Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

The Key to Weight Control: Self Discipline

October 31st, 2006 Viewed 1716 times

Good news!  A recent study just came out to say that the “Freshman 15” is more like 5 to 7!  Of course, it’s followed by the “Sophomore 2 or 3” but even that is 7 to 10 at best!

Amazingly, doctor’s aren’t satisfied with the results and see things to be afraid of.  They’ve even started naming the next generation “Generation XL!”

What I find interesting is this statement that is located near the end of the article:

No one knows why, but the researchers are continuing their study to try to find out. Possible explanations include more drinking (alcohol contains calories), more socializing that involves eating, high-fat foods in dorm cafeterias and less physical activity, the researchers said. (emphasis mine)


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Why does your church have the activities and programs that it does?

Each ministry that a church has it has for a reason.  It might be that there’s a Biblical mandate.  It might be something that has an administrative purpose.  It might be something that someone thought was a good idea.

It would do us well to evaluate why we do things and what our purpose in doing that program is and whether it is accomplishing said purpose. 

Protect the Children

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Nothing is more precious than a child. They have a heart of trust, they wish to please their parents, and they have an innocence that should not be taken away.

Unfortunately, it seems that the only place that our perverse society has left to go– the only place that is still taboo– is to take advantage of and violate children.

But what about those who are supposed to protect children?

Our Approach to Worship

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How seriously does God take the worship of Him?  Does He really accept a “come-as-you-are” philosophy or does He place demands and expectations on us?  In “the church age” where we are “under grace” instead of “under the law,” what does God expect from His worshipers?

I believe that we have gotten away from thinking about what God would have us do because of the emphasis that has been placed on the act of salvation and on eternal security, and I’m not alone.

Who Are We Worshiping?

October 29th, 2006 Viewed 1669 times

A Sermon that I heard online this week from a radio station that plays chapel messages from Bob Jones University seemed to emphasize something that I have been thinking a lot about lately– and that is what of the worship that we do is pleasing to God and what do we do simply because it’s convenient for us to do or because the culture has influenced us.

Those Flexible Kids

October 28th, 2006 Viewed 1344 times

Anyone who has had children of their own know that kids are amazing.  They are constantly saying and doing things that surprise you.  In the case of Robert Moore, it was the latter.

This little child wanted a stuffed SpongeBob Squarepants from the vending machine and when he couldn’t get it with the claw, he climbed in when his grandmother’s back was turned.

The Wedding that Almost Wasn’t

October 27th, 2006 Viewed 4368 times

Juliana Redd wanted to marry Perry Myres in a ceremony at a Mormon temple, and her parents did not want her to– for reasons that CNN doesn’t give. So, what did they do? They kidnapped her!

They told her that they were taking her shopping for the wedding, and made her miss her rehearsal dinner. They returned after the couple was to be married.

Now, I don’t know why the parents were upset. It could be religious background of the parents and the woman were different than that of the groom. It could be that she had just told them she was pregnant (the couple are due to have their first child in May which would put the date of conception some time in August.)

In any case, this puts a fine point on who is in charge. Are the parents or is the woman?

A Guide for Adultery, Toplessness and Celebrity Gossip

October 26th, 2006 Viewed 1975 times

How do we get from writing books about how a lady should conduct herself to books about the more seedy side of our culture?  Pretty easily– as a culture degrades and moves more toward Sodom, there will always be someone out there to show us how to do it with “class.”

The first edition of Debrett’s Peerage and Baronetage has been a guide for high society for some time.

But according to its editor, Jo Aitchison, the new book “Etiquette for Girls” is a sign that the traditional arbiters of civility are catching up with the times.

“It’s a nod to the modern day,” she told Reuters. “We’re pulling Debrett’s out of Victorian times and trying to make it relevant to today.” The book’s advice ranges from how to conduct a sleaze-free office fling or a disease-free one night stand, to how to smoke at social occasions and what to do when you meet a celebrity.

“Avoid dark-alley gropery and unladylike fumbling in the back of a cab,” the guide says on the subject of one night stands. “Discuss the necessaries to avoid planting any love children or disease, and you’re away.”

On smoking it decrees: “Always use a proper ashtray — never a wine bottle, flower pot or used plate — and avoid allowing smoke to billow out of the nostrils. It is also inelegant to leave the cigarette unsupported in the mouth…”

Certainly the article continues to say that there are still subjects that are covered in here that are less risque– such as manners on a bus regarding cell phones– but the fact that they have had to include instructions for things like these shows just how far those in higher places have fallen.

Nothing shows this more than what our conversation has sunk to in recent elections– where Presidents of the United States were asked what underwear they wore.  We have gotten to the point that we are so saturated by sex and the things that go along with it that it seems natural to talk about those things that should only be between a husband and wife.  We’ve made the special to be common or trash.  And then we wonder why we have a high unmarried teen birthrate, rebellious children, and a general apathy among those of the next generation.

Homeschoolers and Fourth Amendment Rights

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The other day, acting on a strange impulse, I hurriedly wrote the following on my calendar: “Ran to town over the LUNCH HOUR to pick up prescription for 6 yo, ran by library, dump and grocery store.” Why did I do this? Documentation.

Our home state is reasonably relaxed when it comes to homeschoolers, but no state is safe. Did you know that based on an anonymous tip alone, you can be falsely accused of child abuse and have your children taken from you? Don’t tick anyone off that resents your choice to homeschool.

Here’s what you need to know. The Fourth Amendment protects you. No matter where in the USA you live, a social worker does not have permission to enter your home unless they have a signed warrant from a judge. Some social workers don’t even know that they lack the right to forcibly enter your home, they’ll bully and intimidate. Call their bluff. The Fourth Amendment right to freedom protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures.

They’ll try the courteous route, assuring you that all will be solved (whatever alleged abuse you’re accused of) if you’ll just let them in to discuss it. Huh-uh. Let them in without an official warrant and they’ll find something to pin on you. A messy house, ‘mal-nourished’ child—yes, these are real accusations against homeschoolers. Worse, your children will be traumatized.

If a suspicious neighbor was the one to “anonymously” tip the authorities that she saw a bruise on your child, the social worker may insist on strip-searching all your children. Don’t let them through the door. They can’t get a warrant—even from an anonymous tip or simply suspicion of abuse. But once you let them in your house, you’ve waived your rights and they can get a warrant to take your children away…because they’ll invent “probable cause” by observing your surroundings.

So if one comes to your door? Get their business card. Find out the allegations. Ignore all attempts at intimidation. Calmly tell them that you have nothing to hide, but in the best interests of your children you’ll get in touch with them after you speak with your attorney.

Lack of supervision and having your children outside during school hours are the two most common allegations of educational neglect against homeschoolers. Thus my hastily jotted note to myself on the calendar. At the dump, I got the third degree for having my children out and about. I admit, it rattled me.

Nothing like homeschooling to keep this sahm home. :O)

Exporting the Best of Our Culture

October 24th, 2006 Viewed 3873 times

Working on a foreign field can be stressful.  Add to that the fact that you’re fighting an enemy on their home turf, and that any moment can be your last and you can understand that there is going to be some degree of immoral behavior that happens– especially when your armed forces consists of volunteers of both sexes.

But 232 photos of service women nude and semi-nude posing with military rifles and American flag decals covering intimate areas?!

Now the news comes out that some service men posed for a calendar to help out wounded Iraqi veterans.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.