Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Good Riddance, Sen. Specter

April 28th, 2009 Viewed 1895 times


In a completely political move, Sen. Specter (PA) switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat so that he could run without opposition in 2010.  You see, this past election he narrowly defeated Pat Toomey in the Republican primary, and who he would most certainly lose to in 2010.  See, for Sen. Specter, it’s not about what’s best for the country, or his party, but what’s best for his career.

Yeah, He’s Bipartisan

April 27th, 2009 Viewed 1841 times


Every Presidential candidate promises bipartisanship.  Why?  Because every Presidential candidate knows that the people that he needs to get to vote for him do not want business as usual.

And every President, when he gets in office, realizes that bipartisanship doesn’t work—that in order to get his big ideas through, he’ll have to work with his party alone and try to get the thing he wants through with the votes he has…  or so he thinks.

Did Opposition to Gay Marriage Cost Her the Win?

April 24th, 2009 Viewed 1948 times

article-1172123-048CA9D9000005DC-213_468x680In 1993 I ran for student government governor.  It was my first foray into politics, and I was pretty well known.  I had been in a couple of the student plays, I had spoken in my small school’s forum, and let’s just say I didn’t dress like everyone else.

However, when election day came, I lost to someone that was less well known, but “cooler” and the shocking thing was what a lot of the teens gave as their reason for not voting for me…

They said that because I said that homosexuality was wrong in a public forum, they voted for my opponent.

The Charm Offensive

April 23rd, 2009 Viewed 2027 times

US President Barack Obama, left, shakes hands with Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, Friday.

You can’t blame the guy for doing what he said he would do.  During the campaign, then Sen. Barak Obama stated that he would have high level talks with foreign leaders—even those that we are diametrically opposed with.

And he’s doing just that.

In an attempt to win favor in the world community, President Obama has bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia, shook hands with Chavez, and has made overtures to Cuba.

So far it has just been smiles and handshakes, but where is this going?

Strategic Release of Documents

April 21st, 2009 Viewed 1842 times


Presidents of the United States have an unwritten code—they usually refrain from talking about their successor, whatever it is they are doing or decide to do.  However, that hasn’t stopped former Vice President Dick Cheney from commenting on what’s going on in the Obama Administration.  I find this all quite fascinating because we didn’t hear much from Cheney during the time he spent in office except for the times when he was wiping the floor with other Vice Presidential candidates during the debates.

Who Were the Founders?

April 13th, 2009 Viewed 2402 times


I made a statement in my post about how America has been like Paris Hilton about the beginning of our nation—what the atmosphere was like at the founding and what the people there believed and what they chose to use as a basis for their law and principles.

Since this happens frequently, I believe that it would be beneficial to actually look at these thing—to frame the discussion and give context (and an anchor) to future discussion, I believe it’s as good I time as any to talk this through.

The Founders and Their Religion

Are We Living In The End Times?

April 9th, 2009 Viewed 3311 times
The World Trade Center after the 9/11 attacks
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At the new church I’m visiting we’ve started going through Romans, and when you start Romans you start at Romans 1.  It is preacher’s belief that we are in for a rough ride ahead of us because of the pattern you see in Romans 1 and the state of the current culture in the United States today.  It’s also possible that we could be living in the End Times.

Man has been predicting– and discrediting the idea of– Christ’s return since shortly after He left for Heaven back in the 1st century A.D.  Peter, Paul and the Apostles thought he’d return in their lifetime, and every generation of believers since has through that “today could be the day.”

33 Reasons Why You’re Special

April 7th, 2009 Viewed 9609 times

1. You have a passion for the things of God.

2. You are trustworthy.

3. You are friendly and outgoing.

4. You lead our family in doing things to better our walk with the Lord.

5. You never blow up when you are angry.

6. You are very caring and think of others before yourself.

7. You desire for me to stay home with our children. I am very thankful for that!

8. You desire to homeschool our children.

9. You are very knowledgable about computers and the bible.

10. You help with the laundry!

11. You are a great dad who is involved in our kids lives.

12. You make wise finanial decisions.

13. You wear your hair how I like it!

14. You are commited to the things you are involved in.

15. You watch romantic comdies with me!

16. You teach the children patiently the right way to do things.

17. You are content with what you have at home.

18. You eat what I cook without complaining, even if it is mushrooms!

19. You are very musical and we enjoy listening to your singing and playing.

20. You are prepared and think ahead for things.

21. You are punctual.

22. You can always fix my computer problems.

23. You take time to read the news and share it with me.

24. You can write and express yourself very well.

25. You come up with great ideas.

26. You are willing to try new things like camping!

27. You help others when they ask.

28. You have learned a hobby and now have impressed with me by making it a business!

29. You are a great leader.

30. You pray about things and don’t worry about them.

31. You have a sense of humor.

32. You grow your facial hair just for me!

33. Most of all you are special because God gave you to me. I am so grateful for that!


-VirtuousBlonde (MInTheGap’s other half)


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.