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Hefner’s Legacy

March 31st, 2006 Viewed 1675 times
Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hugh Hefner turns 80 next Sunday, and The Mansion is once again the place to be. “A major pajama party” is planned, as he told Maclean’s, along with other observances equal to the dignity of the occasion. But this milestone also has “Hef” in a reflective mood, wondering how he will be remembered and trying to sum up “the major message in my life.”

So begins today’s Wall Street Journal editorial entitled “The Playboy Legacy: As his 80th birthday approaches, Hugh Hefner is proud of his achievements. He shouldn’t be.” It really is a good article, and you should take the time to read the whole thing, but what I find interesting is that here is a man who thinks he has it all, wants to have it all, and yet is struggling because he’s come to the point in life where he is close to death, and knows he doesn’t have it all.

Case in point:

Still endlessly indulged by reporters, he has slipped into his best bathrobe for another round of clubby interviews in which to showcase his three salaried “girlfriends” and to reminisce about the original Playboy “dream.”

Why is it Only Wrong When it’s a Girl?

March 31st, 2006 Viewed 1384 times

A doctor was recently jailed in India for performing an abortion on a woman who was carrying a female baby:

A doctor in India and his assistant have been sentenced to two years in jail for revealing the sex of a female [unborn baby] and then agreeing to abort it.
This is the first time medical professionals have been jailed in such a case.

Under Indian laws, ultrasound tests on a pregnant woman to determine the gender of the [unborn babies] are illegal.

It has been estimated that 10m female [unborn babies] may have been terminated in India in the past 20 years.

Just for the record : I will no longer tolerate babies being called foeteses or whatever. I understand the technical accuracy of the term; however, I believe the term is being used to try to dehumanize the unborn baby, and I will replace it when I remember!

It’s appalling to me that so many children are being aborted. It makes it even worse is that people are selectively choosing one sex over another– they know they have a baby, they know that it will be a girl, and they choose to kill it.

Leading campaigners say many of India’s fertility clinics continue to offer a seemingly legitimate facade for a multi-billion pound racket and that gender determination is still big
business in India.

Experts in India say female [infanticide] is mostly linked to socio-economic factors.

It is an idea that many say carries over from the time India was a predominantly agrarian society where boys were considered an extra pair of hands on the farm.

The girl child has traditionally been considered inferior and a liability – a bride’s dowry can cripple a poor family financially.

At least they make a baby-child link here, and they call it “foeticide” instead of abortion. The terms are still ugly. This should help point people to what’s truly happening.

Moving a blog, and a Good Move by the Mass. Court

March 31st, 2006 Viewed 1460 times

Well, I know I haven’t posted in a while, but here I am. We had a recent death in the family, and then I put some time in on this website. Therefore, I got offered a place over here to have my weblog instead of fighting with some things at bravejournal (plus I don’t have to pay to get the ads removed!). For the time being, I don’t have a tag board, but I like and dislike some things about this interface. I will try to get a tag board and other things improved, but in the mean time I’ll try to work at regularly posting!

Sidebar: If you’d like to post on the forums in here or get a login, just click register in the top right corner. If you’d like a weblog on here, just let me know and we’ll see what we can do.

On to the news:

BREITBART.COM is reporting the following:

The state’s highest court, which made Massachusetts the first state to legalize gay marriage, ruled Thursday that same-sex couples from other states cannot marry here.
The Supreme Judicial Court ruled in a challenge to a 1913 state law that forbids non-residents from marrying in Massachusetts if their marriage would not be recognized in their home state.

So, it looks like the Homosexual marriage thing is contained to Mass. for now, but who knows where it will go. I’m still more interested to hear how the amendment is going in that state to repeal the court’s fiat. Also, whatever happened to the talk of impeaching the judges?

A Smart Idea that will Probably Backfire

March 24th, 2006 Viewed 1675 times

If you have been keeping up with the pro life activities in South Dakota, you know that their governor just passed a law outlawing all abortions (including incest and rape) and instructed doctors to try to save both if the mother’s life is in danger. The hope is that it would go to the Supreme Court and overturn Row v. Wade. However, there are options available to the people of SD that would not require courts, and that is what the pro-aborts are trying:

But officials with Planned Parenthood, which operates the only clinics in South Dakota that provide abortions, said a lawsuit may not be filed immediately.

Instead, abortion rights supporters may try to take the issue before South Dakota voters in November. State law allows ballot referendums seeking to overturn legislation.

“When you take things to the courts you don’t have the opportunity to engage the public in the process. You don’t have the ability to build a movement,” said Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Kate Looby.

