Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Crazy Friday (Multiple Posts– My Comments on Multiple Articles Last One!)

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Judith Reisman finishes up my multiple article Friday.  I hope that this different format has been interesting for you– if you would leave a comment on the tag board, that’d be great.

Anyway, to her article.  I am also stunned that a pornographic actress and promoter was invited to the White House.  I understand that the woman also campaigned for the position of Governor of California– but even then she stated that her platform was legalized prostitution, etc.

The stats are shocking.  Judith talks about just how many cases of abduction into sexual slavery there are.  As she states, many of these abduction end in a pornographic collection to record the event.

For a President and Administration that wants to promote abstinence until marriage, they have to realize that that is only part of it.  We live in a society that’s way too oversexed.  Take the following examples:

  • Most of the most popular actresses have been in playboy.  If not that, then one of the other men’s magazines that leave not much to the imagination.  It’s gotten to the point that it’s a “entrance cost” into the business.
  • Playboy has gone into taking normal workers and paying them to bare it all.
  • There are groups of people out there driving around the country to photograph women who will show their breasts to someone.
  • There’s the internet and cell phones where people are sharing intimate pictures that they wish they could take back.

This is not something innocent.  This is all trained at arousing the male/female desires.  They know what they are doing.  Some sites that help people with porn addiction talk about how it starts there, and can end up in rape.  Not that it does, but as all sin, you keep needing more to get a bigger thrill.

Our President shouldn’t be encouraging this, and should’ve sent a strong signal here– but instead he did not.  What signal will you send?

Crazy Friday (Multiple Posts– My Comments on Multiple Articles 4)

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Linda Harvey comments today about the effect homosexuals are having in our schools and a the Southern Baptist Convention’s resolution that would encourage a stand against it.  She gives figures and facts about so called “diversity” training and what they are really trying to do to children in public schools.

I don’t think that I can emphasize enough the importance of godly upbringing of our children.  Public  schools preach humanism, and now have gone so far as to be selectively quoting “Christian” sources that support their positions.  They belittle those who have come out from homosexuality dismissing them.  They foster the “fact” that homosexuality is something into which a person is born.

We must remember that children are impressionable.  They will pick up and they implicitly trust adults.  That’s why we have to teach them not to go with strangers.  When I was a child, my kindergarten teacher had me convinced that you counted starting with the number 0.  (Maybe all the retailers that label their product for 19.99 had the same teacher?)  My dad had to straighten me out, but when he tried to say it
started at 1, I told him that he had to be wrong because my teacher said so.

Let these thoughts spur you to be more involved.  Like the article said, if all of the SBC pulled their kids out of schools that considered diversity programs in the like, the school would either die or capitulate.  There is power in numbers for those that use it.

Crazy Friday (Multiple Posts– My Comments on Multiple Articles 3)

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Kevin Mccullough’s article touches on a recent study done of Christian school boys.  In this study, they survey found that “Three quarters of Christian pupils said it was wrong to have sex before the legal age of consent at 16, compared with 29 per cent of other teenagers.”

This shows that education does cause a difference, and the difference is different than what we’ve always been told: mainly, that assuming that it’s “just something that they are going to do” isn’t correct and actually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Kevin talks about a girl that he was talking on a long trip, and she asked why someone should wait.  He talked about the risks of disease and that the only way to avoid it was abstinence.  I would add that the most important reason to me is that God said so.  But also, it is easier to stay away from something like that if one never does it or plays with doing it than it is once you start!

Crazy Friday (Multiple Posts– My Comments on Multiple Articles 2)

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Rebecca Hagelin’s article today encompasses the next step in the life of a child— their relationship with their parents and the culture that continually tries to influence them.  Starting with the discussion of the 8 year old girl that this week was found in a dumpster after a 17 year old abused, used and left her for dead, she blames culture and lack of solid parenting for this problem.

I tend to think there’s a further problem– the erosion of a core set of absolute values.  In the current culture, we are constantly told that there’s nothing that is wrong if it is not wrong to you.  We live in a permissive society.  Anything goes except for Christian morals– we can’t have you being taught those.

I see it in the fact that my family, first for monetary reasons, stopped getting cable TV.  I found that I could always find something on to watch– though because it was not something planned, it may not live up to my standards.  Now, being almost a year without tv coming into the house, I found that I’m not missing the commercials, and other side effects from TV.  I do have DVDs of some old favorite shows.  I’ve almost finished the first season of Greatest American Hero.  But DVDs and tapes have a few distinct advantages:

  • No commercials
  • You can watch an episode or multiples at any time (up with sick kids!) and not have to plan your schedule around the tube.
  • You control what shows you get, and you never miss an episode!

