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Stats for September

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Happy Sunset And so we bid adieu to another month. Yes, September has been quite the month.

This site doesn’t work without the gracious people that come by and comment each and every day. You come by to chat, to discuss, and to talk about topics of the day with friends. I thank you.

Just in case you were interested to see a recap of this month (as of Sept 28, 2007):

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Thank you again, and I look forward to having a great October with all of you.

You’re Violating My Rights

September 29th, 2007 Viewed 1880 times

One of the biggest refrains that seem to come over and over again is that of rights. And truth be told, that is what our generation has grown up hearing about– what is and what is not our rights in any given situation. The problem is that we’re being fed a line if we truly believe that somehow we have a right to do whatever we choose whenever we choose.

Regardless of what you’ve heard, we do not have the right to anything that we can think of. In fact, there are a lot of burdens placed on our rights.

First, we need to consider the originator of all rights– God. The Founders of this country rightly realized that all rights (to them, specifically: life, liberty and property) ultimately come from the Creator. So, as Creator and Owner of all living beings, we are His property and therefore only have rights as He gives them.

Second, we are under the government of the country that we were born into or currently are a citizen of. That government has placed restrictions on just about everything. In fact, I’m surprised that I’m not breaking the law by writing this blog post, and I’m certain that if you look hard enough there’s a law touching just about something that we do every day– but I digress.

Suffice it to say that the government places laws on our rights for our own protection and for other’s protection. We cannot have someone thinking it’s their right to steal from the local store because that would effect that person’s right. If everyone did that which they thought was right in their own eyes we’d have anarchy!

Lastly, we do not have rights when it comes to someone else’s belongings or how they choose to use their belongings. I don’t have the right to tell you what to post on your blog, whether to approve my comments, or what you say about me. I do have the right on my blog to edit your language, not approve your post, and not allow you to post an entry on my blog.

Same thing with the topic from the other day about what the women wore on the airlines. It’s the airlines’ planes, not ours. They have the right to tell the guests which seats they will occupy, how many carryons they can take, and other things that promote the general welfare for all passengers.

See, we don’t have as many rights as we think we have, and we certainly should have a humble spirit about those rights which we do have.

Stopping the Hand of God

September 28th, 2007 Viewed 1641 times, 1 so far today

The number of fetus murders in the United States exceeds the number of victims who perished under the regimes of both Hitler And Stalin (Presently over 53,000,000). Stalin forced into starvation 22,000,000 of his own peoples. Hitler is responsible for the extermination of 6 or more millions of persons.

So let us consider then the topic of abortion and and show how, through political expediency, the wholesale slaughter of the unborn continues to rank as the most despicable of all human acts of violence.

It is recorded in Psalms how the Lord God fashions all human life. So when an abortionist performs that procedure whereby the life of that child in the womb is killed, it literally amounts to stopping the Hand of God! Oh, the judgment that awaits the persons engaged in such practices! How shall we protect the rights of the unborn?

Consider the following: Upon full emergence from the mother’s body, the child, of whatever sex, is regarded as a citizen of this nation. But since it is now fully developed, of what difference can it be a few minutes prior to delivery? Can there not be, at this stage of conception, citizenship rights within the womb? Such a declaration, legislated and enacted into law, would assure the immunities and privileges of citizens and the protection of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.Who speaks for the child in the womb?

Even Jesus, the Christ of God, was named Yeshua before his actual incarnation! Yes, there is a death penalty in many states and it sees its executions every time a life is disrupted in the abortion process!

This is capital punishment at its worst for it is sanctioned in the name of the people of this state!

Noah, a Man of Covenant

September 27th, 2007 Viewed 3080 times

God made a lot of promises to Noah– and to the world through Noah. First, God promised safety to Noah, his family and all the animals on board. God told him that the only way that he would survive the coming flood would be if he would build a boat, gather the animals and store the food.

Noah was special. As Job, he was an upright man and his righteousness was contagiously spread to his family. His children and his children’s wives were blessed through Him.

Why was Noah so special? Because he listened to God. He build the Ark to the exact specifications. He got the food exactly as God had requested. He didn’t go into the Ark until God told him to.