If they choose to pursue a referendum, abortion rights supporters must collect more than 16,700 signatures by June 19 to get the issue on the ballot for the November 7 election.

If they fail to get enough signatures by the deadline and there is no further legal challenge, the law would take effect on July 1.

So it comes down to what the people of SD think, and I believe that they will not vote against the bill if the last election we had meant anything. This would definitely get people out to the polls!

Why are Teachers Taking Advantage of their Students– and Getting Away With it?

March 22nd, 2006 Viewed 4558 times

Debra LaFaveSo, now the news surrounds Debra LaFave as the case is dismissed against her in one of the two counties that she was charged in sex crimes against one of her middle school students. The lurid details displayed all over the internet, and talk of how attractive the teacher was providing fodder for late night talk shows, Ms. LeFave is just the latest in a series of high profile cases that have gotten media attention and are symptomatic of a problem that is only going to get worse.

One could ask, what causes someone that has a husband to go looking after some child that they are teaching? It could be that the husband isn’t meeting needs. It could be that the woman is a predator. It could be that the woman liked the thrill of the forbidden fruit.

Deep down, however, it is ultimately this woman’s choice to do something that society for now thinks is wrong (and is her responsibility) but it is also a product of a society that gradually erradicating any sense of moral conviction that this once great country had in exchange for a morality that accepts anything as long as it “doesn’t harm anyone” or “is consensual.

Mary Kay LetourneauWhat was once shocking when Mary Kay Letourneau went from loving mother to having a child and wedding her student has now become common place, within only a few short years. And yet, in that time, the media and the court system has attempted to follow the current mood of the nation– which is “who cares”?

While the Christian community and those concerned for the lives of their fellow Americans have done a tremendous work at combating the advances of those that would pollute sexuality, the advance behind the front wave is taking its toll on our country. What do I mean? There’s plenty of outrage about gay marriage, but being gay has gone from being a psychological disorder to something that’s required in almost every new movie or tv show. Even if there’s not an avowed gay character, then there will be talk that one of them is probably gay.

Now there is a movement to decriminalize polygamy, with even Christian columnists talking about how the patriarchs of the Bible had multiple wives. Of course, this is attracting attention, and rightly so, but in its wake is the stream of unwed couples living together playing house and thinking it is perfectly acceptable. There is an attitude of “as long as we love each other” or “as long as it is consensual” then we’re fine. It’s played over and over, and it’s raised here.

The problem is, it is wrong– the Creator said it is wrong, society in their conscience knows that it is wrong– but we live in a time where we are told we are animals. When society violates God’s laws, society pays the price, and
we are paying it now. These judges did not make these decisions in a vacuum. In the case of LeFave, the judge tried to get her a stiffer penalty, but the parents of the boy didn’t want him to get on the stand, so they told the prosecutor to let her go.

The judges and legislatures are reflecting our values back for us to see. Will you stand against the tide and reject these things? Will you just accept it and say that this is the way the world is? Do you want to know the way that you can be most effective in turning the tide? Witness! God alone can change hearts, and with those hearts will come a new vigor for upholding righteousness!

‘Diversity Day’ Cancelled because it wasn’t Diverse Enough

March 22nd, 2006 Viewed 1664 times

From WorldNetDaily:

Amid controversy over a homosexual speaker, a high school in Wisconsin has canceled its “Diversity Day” event scheduled for tomorrow.

Speakers at Viroqua High School in Viroqua, Wisc., for the biannual event were to include Hmong, Jewish, Muslim, American Indian, African American, Latino, Buddhist, physically handicapped and poor people, the La Crosse Tribune reported.

The paper said, however, the event was called off late last week after the Florida-based public-interest legal group Liberty Counsel raised a potential challenge, insisting the program include the viewpoint of a former homosexual.

So basically, here’s how it goes. We get minority people who don’t represent the majority. We bring them in to preach the benefits of their style of life and let kids know how to deal when they meet these people later on in life. We don’t provide any context other than to say that these people are all acceptable. A group decides that it isn’t totally representative of a diverse population, and fear the moral context of homosexuals being able to present their situation as normal, so they recommend that an ex-gay and a pastor be also able to comment (after all, there’s a Buddhist there). The homosexuals are offended at the idea of an ex-gay there, and bail, cancelling the event.

What’s wrong here? I mean, any reasonable person could say that these people were wrong, since the school was just trying to give students a flavor of personality types different than themselves that they could meet. The problem is that it was in a moral vacuum, and equated all sorts of things as being find. Ask any Jew if he is the same as a Muslim and I’d bet you would find a bunch of differences listed. Some of the people presented represented nationalities or skin types, but some were lifestyle choices. Who is the school to be telling students what lifestyle choices are right, especially against parent wishes?