Seriously– we need to be better parents, and realize that the world is working against us.  This from Hagelin:

The good news is that American parents are becoming increasingly disturbed by a pop culture that glorifies gratuitous sex, senseless violence, incivility, broken families and narcissism. In the 100-plus interviews I’ve done since my book launched in mid-April, the  calls and e-mails I’ve received from parents reflect a universal concern over the future of our children.

The bad news is that far too many parents still don’t realize that the first step in protecting our children’s innocence and lives is for us to step up to the plate and truly parent.

Crazy Friday (Multiple Posts– My Comments on Multiple Articles 1)

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Jill Stanek’s column is a must read for me.  It’s easy for us in the pro-life movement to become complacent when there is so much at stake– the lives of millions are effected by the killing of babies in the womb.  You think I exaggerate the number, but when you factor in what the babies that have been terminated with government permission since 1973 would be doing now (since I was born after that ruling, it’s particularly striking) and who they would be in society– It’s just staggering.

Jill cuts through the filibuster compromise this week and links it to the battle over judges in the courts of America.  She makes the case that we did get a few judges that believe in upholding the Constitution, but since Row v. Wade was produced in the courts, it seems that it can only be undone by the courts.  With this compromise, it will be more difficult (especially when it gets to the Supreme Court) to get the votes.

She makes a good point here– one that cannot be understated.  We need to put some pressure here on
people that say that they are pro-life, but don’t put feet to it!

Note: This is my first Crazy Friday– I’ll be posting smaller editions through out the day, so stay tuned and see what other articles I comment on!

God’s Mercy Towards Us

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One of the most interesting things, to me, in looking at the kings down the line of Judah is God’s mercy to His people.  He told them the consequences of their sin, and yet He allowed them to continue in it for many years before finally bringing judgement.  Here are some others:

  • Manasseh was a wicked king, yet when he was in trouble and called out to God, God saved him.
  • Hezekiah was a great king, but he was told he would die, and he called out to God, and God gave him an extra fifteen years of life.
  • Jehoshaphat was a good king, and he called out to God, and God killed all his enemies without the kingdom having to fight.

I sometimes think it would be easier nowadays if a prophet could just tell us what God wanted to say instead of relying on the Holy Spirit working through His Word.  And yet, whose faith is greater?  Is a king
who hears from a prophet greater than a believer?

How do you react to prayer and the events that follow?  When you pray for healing and are healed, do you go on your own way?  Do you think that “well, I guess I would have just gotten better on my own”?

How do you react when you don’t see events you are praying for come to pass?  Do you believe God doesn’t hear?  Do you check your heart to see if you are in His will?

In what way do you react when something good happens to you?  Is it something that you are due?  Do you recognize that God is blessing?

May the Judean kings serve as a reminder that God is merciful, just and hears our prayers and answers.
May we rely on Him more each day to function, and give Him the glory for what He does.

Josiah and the Use of Non-Believers

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Josiah was the last good king of Judah before God sent Judah into captivity.  He became king at a very young age, and was moved in his heart to remove all of the idolatry from the country and to restore temple worship.  He commanded the Levites to bring the Ark of the Covenant back to the temple.

With the heart he had for God, God spared the kingdom’s destruction until after Josiah died.  In all of these things, Josiah had two faults:

1. He failed to realize that God uses both good and evil to accomplish his will.  Had he read the earlier chronicles of Joshua’s battle in the land and the judges, he would have known that God left some enemies for Israel around to keep the Jewish people in check.  He would also have known that, at times, people that were non-Jews were used of God to accomplish His tasks.  Had he taken this into account, he should have
let the king of Egypt take on Assyria instead of going after him.

2. His son that followed had an evil heart, so Josiah did not invest in his children the save desire for God.  Maybe his son’s apathy or idolatry was a result of the fact that God didn’t save his father from death by the Egyptian king.  I don’t know that this side of glory we will ever know.  The point is that we need to make sure to invest our children with the things of God.

At whom in your life are you looking and not getting an appropriate perspective?  Some people that don’t approve of the President (or the last President for that matter) need to realize that the king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, and though we may not agree with what he does, God has him there for a purpose.

For whom are you an example?  Are you a good one?

