some of Jesus’ brother’s).

In How Mary Brought Me Back to Jesus, Elizabeth Esther talks in depth about being able to empathize with Mary, and to be able to feel what it must have been like for her.  In Part 2 she stands in contrast to Phillips, above.  She believes that Jesus would prefer that Christians treat Mary with disrespect, and that we can see Jesus looking through of for Mary.

Both views are worth of a read and pondering this season.

What Does It Mean To Be Dad?

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Father and children on a walk

Rubbing my oldest son’s head last night, as he went to sleep for his first night as an eight year old, my thoughts wandered—am I really the dad that I want to be?

Each of us watches our parents and grandparent (and sometimes other people’s parents) and we observe what we like and do not like about how they parent—the things that “we’re never going to do” and the things that we would do better.  The strange thing is that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we end up doing those same things unintentionally.

Bookmarks for November 22nd through December 13th

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These are my links for November 22nd through December 13th:

Liberty and Freedom Without Christianity

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A lot is being said about liberty these days, especially in terms of things like the TSA, Obamacare, and the Tea Party.  Many that argue for less government make the case that government control spoils things.

  • It does not bring the prosperity that it promises.
  • It provides no incentive to work.
  • It leads to moral corrosion.

And I don’t disagree with them, but…

What is Assange Really After?

December 6th, 2010 Viewed 1662 times

SWEDEN-CRIME-INTERNET-WIKILEAKS-RAPE-FILESThe latest news surrounding Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is that he has distributed encrypted files across the globe in an attempt to thwart any chance of his arrest or capture.  The idea is that if he is arrested, he will release the key to these encrypted files and the file contains secret information on Bank of America, Guantanamo Bay, and the newest bit is information on our Department of Defense’s plans for how to combat terror.

It sounds a lot like a plot worthy of a ninth season of Fox’s retired hit “24”.

The question that I have, though, is what is he out to get, and would he stand to gain by releasing more?


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.