Best left alone or not?

March 18th, 2006 Viewed 1505 times

I may have to change my mind on something I had been pondering. I was wondering aloud the other day if it made sense to let people do things that we know to be sin, just so that it would be easier to convince people that they were sinners. I’m not quite sure that that works, and that’s why I don’t think I could ever be a libertarian.

This recent article goes to my point. It’s from thestranger, and it begins in a way you would figure to be right…

A 24-year-old computer-repair technician at Quidnunc—the bustling computer store on California Avenue Southwest at Alaska Junction—is used to seeing porn pop up on people’s computers. “Everything from beaver shots to weirder stuff like Japanese animation featuring tentacles and slime,” he says. “You get pretty desensitized.”However, the file he saw last month while repairing one customer’s computer freaked him out. It was titled “5-year-old Girl” and it was a picture of a grown man having sex with a little girl. There were several other JPEG files with similar titles, he says.

It’s against the law to not report child porn, so he called the police.

And then the civil rights people come into play:

Last week, in response to the Police Beat item, Quidnunc received the following anonymous letter: “Although I do believe child pornography is wrong, sick, disgusting, etc., I believe it is equally wrong what your employees did… I do not want to be concerned about some misguided do-gooder taking my private information and reporting it to ‘Big Brother.’ This is just one more example of the decay in civil rights in this country and you have chosen to contribute to it. I will not let this happen. I will no longer patronize your business… Just two days ago I referred a friend to your business to have his computer upgraded. I immediately called him and strongly advised him to go elsewhere. When I explained why, he agreed. We need to begin organizing boycotts against individuals who threaten our personal freedoms.”

This connects us with my last post. I know it’s wrong, but don’t going trying to find the wrong I’m doing. It’s within my rights to be wrong and to not have you find me out. This goes along with these other great truths:

  • Although the posted speed limit is 55, I’m entitled to go however fast I want as long as I’m not pulled over.
  • It’s fine for me to do any kind of drug in my house, so long as I’m not caught.

Right or wrong doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I’m allowed to have a shade of privacy. This doesn’t take into account that God can see you no matter whether you door is closed, and I don’t see allowing the government to walk into your house and look for things on your computer without some kind of reason, but in this case… The guy brings a computer in with a problem opening images, and an employee finds an image, and there you are. It’s not like it was a child in a bathtub (a previous post I had) that was questionable, this was child porn.

He was caught, and the civil rights guy overreacted.

The Politicization of Religion

March 17th, 2006 Viewed 1096 times

In today’s Wonder Land from OpinionJournal, Daniel Henninger takes a look at the current scandals in the finance and baseball world and wonders where moral values have gone.

There was a time when an internal yellow flag would slow down most people heading into an ethical hairpin curve. Now lots of people seem to roar through the yellow flags, and mass media being what it is, we all get to participate in every scurvy detail of these bouts of moral collapse.

Secular society attempts to protect itself by deploying various bilge pumps. Sports has
drug-testing; business and politics have heartless prosecutors. Entertainment has Oprah imposing a Maoist public shaming on publishing titan Nan Talese. None of these solutions is the answer. The possibility of doing things unprecedentedly new now in technology, science and finance arrives so fast that it’s tough for the grinding wheels of law and procedure to keep pace. Dr. Wadler notes that in the future it’s likely that implanting genes will enable a pill or a cream to turn various growth factors on or off, avoiding injections. “While the technology will help patients,” says Dr. Wadler, “unquestionably it will fall into the hands of people determined to cheat.”

Some cite the almighty dollar. But there is nothing fundamentally wrong with reward for performance. Cheating is cheating, at the local playground or a packed ballpark.

The problem, it is no revelation to say, is a generalized weakening of the codes used at least since Moses to keep societies intact, to suppress the virus of rampant lying, cheating and chiseling. People used to learn this stuff; now many don’t. Where’d it go? How about this answer: Politics killed ethical formation.

He points the finger at sex as the cause of the current religious wars. I think he’s right. From abortion to gay marriage, from XXX domain to playboy, America has a problem with sex with one side wanting “privacy” to do what they please, and another saying that these things are wrong.

Just yesterday there was an article talking about America’s conflict with cheerleaders– sex symbols or leading cheers? How far is too far in terms of dress? How much is it like strippers on the field?