Jehosophat and Compromise

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Asa - Jehoshaphat - Joram ( )

Asa – Jehoshaphat – Joram ( ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Bible reading has brought us up to Jehosophat. Now, Jehosaphat was a good king when the times were tough. He got rid of some of the idols, restored temple worship, and God won a major victory defeating two much larger armies without Jehosophat even raising a sword. But he also allied himself with the wrong people.

Believing there to be a bond with Israel– since they were also God’s chosen people– he allied with evil king Ahab. It almost cost him his life in one battle, and was ultimately the cause of his downfall.

As Christians, who are you allied with? What venture do you lend your support to? Are the leaders of said group truly glorifying God, or are they serving some other God.

A major group nowadays to beware of joining yourselves with is Promise Keepers. Although the premise behind it may have initially been good, a quick look at some of the pillars of it, and who is praising it requires that we consider how it is being used.

This organization gets praise from Mormons and the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, both of these “cults” have taken up positions of leadership in this organization, and watered down whatever truth was there. These are the kinds of groups that we need to avoid. They have some commonalities with us– they claim to preach the Word, they want focus on men keeping promises, and they claim to share the gospel. Many Christians believe and support this organization.

Just like Israel of old, they were Jews, there were some there that still worshiped the true God, but God stated that Jehosophat should not have aligned himself with them. I would encourage you to be careful which groups you align with– it’s important.

It Comes Down to Votes

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So, it comes down to who has the votes.  Senator Frist of Tennessee, R-TN, has stated that the  Republicans will attempt confirm a filibustered judge tomorrow.  In the case that the Democrats still decide to filibuster, Frist will seek a ruling from the presiding officer (in this case it will be Vice President Dick Cheney) that it only takes a majority vote of the members to confirm a judge, not a super majority of 60 to seek cloture on debate.

A lot of hand-wringing is going on in Republican circles that they might want to filibuster judges in the future, but the question is, when does this back and forth stop?  When will our elected officials start doing what’s right for the country instead of what’s best for themselves?

It is only right and fair that a judge that makes it out of committee with a well qualified rating from the ABA get an up or down vote in the Senate.  It is also right and fair that people there get a chance to vote on the person, and in a way that will appease their conscience and not their political party.  In some ways, I wish there were more parties in Washington just so that people got to work getting things done (and more efficiently done) than spending time lining up and bullying people to vote one way or another.

I’m of the opinion that we elect people because they reflect us, not so that they’ll conduct polls back home or that they’ll be rewarded by special interest groups.  Personally, I would like to find a way to devalue interest groups or that a member of government not be able to be pressured from groups that are not from their own state or region.  I don’t know how that would work, but the people are there to represent
us.  I don’t want to ban political speeches, people buying ads, or contributing to people.  What I would like to do is make these representatives put more weight on what we say than thinking they can buy us, etc.

There’s a lot that’s wrong, and a lot that needs reform.  Let’s start with these judges and the tyranny of the minority and work from there…

Peter Knew What was Coming

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Yesterday, the sermon topic was on the Feast of Trumpets in the Old Testament and how it related to the return of Christ in the Rapture in the last days.  That took us on an excursion into II Peter 3:4.  The main text for the message was this verse, and the fact that people will get jaded in regards to Christ’s return, but I thought that what comes next was more interesting.

The comment at the end of verse 4 accurately describes evolutionary thought.  “For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.”  This is exactly what Darwin did– he claimed that things continued as they are going now.  Hence you have thousands of years (if not millions) to create the Grand Canyon.  You have to have millions of years for species to evolve into another one since the vehicle is Natural Selection.

But, Peter refutes Evolution more than a thousand years before it is theorized saying: “For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.”

Peter states that it is foolish to believe that everything is as it was and will continue that way.  It was the same thought that the people of Noah’s day had– and they perished.  He says that the people who believe that it will and has always been the same are “willfully ignorant.”  How better can you describe the evolutionary scientists that won’t even go into the debates in Kansas or bristle with people teaching that evolutionism has problems.  They are willfully ignorant of historical fact.

Again, Peter refutes the idea that things have always been this way by pointing to the very thing that pops a hole in the evolutionary mindset– the Noahic, Global Flood.  A catastrophe that caused the fossil record and the appearance of age.

I hope you’re encouraged by yet another example of how God’s Word is wiser than anything man can come up with, and fulfills Solomon’s statement how there is nothing new under the sun.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.