What a strange seven days it must have been between the finishing of the work on the Ark and the time when God shut the door and the rain started coming. I can imagine the scene:

  • People on the outside mocking.
  • Animals getting used to their new homes.
  • Organization getting in place before the water hit.
  • Last calls to come aboard.

They had seen the animals come—wouldn’t that be enough to know that it was serious?

And then, as the rain started, I can imagine how sad it must have been. To see the terror in people’s eyes. To hear their screams. To hear them beat on the side of the Ark, and their last gasps of breath.

Maybe God was merciful, and moved the Ark out of range so Noah could not hear. Noah’s emotions must have been mixed– grateful for justice and yet, at the same time, mourning the deaths of all of those people that were not in the boat.

And yet, God brought him through it, and promised him a blessing– that the world would continue to be inhabited by sons of Noah.

The forth step to being prepared: Make sure that your kids understand why you are doing what you are doing, and that they know God.

Noah’s sons could have rebelled and said “No way, dad.” And yet, they were blessed for their obedience, but it was Noah’s righteousness that got them there. This is not to say that all your sons and daughters will turn out perfectly– for even Noah’s son looked on his father’s nakedness and laughed. However, the righteousness of the parents is a big umbrella over children.

Noah was blessed also in that he lived 350 more years after the flood. Life-spans start to decrease after him. He was the last of the 950 year old men.

And lastly, God made a promise to start his work over again with Noah. He makes a covenant (Gen 9:9) with Noah and all of his seed. It’s rare that God offers to make someone be the father of all people:

  • Adam was the first man.
  • Noah became the primary man.
  • Abraham was chosen and given one son.
  • Moses got offered a redo with him being the cornerstone of Israel.
  • Christ will be the next Adam

Noah was a special guy because he was a guy that lived a life that was upright before God in the ordinary times– and God used Him in extraordinary times.

Noah, a Man of Detail

September 26th, 2007 Viewed 1758 times

God gave Noah specific instructions on building the ark. He told him how big it was supposed to be (300 x 50 x 30 cubits). He told him how many stories to make it (3 Stories). He even told him what to make it out of (Make it out of gopher wood) and where to find the wood (at the local Lowe’s Home Improvement). Just kidding– about the last one.

But it didn’t end there, God also told Noah to get food for him and the animals. It wouldn’t do for the dinosaurs to be eating the chickens, you know, so there had to be enough feed and the right kinds of feed to take care of the people there for the year that they would be on the boat. (And one wonders if the food was running out when Noah sent out the dove and the raven?)

Did you ever stop to think what Noah’s life must have been like during the 100 years he was building the Ark? Sure, he was building– hewing logs (unless there was someone that already did have a shop setup), nailing wood, building a boat he’d never seen before– preaching and still walking with God… but what about his day job? I mean, he had to provide for his family (his wife and his son’s wives) so he must have done something to get food– I’m sure no one was paying him to build the ark even if he advertised it as the first floating zoo.

Noah built one door and one window– symbolizing only one way to salvation: getting on that boat. God was the one that opened and closed that door.

And then there’s the details about the animals. Contrary to what Sears and those baby showers you’ve been to want you to believe, it wasn’t just two of every kind of animal. It was two of every kind of unclean animal. Of the clean animals and birds, Noah was to take seven. Don’t believe me? Check out Genesis 7:2-3. And before someone says “how did Noah what an unclean animal was?” keep in mind that Moses who did know the difference between clean and unclean edited the book of Genesis.

God then brings the animals to board the Ark. Anyone who’s seen the movie Babe or watched a parade know that animals walking together, two by two, into a boat had to be quite the sight. Could you imagine the hecklers? How could they explain this?

And yet they must have, for no one else came forward to believe.

God then tells Noah what would happen. He exalts Noah’s righteousness– in fact, Noah’s in quite the elite crowd:

  • Gen 6:9 – Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations and walked with God.
  • Gen 7:1 – God tells Noah to come into the Ark because He has seen that he is righteous.
  • Gen 8:21 – God took the curse off the ground because of Noah – specifically his obedience and his sacrifice.
  • Gen 9:17 – God forms a covenant with Noah
  • Isa 54:9 – God compares His promise to Israel with His promise to Noah
  • Eze 14:14:20 – God talks about how if He punishes Israel, the righteous three (Noah, Job and Daniel) would only be able to save themselves.
  • Heb 11:7 – Noah’s obedience showed his faith to righteousness

Noah was one of the most unsuccessful preachers ever. 100 years of preaching and no one entered the boat but him, his wife, his sons and their wives. People were offered many opportunities to repent. God was preaching his patience through Noah (1 Pet 3:18-20). God was showing that regardless of how ungodly the people were, they still had a chance. Noah remained faithful to what God called him to do.

