Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.

What would they do?

May 17th, 2004 Viewed 1479 times, 1 so far today
The Massachusetts State-house in Boston, Massa...

The Massachusetts State-house in Boston, Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If all of those outraged about what is going on in Mass. today were to leave the state, what would they do?

I don’t think this ruling with stand, but whether it does or does not, the people of Mass. do not have to stay in that state and support that government.  They can stay, they can pass the amendment, but they are facing a battle.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for fighting it out.  I think that we’re on a slippery slope where we will eventually
be forced to recognize these people as being married if things continue this way.  I mean, think about it…  What is the ultimate goal here?

It’s not tax exemption, equality in the eyes of the law, or anything of that nature.  What these people long for is for society to proclaim their activity normal and acceptable.  As long as those who disagree do not, they will not be satisfied.

Hence my question, would a protest by leaving make more of a difference to these people?  Would it show the seriousness of the issue?  Because obviously those that are exercising authority over us just don’t seem to get the picture.  They don’t see the big struggle.  So, maybe, if they’re tax dollars started falling off, if their businesses left the area, and if their state became a state of gays only, maybe they’d learn their lesson.

True Leadership

May 13th, 2004 Viewed 1519 times

I have been reading through “The Complete Husband” as part of trying to strengthen my marriage.  Near the end of the book, the author speaks about being a Spiritual leader in the home.  What’s striking is how different it is from leaders that are in our daily lives.

Christ’s command is that leaders be servants.  His example was washing the disciple’s feet before the last supper.  He made statements like he who is first shall be last and vice versa. From President down to husband, Christ’s directive was that leaders should be servants first and foremost.

This would rectify power corrupting of a leader were a servant, more than playing the servant.  A Presidential candidate plays the servant when he kisses babies, shakes hands, and goes on listening tours, but then after elected does whatever he wants.  That’s why there’s so much contempt for government.  In every case where it seems a given person plays the hypocrite with people, there is distrust and hurt.

The leader whose true motives are the people that he leads will, first and foremost, be their servant.

The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited

May 12th, 2004 Viewed 1796 times
The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Dick Van Dyke Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having recently received the Dick Van Dyke show season 1 DVD for a gift (which I affectionately call my DVD DVD), I have enjoyed two of the discs worth of tv goodness. Seeing these characters in innocence and clean comedy is incredibly refreshing and humorous in itself. The episode where Rob and Laura are having Ritchie, and Laura calls Rob to say that it’s time to have him and she looks like she just came out of a salon, not having contractions every
five minutes is great.

Then I watched last night’s revisited. Unlike what I hoped, they resorted to what has happened to every classic show they think needs some punching up to fit in with the times. They added Rob swearing, and made a joke out of it– how that he started that after getting cable TV. And they have a couple of mild sexual innuendo jokes.

Though most of the faces were the same, and the clips were great, it felt awkward because of this– like a loss of innocence. Writers try to recapture the magic of these shows, but fail to see what really attracts us to them– a time where we didn’t have to swear to find something funny, or joke about sex to keep people interested. Writing was creative and original, and the characters we found called us to be higher and more noble.

I think I’ll stick with my DVD DVDs.

Choosing Between Hunger and Rent

May 10th, 2004 Viewed 1471 times

Have you seen the commercial where the man comes to collect rent from the woman with three kids? I can’t help wondering a few things about that commercial.

First, where is the father? Certainly this woman seems to have had some man in her life in order to have the three kids. In any case, money should be coming into there somehow.

Second, where is this woman’s family? Families and charities usually step in to help these people. Where are they?

Lastly, how prevalent is this problem? The way they make it out, these people have to choose between rent and food. How many cases like this are there? Do they have cable TV? I am suspicious that these ads are making these people out to be a whole lot more needy than they are.

However, let me say, there are people in need. There are people that need financial assistance. But we live in the richest land in the world. We have more welfare and social programs than I have time to name here. Surely these people can get help. And rather than scaring us for programs directing more of my money toward these people, help us
identify needy people that we can help. Instead of throwing money, let’s teach skills and help get these people on the right track.

Iraqi Torture Photos

May 10th, 2004 Viewed 1619 times

A lot has been made of what has happened inside prisons in Iraq.  As a country that stands for freedom and the idea that all men are created equal in God’s sight, the inhumane treatment of men, regardless of how they have treated us or what kind of information we want/need, is wrong.

Let us not forget, however, why prisons exist.  They exist as a deterrent to crime.  They exist as a punishment, an enactment of justice on the wrong doer.

I think that we may have forgotten this amongst today’s prisons, in which inmates can catch the latest cable, weight lift, get a college degree, and basically enjoy more possibilities than some on the outside.

In ancient times, prisons could be holes dug in the ground, where the person would be left, with a rock on top at times.

Let us remember what the crimes these men are guilty of– not as a means of justifying what was done to them– but remembering that these are not innocents.  They deserve proper treatment and not humiliation, but they also deserve punishment for their crime.

The wise will know the difference.


Standing in the Gap in a Society that's Warring with God.