Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

Who are you going to vote for?

July 30th, 2004 Viewed 1763 times

It’s interesting, thinking about the upcoming Presidential election and who to vote for.  I’ve heard and read of many people on all sides of the issues bemoaning the fact that the two major candidates are either fuzzy about who they are as a ploy to get the center votes.  Either that, or the idea that certain promises and  stances that the hearer believed the candidate really had were not followed once elected.

A relative of mine believes that she should vote her conscience and is voting for Peroutka of the  Constitutional Party.  She believes it’s not an option to just vote for the lesser of two evils.

Along this line, Allan Wall states in his recent column that the evangelicals are big enough that they shouldn’t just roll over or capitulate to the Republican party because he’d be better than Kerry.

On the other hand, there are a multitude of articles talking about how Kerry is being anything other than himself during this campaign.

Robert Novak states that one of the biggest things for the Dems is judicial selection in the next term, even though it isn’t mentioned much.  There is a lot of people out there that believe that the Supreme Court gave President Bush the victory in 2000 and believe that if Bush has his way that he will get anti-abortion, anti-gay rights people on the bench who will immediately begin imposing their will on the people.  Kind of like the way the courts are doing it now.

Then of course is all the commotion caused by accounts that Kerry reenacted some of his war footage, that he doesn’t know where he stands on issues– standing in the grey as much as he can.

So, who to vote for?  The important thing is to vote because your voice must be heard.  They question of who is best decided by you.  Conscience?  Best chance to win?  What would happen if all voted conscience?  It’s an interesting question.

A Grandfather’s Past

July 29th, 2004 Viewed 1678 times

Some time ago I wrote short stories and posted them in other places. Since this journal gets more visibility than that site, I figured I post some here from time to time to see what you think. Here’s the first:

Being left at his Grandfather’s house, he saw his mom and the car move out of the driveway and then down the road. Turning around, Joey looked at the big white house and the barn that was down the hill a little way. He thought about his Grandfather being the only one in such a big house, but he also remembered the cabinets of food that is Grandfather had. As he walked toward the back door, he could remember all of the times that he had been over to the house when his Grandmother was there also. They had some good times playing cards and board games. He really loved his grandparents. He always knew that there were some sweet cookies of candy behind the cabinets in the kitchen. Just thinking about it made him hungry.

Walking in the door, he took of his shoes, and continued inside. Once there, he searched the rooms, looking for his Grandfather. He found him in the living room, sitting alone with a Bible on his lap. “Hello Joey.” The grandfather said.

“Hi Grandpa.” Joey responded. Joey walked over to the table where another book, full of pictures, was lying open. He looked at the pictures for a few seconds and then asked, “What’s this, Grandpa?”

“That,” the grandfather said, walking over to it, “is my college yearbook.”

“Did you know all these people, Grandpa?”

“No, son,” the grandfather said with a smile, “Not all of them. Here, I’ll show you which ones I know.” Picking up the yearbook, he walked over to a nearby chair. Joey came over and sat down beside him. The grandfather put his arm around him and started to point out people he knew. “This was Jim Boutchia. This guy was my roommate. He had to get up at three in the morning every other morning and he woke me up every time.” The grandfather said with a laugh. As he went through the names, running his finger over the pictures, recounting the events that had happened, he stopped on the picture of one girl.

“Who was that, Grandpa?” Tapping his finger on the picture, he looked at Joey.

“That, son, was a friend of mine, that I almost lost.”

“What happened?” Setting the yearbook aside, he stood up and walked over to window. “Please, Grandpa. Tell me what happened.”

“Well… Communication is the key to any relationship, be it a friendship or a dating relationship. I found out more about this girl from everyone else than I did from her. There was a time, though, that I almost blew it.”

“Tell me, please.”

“I wrote her a letter once. It basically told her that she was not being a friend to me. Then I didn’t talk to her, and she didn’t help me.” A tear streamed down the cheek of the old man. “Apart from God’s grace, I could have lost a good friend.”

Joey, noticing that his grandfather was getting to that stage where he was going to give a long sermon, focused on trying to get the cookies out of the cabinet. “Grandpa, can I have a cookie?”

“I almost lost a friend. Joey, friends are a gift from God. They’re one in a million. Never neglect, never forget, never intentionally hurt a friend. Always treasure them.”