The Third Step to Being Prepared: Don’t second guess the mission– just do it!

How do we respond to a task where we don’t see the immediate benefit? What’s our reaction to God’s call? Sometimes we want to be a part of something that has the results that we’re expecting. We want a lot of people to come forward. We want to see that person get well. But we have to remember that our job is to faithfully do what we know is God’s will and trust Him to do the rest.

Noah, Special From Birth

September 25th, 2007 Viewed 1649 times

The first we hear of Noah is when his father name’s him. In Genesis 5:29, Lamech his father tells everyone that Noah will be the one to relieve man from the toil with which he has to work the ground. This was not the work that we have to do today– this was actually more rigorous. And it started right after the fall:

And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed [is] the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat [of] it all the days of thy life; – Genesis 3:17

However, as Lamech was making this prophecy he didn’t realize just all that would have to come about for it to happen.

  • It would take the destruction of all that was living.
  • It would take someone of character that God would favor.

That someone would be a man that is one of the few that is called just and righteous before the Lord– the man Noah.

The next we see of Noah is when God sees how corrupt the Earth is becoming, and realizes that there is only one man that is righteous. But, believe it or not, this man was already 500 years old! He already had three sons?

What do you think Noah did before God found him? Was he out making canoes? Working on other big projects? No, the Bible says that he was a faithful man that communed with God. He was faithful in the mundane, and God knew that because Noah was listening, He could talk to Him.

The First Principle of Being Prepared is this: Don’t be too busy to Listen!

Sometimes I feel that we miss opportunities to serve God because we’re out doing “something for God.” By that I mean that we are so interested in doing the great things for God that we head out strong to do something, anything, as long as it’s big. Such that when God does come by we’re too busy doing our big thing “for God” and miss His call.

The challenge here is to make sure that we’re doing what God wants– and we can’t know if that’s the case unless we’re listening. And how can we be listening if we’re not praying and spending time in His Word.

When God gave the call, He gave specific instructions. I have news for you– God hasn’t changed. God will provide the means in His timing. He can’t be rushed, and no matter how impatient we get, things still move according to His schedule.

The Second Principle of Being Prepared is this: When the Lord tells you to do something, Do it!

If you wished to be used of God in big things, you must be willing to do the small things. That means, if God is telling you to take food to your neighbor– Do it! If God’s telling you to pray for that lost loved one– Do it! If God wants you to sweep the floor at the church– Do it! If God’s telling you something to do right now– Do it!

You see, friends, God is going to choose those for the big things that are faithful in the little things. Noah was a just man, and he got that way by being faithful in the little things right from birth for 500 years. How about us?

Preparation for the Storm

September 24th, 2007 Viewed 1744 times

The great thing about a Sovereign God is that nothing takes Him by surprise. In fact, the Bible clearly says that those that are His were chosen before the foundation of the World. God had planned what he would do when Adam sinned before He did, and He also had planned what He would do when those that He created rebelled and went a different way.

Take a trip back with me this week to the book of Genesis to take a look at a man who was prepared for the storm.

We’ll look at the man Noah:

  • Noah was special from Birth.
  • Noah was a man of detail.
  • Noah was a man of covenant.

Along the way, we’ll find different steps for how we too can be prepared for a coming storm or test, and what God values in those that He calls to be His servants.

Is God All About the Numbers?

September 22nd, 2007 Viewed 1530 times

One of the most difficult struggles for a small church is the fact that they are small. This is especially painful if they once were big, and now are small.

Over the past five years, I’ve watched as my church has basically split– when our last Pastor resigned from the church under a cloud and some left because the church wasn’t hard enough and others left because the church didn’t stand by him.

I then watched as our church, for doctrinal and size reasons, closed its school, and then as God took away some of the key men because of jobs and other obligations. Now my pastor is ill— and you start to wonder. Why is it that this is happening to us when the church down the road is having to move to a new building after having build an addition?