To follow the above author’s point of view, the problem is that the place that people were supposed to learn morals, the church and home, have been politicized. Since the church speaks against abortion, it’s vilified– and we don’t want people going there to learn the basics of right and wrong. It’s not just sex, but it’s also Creation/Evolution.

I believe the problem is guilt and people not liking to believe there is anything wrong with them. The problem with moral standards is that they convict people. There is a right and wrong. I don’t agree with this author that it’s all about sex– I believe it’s all about pride and getting what I want with no responsibility or guilt attached. I believe that people are under the mistaken impression that if they somehow continue to vilify the message bearers, somehow that will taint the message and they won’t feel that they are doing wrong.

I ask this author, how can a church or anyone teach that anything is right or wrong if they are constantly told it’s not. That’s why I argue so hard for principals that are above government control. That’s why the founders wrote in the Declaration of Independence that there were laws/freedoms that supersede all human law. These laws can’t be changed by people– they are meant to show that we are all sinners in need of a Savior.

This thing is bigger than politicians, it’s the work of someone much brighter than our brightest minds, and it’s working well to deceive this nation into falling. The question is not will politicians quit politicizing the church, but will people begin to have a changed heart and to know that getting rid of or silencing the messengers of moral truths won’t stop the truths themselves. The only way to eliminate that guilt is to get right with God.

Water from the Tap?

March 15th, 2006 Viewed 1758 times

In case you thought that the water from the tap that is free from your local fast food place was better than the soda, this latest writing from News of the Weird will set you straight.

Seventh-grader Jasmine Roberts became a celebrity of sorts in February when her hometown Tampa Tribune published results of her winning science-fair entry, which concluded that the drinking-water ice of several local fast food restaurants contains more bacteria (including some E. coli) than the same restaurants’ toilet water. She used a laboratory at the University of South Florida’s Moffitt Cancer Center, where she is a volunteer assistant for a professor. [Tampa Tribune, 2-13-06]

That will get you to pass on the ice, or at least get some water from their toilet!

Whose Space?

March 4th, 2006 Viewed 1897 times

The Internet has a bounty of potential, but is also a scary place. No longer are we as a family and children safe inside our walls, but the predators have come inside. They are good, too, preying on new feelings, emotions and desires, and feeding a self-image that is not real. Predators feed on what they have always fed on, our desire to be liked, to think we’re smart, etc.

It has formed into a cycle that is repeating itself everyone. Men (especially) or women get online to try to find someone showing skin. They praise someone that is cute, and encourage them as they show off more and more. These children/young adults glory in the fact that people are paying attention to them, that people are telling them their pretty. Little do they know that these men are those that they would not want anything to do with in person.

The cycle continues as the men continue to heap their praise, the women continue to show more skin, and get hooked on the rush of being approved of for their body. They begin to think of themselves as a “sexy” being, and push an image that is more and more risque to continue their fix. Just like any sin, you can never have enough.

This is where we pick up with Rebecca Haglin’s article this week:

“Kiss me”, “Touch me”, “Feel me”, “Rape me” – the invitations flashed across the photo of a scantily clad young woman on one of the most popular teen Web hangouts in the world – Techno-hussies and innocent children just enjoying the latest method to socialize with their friends are falling victim because they are sharing very personal, often provocative and trashy information on, which is quickly becoming a sexual predator’s playground.

So rampant are the reports and allegations linking sex-crimes and even murder to activity on MySpace that producers at “America’s Most Wanted” are looking into the connection.

She then lists multiple connections, but do I really need to scare you with that, when I can show you this from her article?

Kids and adults alike have got to understand that their information on MySpace can viewed around the world by anyone at anytime, but the danger lies in the fact that although the Web is “world wide,” it is also very local. Here’s what I mean: I typed in my zip code on MySpace, and in seconds up popped 75 pages, with 40 entries each, of 18 to 30-year-old single women who said they are seeking a relationship – and every one of them lives in my zip code. It’s important to note that I only searched for entries with photographs – and boy, did I get photographs – one was just of a girl’s breasts; most were provocative; and virtually everyone of them appeared to be between 12 to 25 years old. (MySpace claims only those 14 and older can use the site, but all a user has to do is lie about their age).

I wanted to get a taste of the potential immediate threats, so I clicked on the Justice Department’s website, which provides detailed information on registered sex offenders (i.e., those who have already been caught, convicted and released back into the public – in other words, only those we know about) and entered local zip codes. The results were more than disturbing: Up popped the names and faces of 10 convicts who live in my neighborhood, and scores who live in my town. Now you realize how easy it is for perverts, convicted or not, to find your child.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.