I wish I lived in Oklahoma

July 29th, 2004 Viewed 1391 times, 1 so far today

It looks like there are time where good things happen to the right people at the right time.  Conservative values triumphed in Oklahoma in a man that would not make the end goal of his life to serve in the Senate.  When someone steps out to say he wishes to serve and voluntarily limits himself, and vows that he doesn’t just want to be a senator, but to change the Senate.

So, visit and stand behind someone that is willing to fight for right!  And, if you live in Oklahoma, vote!

Smear Attempt?

July 24th, 2004 Viewed 1788 times, 2 so far today

John Kerry in a space suit. This is some pretty funny stuff.  It appears that he posed for these pictures, so he had to know they were taken.  Did he think they were private?  Did he think they may make him look good with John Glenn?

What is his take on the timing of their release.  Do you really think he didn’t know they were around and available?  With so many campaign people around, you would think they would know what would happen, and yet now that there’s a certain reaction in the press, we’re supposed to wonder if it’s a smear attempt?  Why are they so defensive?

Revival Begins with You!

July 19th, 2004 Viewed 1538 times

I have been reminded recently that if we believe that there’s a problem in our churches, the first place we have to look is ourselves. Yes, we are to be training others, helping those in faults, etc., but our first response should be to examine ourselves.

Where are we in our Christian life? Have we fallen victim to the dictatorship of the routine? Do we do things just because we have always done them? Is the Word of God fresh or boring? Do we have joy or are we just surviving on past accomplishments? Have we “arrived” or are we still pressing on toward the mark?

Judicial Tyranny

July 17th, 2004 Viewed 1399 times

What gives the rights to the nine men and women in robes to determine right or wrong?  Certainly not the Constitution of the United States. It declared that the function of courts was to interpret the law, but
these courts have gotten out of hand.

When courts can find an imaginary right to privacy in the law, and thereby kill millions of children before they are born, we should have said this was too far.  I mean, think about it.  Whether you disagree
or agree with abortion, anyone knows that extreme caution should have been taken on that ruling.  In the best case, they were only removing tissue, but in the worst case, millions of lives could be lost because
of them.

Now we are bombarded with these blatantly false statements about discrimination.  I was reading a thread the other day where the person’s statement was that no where in our Constitution is discrimination enshrined.  Has this person even read the Constitution?  Without trying very hard, I can come up with at least two:  The President must be an American Citizen, 35 yrs old or older.

Think about this… more later.

The Frog in the Pot

July 10th, 2004 Viewed 2336 times

Frog In Hand

The old saying goes, if you want to cook a live frog, place the frog in a pot of cold water and gradually raise the temperature. The frog will not notice the gradual increase in temperature and will cook. However, if you place him in hot water, he will jump out right away.

Our society has been gradually taken down a road that would shock anyone from a few centuries ago. Pick a subject, and you can find it.

I was robbed!

July 7th, 2004 Viewed 2044 times

Talk about a wake up call. Between 8pm Monday night and 4 pm yesterday someone went into my car and stole the Blaupunkt CD/Radio indash receiver and a case of at least 25 CDs. I think they also took the change in the cup.

It just goes to remind you that we live in a fallen world, and to lock your car doors!

Biblical Communication

July 4th, 2004 Viewed 2700 times

I’m sharing this in a sermon I’m giving tomorrow and thought I’d post it up here as well.  Here’s the 5 C’s of Christian Communication as given by Dr. Gregory Mazak at BJU in the class Counseling Techniques:

Be Correct

  1. Speak Out
  2. Speak the Truth
  3. Speak the Truth Lovingly

Be Current

  1. It is not always sinful to be angry
  2. It is sinful not to solve problems daily
  3. Failing to keep current gives the Devil an opportunity

Be Constructive

  1. Don’t use “unwholesome” words
  2. Speak only edifying words

Be Controlled

  1. Exercise Self Control.  Don’t allow the situation to control you
  2. Put off unbiblical reactions: bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, slander, malice

Be Compassionate

  1. Make the decision to act in a Christlike fashion
  2. Don’t allow yourself to react to the unbiblical actions of others.
  3. Put on biblical actions and attitudes: kind, tender-hearted, forgiving


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.