You start to look at the numbers and it’s hard to not think about your ministries and outreaches in terms of how many people you could bring in and what those people will do. It’s easy to start looking at the numbers and wonder how you’ll be able to keep running all the programs that you’ve been running.

But God is not all about the numbers, as this explosive YouTube video shows. No, God is about more than that. And my heart believes that He has to be calling us back to doing the first works– stopping to care about only being an internal body and starting to be an externally reaching body. Looking to Him instead of looking at ourselves.

Airline Tells Immodest Women to Cover Up

September 21st, 2007 Viewed 4611 times, 1 so far today

When I flew for my job back in the late 90s, I used to favor Delta. I had this one really bumpy trip in the middle of a hurricane on my way back to Florida, and a stewardess was one of the nicest I ever encountered.

None of them, however, compare to the guys and gals of Southwest Airlines who are taking a stand for modesty– or at least taking seriously customer’s concerns.

In case you’re not up on what’s going on, September 7th:

[Kyla] Ebbert [(pictured above)] … was on a day trip from San Diego to Tucson, Ariz., for a doctor’s appointment and had no luggage.

She told Matt Lauer that just before the crew closed the plane’s doors, a Southwest employee asked her to come to the front of the aircraft.

“He told me, ‘I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to catch a later flight because you are dressed inappropriately,'” Ebbert said. “‘This is a family airline, and you are too provocative to fly on this flight.'”

“I said, ‘What part is it? The shirt? the skirt? Which part?’ He said, ‘The whole thing.'”

Ebbert said she was allowed to stay on the flight after she agreed to pull up her tank top and pull down her skirt.

The company answered that they were fielding a complaint by some passengers– and they took the complaint seriously. However, on September 11th:

Setara Qassim said she was flying home to Burbank, Calif., from Las Vegas in June when a Southwest Airlines flight attendant gave her a blanket and told her to cover up.

“The flight attendant came up to me and asked me if I had a sweater, and I said, ‘No, because why would I pack a sweater in the heat?'” Qassim said. “So I asked her why, and she said I needed to cover up.”

Now, these ladies clothing aren’t terrible, but they are distracting, and not something that you want forced into your vision for a long plane trip. What’s sad about all of this is that the ladies somehow feel that they are empowered by showing their bodies– and they feel insulted for being asked to be modest. The American Princess goes on at length about the implications to feminism, but here’s a good quote:

Do you know what the solution to all of your problems would be? Rather than a federal lawsuit, lets try not dressing like a stripper in a public location.


These women objectified themselves for fun and profit in several arenas. They did what women fought so hard against men for having done; they’ve reduced themselves to nothing more than a set of boobs and a pair of legs, just dolls. The idea that this development is acceptable as a forward movement in women’s liberation is actually frightening. The argument is that we should, as part of our tolerant, liberated society accept their “choices” as to what they want to wear or what they want to do. When those choices are wrong, its up to us to put a stop to them, and those factors which give rise to that feeling that the right choice is unacceptable. Its the same with every problem. You get to the root. She may have a “choice” to wear what she wants, but her “choice” belies a deeper, societal problem.

It’s sad. Sad for the women, sad for those that are defending them. Sad all the way around. That they miss how special they are and feel that they are only worth something if they display everything shows that something’s missing in their lives. Something or Someone.

Before They’re Even an Adult

September 20th, 2007 Viewed 3367 times

Maddison Gabriel How old should a young lady be before she’s able to be the cover model for a fashion show?

Take a look at the young lady at the right and meet Maddison Gabriel. She was picked as the official ambassador of Gold Coast Fashion Week in Australia. She’s modeled a number of revealing outfits for the Queensland event.

Now, we’ve all talked before about how our society glorifies girls as sex-symbols rather than people, how it objectifies them. But, to some degree, people have to be free to choose to do right or wrong. But at what age?

What if I told you that the model on the right is 12 years old?

Fashion Week spokesman Kelly Wieler said Maddison was not too young.

“Maddy got in because she was the best contestant – the judges saw that she was fit to do the job.”

She added that the schoolgirl would not be modelling swimwear or lingerie.

Well, not this year, anyway…


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